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Aberrant: 2011 - Ria Ravensbourne

Ria Ravensbourne

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Birth Name: Ria Ravensbourne

Legal Status: Citizen of Australia and Sweden with no criminal record

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: None of your business.

Residence: Wherever I'm staying at the moment.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 130lbs.

Hair: Brownish-Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: None at present

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Known Relatives: Neil Ravensbourne, father (alive); Sarah Ravensbourne (alive)

Group Affiliation: Australian Pagan Awareness Network, Valhalla Riders Motorbike Club, Amnesty International, Assembly of the Elder Troth, Heathens Against Hate, Asatru Alliance, Alternative Religions Education Network, Circle Sanctuary, Lady Liberty League

Heroes: Anybody with the courage to stand for themselves and others, regardless of their personal beliefs. This includes the Ragnarockette (whom I've actually met), LiberTeen (whom I haven't met, and while I mightn't share her sexual politics/preferences, I admire her conviction), Caestus Pax and the late, lamented Slider (for whom I'm sure there's a place in Valhalla).

Likes: Honda Valkyries, rock music, my family, annoying intolerant members of organised religions, the Valhalla Riders, the Amp Room

Dislikes: Tyranny, apathy, oppression, narrow-mindedness, moral absolutism, angst, racism, sexism, hidden motives, poor hygiene. ;\)*

*Directly quoted from LiberTeen's profile. She sums it up so well.

Goals: To show the world that followers of Asatru aren't all Neo-Nazi skinhead morons with issues against our pagan brothers and sisters.


Ria Ravensbourne is one of those racial mixtures which can only occur in a multicultural nation like Australia: her mother was a part-Maori woman named Sarah who worked at a Harley and Davidson shop, and her father Neil was Swedish on his mother’s side and a member of the Odin’s Warriors’ subsidiary club the Valhalla Riders, a group of Asatru bikers (as opposed to the criminal bikies) who travelled along the East Coast of Australia. Growing up in the biker and Asatru subcultures, she lived in various suburbs in Campbelltown in Sydney’s west, but her parents managed to keep her schooling stable during both primary and high school – in fact, she completed Year Twelve and went on to study overseas at her father’s alma mater of Stockholm University after three years of backpacking in Europe, completing a Masters in Linguistics with a specialty in the history of the Scandinavian languages. On returning home to Australia in 2008 at the age of twenty-three, her father tried to keep her out of the Valhalla Riders for her own safety – things had heated up between the Odin’s Warriors and their old enemies the Finks, and the Riders were getting caught in the middle as both outlaw bikie clubs fought over the ice and speed trade in western Sydney. Unfortunately for everyone, the Finks hit on the idea of ‘persuading’ Neil, as a senior member of the Riders, to switch sides by attempting to mug Ria and Sarah as they were in the car park of Macarthur Square Shopping Centre in August of 2009.

Things got ugly after Ria suggested some highly improbable sexual acts involving the two Finks and their motorbikes, angering them into drawing their guns. When one put a gun to Sarah’s head, Ria erupted, reacting quickly enough to telekinetically throw the gun several metres away. A force field snapped around her body as his friend fired until she took that weapon off him. She then picked up her mother and flew away to the Valhalla Riders’ clubhouse, where she remained until a Project Utopian intervention team arrived, including the Ragnarockette to counter any telekinetic problems involving the new nova. Much to everyone’s surprise, Ria was cooperative and even friendly to the team, accompanying them back to the Rashoud facility in Sydney proper and remaining there for the full training term. The only time she got testy was when one of the Utopian bureaucrats hinted that she was involved in criminal activities by dint of her background; he quickly reversed his attitude when she started to lift small objects in agitation.

Just completing her term at the Rashoud clinic, Ria’s been let loose on the world with telekinetic powers. She’s currently flush with money due to a finished ad campaign for the ultra-light 2009 Honda Valkyrie motorcycle, and can be seen in a lot of places when she wishes to be.

(Incidentally, she owns one of the Valkyries).


Ria lacks superhuman good looks, but her flawless olive skin and statuesque figure certainly draw the eye; her colouring is a quixotic mix of brownish-blonde hair and chocolate-brown eyes. Dressing to kill in an eclectic mix of biker leathers, punk and smart casual, she proudly shows off her full-length sleeve of black tribal and Nordic designs on her right arm. She is never far from her black, silver and pearl Honda Valkyrie.

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