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Aberrant RPG - Some mechanics questions

Quantum Promise

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Just a few mechanics issues I have been pondering:

1). Say your mega-manipulative Nova creates a novel/essay/text with the intent of persuading someone to adopt some stance/philosophy/etc. I'm tempted to say this would be a cross-matched Manipulation+Arts (writing) roll, but I'm not sure how this would be resisted or applied. Any thoughts?

2). On a similar note, I have been wondering what the successes on an Arts roll of any kind would signify, particularly in regards to . Obviously a large number of successes would indicate that the execution was masterful, but would the result of the roll be any indication of the reception and/or clarity of the work?

3). I've also been wondering if the creation of any kind of Art should involve a process similar to the invention/gadgeteering rules in Adventure! (I abhor the rules in Aberrant). Comments?

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I'm studying for my Master in Fine Arts, so I'm particularly interested in your question.

1)I have no answer for this one, and am desperately curious how other people handle 'resisting' manipulation, especially the Mega variety. Does the 2econd Edition of Exalted shed any light on the subject with its 'social' combat?

2)I think the best way to handle it is to make sure the characters has specified his goal(s) for the work of art. If they just want to make an extremely marketable landscape, the more successes would mean more people interested in buying. (I imagine monetary value goes up automatically with more successes regardless). Maybe the artist is trying to convey a mood or instill an emotion, or perhaps push a political or social agenda. Or maybe the artist is a formalist, and wants to try to determine something more abstract, like distill the essence of a shape.

Once a character has a goal for a piece of work in mind, I think the successes will have more meaning.

3) Not intimately familiar with either ruleset (though i've used the one in Adventure... didn't realize they were different). However, I imagine you'd only wanna use invention or gadgeteering if the work is going to do something super-powered... like hypnotize viewers or project phantom holograms.

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1) The ability to create a substantive argument does not imply the ability to deliver it adequately. Keep Writing essays with Wits+Arts. The lines between the stats can blur, but most often the given stat is correct.

2) Yes, the better the roll, the more masterful the work. Now, what are you looking for? In game, it could result in a temporary increase in Influence (mainly Artistic community, but great works could gain world-wide acclaim). Use the mechanics for Biz gains as a guideline. You could also use it as a Resource gain, if the artwork is primarily for monetary gain, but cap the possible increase at Resouces 4.

3) I'm afraid I'm not too familar with the Adventure system either.

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