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Aberrant: 2011 - There Goes The Neighborhood

Death Trap

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Riverdale, Georgia

November 2, 2007

It was a quiet morning in the suburbs of Riverdale. Vincent stood outside of his home wrapped in a red robe and a coffee cup in hand. He had taken a sip of the black liquid then briefly scanned the homes lining the block. All were very modest two story homes fitting a white and brown color scheme. Even the lawns were spacious and well kept. Any sign of uniqueness on a property was expressed by variance of high priced vehicles parked in the weed free driveways.

Vincent smiled with content, the neighborhood finally at peace after a hectic haloween night days before. He waited patiently in the shade of his porch as the sun slowly cooked his pavement.

"Hurry up your mother is coming!" Vincent shouted. His voice carrying through the entry screen door behind him.

In a few seconds time his teenaged children burst through the door. First his daughter then his son, both spitten images of Vincent.

"Alissa, what are you doing wearing that, you go to school to learn, not advertise." Vincent says firmly as he looks over his daughter. Alissa's attire consisting of a pair of tight jeans and a tiny wifebeater that tells a gripping story about her development.

"Mom let's me wear it, it's not like i'm walkin around naked, jesus christ dad" Alissa shot back at her father. Vincent grumbled then surveyed the attire of his son. Slacks, tucked in collared shirt, it was acceptable.

"Evan could you knock some sense into your sister." Vincent takes another sip of his coffee.

"Sure dad." Evan responded in a most respectful manner as he lifted the bridge of his glasses further on his nose.

"Here comes mom!" Alissa shouted with glee as she pointed to the black tricked out escalade cruising down the block. She rushed to the end of the driveway anxious to leave.

Vincent patted his son on the back and whispered to him."You keep an eye on her today okay?". Evan nodded in response then skulked to the end of the driveway.

Finally Vincent stepped to the hot pavement walking on the edge of his feet to greet the approaching vehicle. The windows tinted, rolled down revealing the view of a very attractive latin woman whose beauty his hidden by gaudy sunglasses and heavey makeup.

"Get in the truck kids i don't have all day." the woman snaps. Alissa excitedly enters the escalade, the rims still spinning. With his head down Evan gets in too.

"Good morning Carmen, good to see you in high spirits" Vincent said sarcastically.

"Vince don't even get me started this morning okay, you know the kids schedule for next week right, if you don't i'll have Benny email it to you." Carmen keeping the truck idle in the street.

"You know i'm critical about that sort of thing Carmen, don't worry about it." Vincent sneaks a peek into the escalade. "You kids have fun this weekend, I love you." Alissa and Evan just mumble.

"What are you planning on doing with the kids this weekend?" Vincent inquires.

"Benny wants to give Alissa a shot in the studio and Evan wanted to see some kind of Jigsaw movie." Carmen fights the tempation to drum her manicured nails on the steering wheel.

"Alissa in the studio." A look of dissapointment on Vincents face. "Carmen you are not going to turn our daughter to be some sex symbol in a music video."

"Vince we are not having this conversation now, check your blackberry, i'll message you if there is a change in our schedule." Carmen quickly rolls up the window and drives off.

Vincent stands there frustrated, his hand shaking, nearly a single drop of coffee onto his flawless driveway. He begins to walk back into the house, briefly adjusting a small red security sign near the steps of the porch that reads "Protected by RedWater." He smiles as he surveys the neighboring homes one last time ensuring that all are protected by Red Water.

((OOC: This is my very first IC post, and i'm very very rusty in my storytelling...please be gentle))

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