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Adventure! RPG - A! Wins Origin Award

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Originally posted by Kirby1024:
Of course, only one thing can be said here.

<font size=5 color="blue">w00t!!!</font>

That is all.

*Wakes up with post-celebration hangover*

Yeah. This has been covered on the Adventure mailing list I'm on, so it may not be a surprise to anyone, and I'm sure it's been mentioned on the White Wolf Forum for the Aeon Continuum...But, as I'm still banned from the forum, I couldn't know about that.

So I figgered I'd give notice.

This is a great launching event. An award winning game could give more options for expansion and whatnot. IT'd be great to see them run with this, I mean, it beat out Exhalted (A game I wouldn't have complained about winning, either) from their own line of products, even.

Ironically, it puts a spin on my "One foot in the grave" article I was writing for AR.
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