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Aberrant: 2011 - [Journal: Ravenshire] 2010 - Starting


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It has been a while since I was back here. So much going on. So many meaningless things and too much pain.

Do I still love her? Have I been with too many other women? Have I been trying to fool Dark Spiral, or fool myself?

I'm carrying a lot of baggage over from last year.

I still don't know were Lina is, or her brother. Occassionally I catch some of her people watching me for signs of her. They're not very good at it, but they are persistant. I wonder were she is right now, as I write this. I hope she's safe.

I sort of have a band now. I've done two gigs with them and we've practiced as many times. There is a certain chemistry we have. Its all small time right now, but I have heard that several clubs are interested in us. Its the old "nova" band thing, but I can't say that I mind. We are good.

Robert still hasn't come back to work yet. I can't say that I blame him. There are issues there that we still have to work out. I wonder if the situation would have come out differently if I had gone instead. That's wasted thinking though. He went and I didn't. He's lost an arm and I didn't. He's got Liberteen and I'm alone. He's the richer man.

Well, I got to go now. Doing some more work at the hospital then I'm out to a party. I'll get some work done somewhere in there. Its not like I need much sleep anymore. Good night Self.

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