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Name: Gillermo Mendoza

Born: August 13th, 1985

Erupted: October 31st, 2009

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Str: 5 Dex: 5 Sta.: 5 (Wiry, Fast, Energetic)

Athletics – 3, Drive – 3, Endurance – (3), Martial Arts – 3, Melee – 5, Might – 3, Resistance – (3), Ride – 3, Stealth – 3

Perc: 5 Int.: 5 Wits: 5 (Observant, Clear-headed, Shrewd)

Academics – 3, Awareness – 3, Intrusion – 3, Investigate – 1, Linguistics – 1

App: 5 Man.: 5 Cha: 5 (Alluring, Witty, Suave)

Etiquette – 3, Intimidate – 3, Streetwise – 1, Style – 3, Subterfuge – 3


Allies – 3, Attunement – 5, Eufiber – 5, Followers – 4, Resources – 5


Sexy (1)


Dependant (4), Enemy (3), Debt (3)

Quantum: 5 Quantum Pool: 30

Willpower: 8 Taint: 3


Density Control (Decrease) – 5 (Full Control with (-3Duration) )

Psi Shield – 5

Teleportation - 1



Experience: Total/Unspent 24/1 (June '08)

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Gillermo Mendoza was the scion of a wealthy Chilean mining family. They came from a long line of patrician families in the country and were close to the traditional sources of political and military power in their homeland. Politics and family life collided a few years ago when Marxist rebels captured and killed Gillermo’s mother and father. That left Gillermo and his sister Isabel in the custody of a family friend. Years went by and the two children matured. They were slowly become once more known on the social scene when an earthquake caused the art gallery they were in to collapse. Gillermo survived by erupting, but his artist sister was badly wounded and put into a coma.

Now Gillermo is faced with his own sense of guilt over not being able to help his sister, as well as a sense of political responsibility inherited from his ancestors. He wants to do more. He wants to be there for people the way he wasn’t there for his sister. More so, he wants to be a man of action in this new Nova World.

His sister has recently recovered enough to be semi-mobile, but her mind remains in a fragile state. Nightmares haunt her sleep, nightmares of being buried alive. Also at home is their family’s lifelong steward and manager, Roberto Salazar. He is also assisted by his father’s friend and family lawyer, Alejandro Cortez, in not only controlling his family assets, but also financially moving toward his dreams.

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