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Aberrant: 2011 - On the Set Coordination thread


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If you're in Kara's movie, I've opened threads for you. I'll give people a chance to post and interact before I jump ahead in time. Here's the rough schedule I pounded out:

0800 to 1000 - Kara and Mech shoot a scene at the mocked-up police department; Mech will be playing a beat cop who saw the Strangler, and is reporting that he's definitely a nova.

1000 to 1200 - **Stunt Scene** Kara, Pele, Bell and LB would be utilized on this on a building in Miami Beach; Pele, playing the Strangler, will be facing off with Kara; to escape capture, he leaps off a building, knowing that he'll survive the fall, but the cop he's holding hostage won't - I need LB and Bell to figure out who is who in the falling stunt

1200 to 1300 - Lunch break/setup for scene at house

1300 to 1400 - Scene between Kara and Mech where Kara's character gets called in and her fiancee is unhappy about it


1300 to 1800 - **Stunt scene** Everyone - Car chase with the Strangler; someone goes through plate glass and there are stunt driving scenes; Mech will be used as for bit parts throughout - Until Kara and Mech show up, it will be setup and a chance for people to work out the stunt difficulties

Does this sound good to everyone?


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