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I've been busy, as many of you have guessed. What I'm not sure you all know is the reasons for that. Everyone knows I'm in school, and that I work full-time. Everyone knows that I have social obligations to local games. What I don't think everyone knows is that I'm writing a book. And I'm writing it because it will be published through a starting epublishing company.

What does that mean? That means that when they start their company, I will be one of their first novels. People will buy ecopies of the book; I'll get royalties. At this time, they don't have the ability to print, but they are exploring print-on-demand options. But most importantly, it means that I'll be published.

For N!Prime, that means my time will be tight for a bit longer; I have a deadline that I should easily make, so I'm breathing easier. My finals are done on Saturday, so look for me on Sunday, and throughout the Winter break. We'll see what my participation is like when school starts again.

I do miss you guys, and I hope to see you all regularly again soon. laugh

Oh, and one last plug: Fiction Reborn is looking for more writers. Take a look at their submission page; see if you have something they'd be interested in!

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