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Name: The Paramancer

Concept: luck manipulator

Eruption: personal crisis

Nature: Explorer

Allegiance: Teragen

Real Name: Daniel Lang

Nationality Caucasian

Hair: Various fractal patterns

Eyes: Fractal, hazel base

Ht: 5' 9"

Wt: 165 lbs.

Gender male

Age 22

Native Language: English

In the Teragen, they know him by his nom de nova "The Paramancer," and that he makes luck, but doesn't let himself be tied down by it. Outside the Teragen, most people know even less.

Description: In human form, he's a skinny white boy with frizzy hair and hazel eyes. In nova form, he starts out that way, but his eyes make weird fractal patterns. If he uses his powers, his skin does the same thing. Remember those screen-savers that would generate random exotically-colored fractals from back in the 1990's? He's one of those, on two legs. He always strives to be laid-back and reasonable, but there are times he wants to cut loose and see things come crashing down. For now, he knows better, and is willing to learn from The Mathematician and the Casablancas, who call him when they need things to go their way.


Attributes and Abilities


DEXTERITY 5 (Flexible)


PERCEPTION 5 (Intuitive)

INTELLIGENCE 5 (Bookworm)/ Mega-int 1

WITS 5 (Clever)/ Mega-Wits 1


MANIPULATION 4 (Persuasive)


Awareness 3, Investigation 3, Academics 3, Legerdemain 2,

Martial Arts 2, Stealth 2, Science 3, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2 Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Rapport 2


Initiative 11

Base Soak: Bashing 3, Lethal 1


Allies 2

Attunement 1

Backing 3

Cipher 5

Contacts 2

Dormancy 3

Eufiber 2

Influence 1

Mentor 3

Node 2

Resources 4

Quantum Powers

Luck 5 entropy control 2

(Entropic Shield, Probability Corruption)


Enhancement Attribute Effect Q Cost

Analyze Weakness 1

Foresight 1


Quantum Pool (30)



Social Penalty +2

Aberrations:Fractal Skin, Fractal Eyes

Daniel Lang was a bright student doing what he was told. His parents, not having much of a marriage, focused all their attention at him, making his life a low-grade, constantly simmering stew of anxiety and resentment. School, then high school, then college, then...? That was the sum of his planning, since his life had been micromanaged from near birth.

But college seems almost specifically designed to drive kids like Dan to the breaking point. It almost did, in the form of a term paper about complexity theory (formerly known as chaos theory.) This, it seemed, was his punishment for trying to stretch his horizons, just like his dorm-mate, the party-goer who had no idea when the party was over. He was at his breaking point, knowing that this paper was going to sink him, when...suddenly, it all made sense. He gritted his teeth, finished his paper, saved it, printed it, and then went to the bathroom to vomit from the agony of his headache. Then he ate, until the headaches subsided. And then it occurred to him that somehow, his life was about to change for the better...he just needed to get away.

He got an envelope and dropped off his paper at his teacher's office, with a note saying he was ill. Then he headed back to his dorm room, where everyone was still passed out from the night before. A reckless idea occurred to him, and he went through the sleeping revelers' wallets. Getting a surprising amount of cash, he emptied his own wallet and threw it on the bed. Then he plugged everything into the already overloaded outlets, turned everything on, and pushed for the worst.

His luck was with him, and no one noticed him ducking out as the alarm went off, and the room went up in flames. He took off, letting his luck guide him. Since the authorities thought he'd died, he was able to wander across America, trying to find someone who could help him understand his powers, their limits, and their potential.

He met up with that person in San Francisco where, on a routine visit to a CORE subsidiary, The Mathematician made a diversion to meet with Daniel. Seeing a necessary outlet to the rest of the Teragen, Pedro decided to make Daniel his protege, and now uses him to dialog with the Casablancas and, occasionally, the Pandaimonion. The Mathematician sees the youth as a reckless, ungroomed wellspring of vast potential, and wants to keep a close eye on him. This, oddly enough, is what Daniel needs, and he's getting a better education than he ever did at college.

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