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Aberrant: 2011 - [Please vote!] New Mega-Perception Enhancement


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Sensory Array

Mega-Perception Enhancement, requires the Mega-Intelligence Enhancement Mathematical Savant.

Description: Ever see the Terminator films, where the T-800 has analytic data scrolling across his eyes, giving him necessary analysis when he needs a guide? Or those sci-fi FPS games with the same screen, but now in gorgeous color, that track ammo, time, health, etc? Well, thanks to this handy, synergistic little enhancement, you can have one, and more precise and detailed than a clunky old T-800 could ever hope to be!

Basically, this Enhancement gives you all the information from your other Enhancements in a near-instantaneous display of pertinent information. This Enhancement doesn't increase the performance of the nova's other Enhancements, just supplies the information in a quick, easy-to-process manner. Analyze Weakness, Natural Empath, and even Artistic Genius are fast-activated, with results listed in short, pithy phrases at the bottom side of the "screen." Measurements (in Imperial or metric, nova's preference) are listed between objects, including how far apart, how fast, etc. This Enhancement is mostly visual in nature, although it is possible that That Creepy Feeling can be processed as eerie theme music coming from the direction of the watcher, or as a sensation of spiders crawling on the nova, while anything that trips the Lie Detector Enhancement can trigger the smell of rotting fish, or fresh cow manure.

Its natural complements are Ultraperipheral Perception, Photographic Memory, Speed Reading, and Fast Senses, the latter of which allows Sensory Array to analyze the scene in minute detail at a more convenient time. Even Mega-Strength novas find this useful, as those with the Precision Enhancement know exactly how much force to apply, or those with directional sense know in just what direction to safely Quantum Leap.

This Enhancement is becoming popular among the more scientific/technologically-inclined novas, especially those involved in research and development. It's use has spread to a number of successful Elites, novas involved in forensics and crime-scene analysis, and at least one nova fashion-designer known for her ability to make beautiful, unique garments on the spot for her clients.

Note that this speeds up the time the information gets to the nova. How quickly the nova reacts to it is mostly dependent on the nova's Wits and/or Dexterity.

System: When active, this Enhancement adds one die to any rolls involving research and analysis by 1 per 2 dots in Mega-Perception (rounded down), to a minimum of Standard Difficulty. It also vastly shortens the time for investigation and research, although the nova will probably have to wait for everyone else to catch up. This only applies if the nova has the appropriate Enhancements to analyze/study what he's looking for, of course.

In combat situations, this Enhancement enhances certain combat-oriented Enhancements even further. If the nova activates the Mega-Dex Enhancement Accuracy, the nova adds one additional die per 2 dots of Mega-Perception (round down), making those trick shots a snap. Also, if the nova has the Mental Prodigy: Tactical Enhancement, the nova gets a +1 bonus to Initiative per 2 dots in Mega-Perception (rounded down). Other Enhancements may also be made more effective; consult your Storyteller.

The cost for this Enhancement is one quantum point per chunk of uninterrupted time spent researching and analyzing something without too much interference. In highly chaotic situations (like combat), it requires one quantum point per turn.

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Too much.

Several interesting ideas rolled into one overwhelming package. The research/analysis benefit alone is greater than any similar enhancements (such as the mental prodigies, which give the user a roll whose successes give dice for skill rolls). Mega-dice already can reduce difficulties at the cost of that Mega-dice.

Then it goes on;

-the Accuracy edge is far greater than the actual Accuracy enhancement. It adds SUCCESSES, for the Love of Pete.

Yes, I know you have it working in concert with other enhancements, but that's not enough in my book. Its an interesting concept, but it needs more work.

- with Tactical Prodigy you get another increase. Why?

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Okay. I toned it down, but I'm assuming that the description/basic idea of the Enhancement is sound. Right?

I boosted the initiative because the whole idea of this Enhancement is to improve the processing/organizing of the information gained. To my mind, this should have a positive boost to helping the nova react to complex situations.

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Originally Posted By: Hero
In the description you mention several enhancements that benefit from Sensory Array that you don't then describe in the System section. Could you elaborate?

I like the toned down effects which can be added to various functions.

Well, without knowing exactly what you're referring to... blush

Simply put, all ASA does is put the information you'd get out of an Enhancement into "screen form." It's there, organized, and easy-to-interpret, like all the info on a cyberpunk set of datagoggles. This makes it easier and quicker to analyze and search for something, as well as easier to react to situations. If you throw in Eidetic Memory, it's easy to cut down on time "wasted" recording and analyzing the results. And less research-oriented Enhancements like Analyze Weakness, Artistic Genius, or Natural Empath throw analyses/suggestions on the screen when in the appropriate situations. It compresses the answers you'd get from your Enhancement into bite-sized chunks for viewing.

That's basically it, with the results from the system that say it will add some dice to the situation when this Enhancement is used in conjunction with these other Enhancements.
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