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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Jager

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Name: Gray Lazenby

Handle: Jager (the Younger)

Date of Birth: Jan. 23, 2017

Date of Eruption: 3rd Generation Nova

Concept: Kid trying too hard

Nature: Leader/Judge

Strength: 3 Dexterity: 5 Stamina: 4

Might – 5, Athletics – 5, Firearms – 1, Legerdemain – 1, Martial Arts – 5, Melee – 5, Pilot – 1, Stealth – 5, Endurance – 3, Resistance – 3

Perception: 5 Intelligence: 5 Wits: 5

Awareness – 5, Investigation – 5, Academics – 5, Bureaucracy – 1, Computer – 5, Engineering – 5, Intrusion – 5, Linguistics – 5, Medicine – 5, Science – 5, Survival – 3, Arts – 3, Biz – 3, Tactics – 5

Appearance: 5, Manipulation: 5, Charisma: 5

Intimidation – 1, Style – 1, Streetwise – 1, Subterfuge – 1, Command – 1, Etiquette – 1, Perform – 1

Backgrounds: Allies – 3, Cipher – 5, Eufiber – 5, Mentor – 5, Node – 5, Resources – 5

Influences (Computer Hackers – 3, Teragen – 1, Military – 1)

Merits: Ambidextrous (1), Internal Compass (1), Natural Leader (1), Taint Resistance (Free), Time Sense (1)

Flaws: Child (4)


Luck – 5

Mega-Intelligence - 1 (Percocity)

Quantum: 3

Taint: 0

Aberrations: None

Quantum Pool: 26

Willpower: 10

Note: He also has the Sexy merit, but it will only come in when he's older.grin

Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
01 JUL 08  XP Earned for June                    -      20         20
01 AUG 08  XP Earned for July                    -      20         40
01 SEP 08  XP Earned for August                  -      20         60
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Gray Lazenby is the child of the novas Clark and Vali. Clark comes for the Teragen lineage of The Prince, while Vali comes from the former Elite known as Jager. Unlike most of the third generation, Gray’s birth was recorded in the public eye and his early years in Chicago are known of. Only after this parents left the Chicago Municipal Defender’s group, The Windy City Knights, did Gray drop off the radar.

Gray’s father has since become known as one of the best shadow thieves in the world, while his mother has become one of the most sought out inventors and tech analyst in the world of Bleeding Edge Tech. Gray in turn has been brought up in a world that stresses brains over brawns (or quantum). His Mother personally saw to his education in the academic and scientific arts from an early age. Since the age of five, he has also been studying intensively with his father in the finer points of the physical arts.

In his spare time, Gray, using his missing grandfather’s nova handle, has been contacting and networking with other novas like him. That is, the young second and third generation novas whose are growing up in a world that really doesn’t understand them and with parents that so much overshadow them. So far, he has mostly made a few friends and a good number of Opnet pen pals, not true allies, but he keeps working on it. If that was not enough, Gray/Jager spends time on the Pentagon BattleNet, engaging the newest generation of US Army commanders in simulated battles. He has quite an impressive win/loss record, but then he is a nova, right?

As for powers, Gray has yet to manifest anything beyond the most basic of Probability Manipulations. His parents hold out great hope for his promise, both of them remembering what it was like for them growing up. They know his day will come and they can hardly wait to see what the future brings.

Of course then there is his younger brother, Adam.

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