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  1. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the social combat rules in Exalted. Could you fill me in? Also, thank you for your reply, your suggestions have been very helpful. I'm also and English grad student so this is something I've been interested in running for a while now.
  2. Just a few mechanics issues I have been pondering: 1). Say your mega-manipulative Nova creates a novel/essay/text with the intent of persuading someone to adopt some stance/philosophy/etc. I'm tempted to say this would be a cross-matched Manipulation+Arts (writing) roll, but I'm not sure how this would be resisted or applied. Any thoughts? 2). On a similar note, I have been wondering what the successes on an Arts roll of any kind would signify, particularly in regards to . Obviously a large number of successes would indicate that the execution was masterful, but would the result of the roll be any indication of the reception and/or clarity of the work? 3). I've also been wondering if the creation of any kind of Art should involve a process similar to the invention/gadgeteering rules in Adventure! (I abhor the rules in Aberrant). Comments?
  3. Oh wow, I had no idea you guys were planning on expanding on Mega-Social-Mentals too! I can't wait to see how this turns out Sproket. I was very impressed with your work on the Aberrant Compendium, and I'm sure the other contributers are doing a dynamite job on this new project. I would be interested in contributing what I can to the project if it would help out. It would aide me to know a bit about the "flavor" you're looking for in new material though. Who would I talk to to get some guidelines for what you're looking for in this respect?
  4. So, how is the project progressing? I look forward to seeing this thing when it comes out.
  5. Did someone mention free 3.5 rules on the internet? Could you possibly post the link?
  6. Not sure, I was only ever able to get my hands on #2 of the Miracleman run. Could you give us a breakdown of the character (motives, powers, personality, etc.)?
  7. Bringing back Aeon? Sweet! Hell, we may end up seeing an official release of the other Mega-Attribute books and Nexus yet!
  8. It was Zulu-Tango, from WWII. He does a really obscene amount of damage with that particular attack.
  9. I actually wrote up a levl 4/5 Knack called Strange Visitor. I think Chill posted it in tha Knack section. Check it out, and enjoy.
  10. Hey there. My name is Quantum Promise here, but Im also Dr. Neutron, aka Chen Mu Yi. Six issues of The Dynasty are up on this site now and I was just wondering....what doesn everyone think so far?
  11. "There HAS to be some effect on the outside world, otherwise it would be a worthless power. If not, it would be as bad as having the power "invisibilty" but the weakness "only when no one is looking" Thanks Doc, that's my point exactly. In the event that a character creates a Planck Bubble and then uses it to grant himself powers, those powers are permenant. Period. Basically, the Nova creating the bubble is creating a situation almost identical to the break-down in time and space caused by eruption. I say almost because, at the tenth level of Quantum control, the creating Nova can exert his supremacy over the Quantum medium to the point of subconsious wish fulfillment. That is, the Nova can now exert total dominance over their own quantum signatures in this enviornment. Inside of that Scale, the creator is the sole and undisputed God of the universe (well, as much of the universe as is enclosed in the scale.)
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