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Aberrant: 2011 - Stopping in to say Hello.

Emerald Panadero

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Originally Posted By: LiberTeen
Hi, Emerald. Anywhere notable your travels have taken you so far?

The most beautiful things I've seen so far are the cloud-shrouded mountain tops were I first learned to 'port. I've been to London, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon in Europe. It's New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Miami in the US of A. My favorite stop has to be Havana, though Mexico City and Port au Prince have their own charms as well. Caracas is my home base, of course. I hope to be hoping over to the Hawaiian Island soon!

Originally Posted By: Ria Ravensbourne

Welcome to the boards; careful, some people bite. smile

Is that bite in a good way - like foreplay, or bite in a bad way, such as accidently giving your phone number to some guy who won't go away?
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