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Aberrant: 2011 - Stripped [Mature]


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October 9 2009, 6:42 a.m.

Ramm chased her through her house, and Kara ran. She couldn't shift; the power just wouldn't work, and now she was the mouse instead of Ramm. The corner to the kitchen came, and Kara took it hard, her feet slapping on the gray tile as she turned. Ramm was right behind, but he stopped when Kara got the central counter between them. “Kitty-kitty…” he sang softly.

“Get out of my house!” Kara hissed, dodging back and forth in a way that would be comical if she weren’t facing Ramm.

“Maybe you’d rather play with me,” a nightmare purred, green eyes glinting maliciously as pale hands tossed long red hair into a glorious shower. She was in the sliding door, behind Kara, leaving her trapped.

“You’re dead,” Kara insisted.

Her nerve broke and she ran when Cyn laughed contemptuously. But hands caught her hair and she was pulled backwards-

Kara woke up with a start, sweating and whimpering. For a second, she was completely disoriented; then she collapsed, sagging boneless into her mattress. A nightmare. Just a nightmare.

It wasn’t hard to guess why she’d had this particular dream; today was the day that Gleason was going to release the photos. Today, the game would get more serious; she was on a giant hook now, and she was being offered up like a tasty treat.

After a long moment of looking at the depressingly bright dawn occurring outside of her bedroom window, Kara flipped back her covers. She wasn’t getting any more sleep this morning. She made her way through her morning routines, the entertainment news playing in the background. Then she realized she was brooding; obsessively waiting for the word of the release. “This is going to be a long, shitty day,” she mumbled.

By ten, she couldn’t stand the suspense anymore. She picked up her phone – and stopped. “Who do you think you’re calling?” Every name that came through her mind she couldn’t – it wasn’t safe to spend it with her family or friends – or they were busy, like Bellator, or she didn’t feel up to dealing with, like Dominic.

And then she remembered that there was someone who would be pleasant company, and who was strong enough that Ramm wouldn’t dare attack while Kara was with her. “I should just live hip to hip with her forever,” Kara muttered as she dialed LiberTeen’s number. “I wonder what Robbie would make of the two-for-one deal.”

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New Paltz, NY - 10/09/2009 - 10:04 AM

Things had been quiet, mercifully so, since returning from California. Robert had left for Africa in the intervening time on some errand for Daniel, which she had expected, and while he was now a few days overdue, Brittany tried not to let it get under her skin; after all, Robert was more than capable of taking care of himself, and the nature of his work sometimes demands that things take longer than expected. So she wasn't pacing a ravine into the kitchen tile with worry, not just yet. But still. Their house seemed awfully big when it was just her. Awfully big. Awfully quiet.

The last few days she devoted mostly to cleaning, giving the mantle of homemaker a try, and finding it pleasantly simple, albeit not the sort of thing she thought about sticking with. She was looking forward to seeing Robert's reaction when he got home to see it, though. She giggled to herself and considered that it might be pleasant for him to have somewhere beautiful to come home to after slumming it in the jungle.

These were her thoughts as she chopped firewood outside their modest home, standing in the backyard in jeans and a flannel shirt, her golden tresses bunched up under a plain red bandanna. She was, for her exertions, rather relaxed, still rather glad to be out from under a microscope for the time being.

She became slowly aware of music from a ways off, at first only noticeable between the rhythmic chopping, but as she paused and lay down her axe, she could hear it, soft, insistent, and she stood, perplexed for a moment, before finally it dawned on her and she blurted aloud "Oh! My phone!" Casually zipping over to the back porch, she retrieved the pink PDA from the railing, interrupting her custom ringtone as she brushed her finger over the green button without taking note of who was calling. Whoever it was, she admitted a little sheepishly, well, perhaps she wouldn't mind being a little less lonely, and if it wasn't mom or dad, hopefully it was Robert.


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"Brittany," Kara said, grinning when she heard the younger woman's voice. "I was hoping I'd catch you at home. I've been going mad lately with all this movie stuff and my life in general, and I woke up and just said, 'Fuck it!' and took a day off."

Kara leaned against a wall in her house, looking out the sliding door toward the sea. Fighting off the quiet desperate wish to not be alone today - surely she could find someone to be with - Kara added, "I know I'm babbling, dear, so let me get to the point. Do you feel up to some company? I'd love to hang out with you for a while if you're not busy. And not avoiding me." The self-confident tone of her voice made it clear that Kara didn't think Liberteen was avoiding her.

"We could have a girl's day, or just chill out together," Kara said. "I'm not picky; I'd even be willing to see a movie or something. I'm sure we can come up with something to do, sugar, right?"

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"Wow!", Brittany exclaimed with some small genuine amazement as she brushed the rough cowhide of her glove against her forehead, wiping away the sweat she'd worked up and tugging an errant lock back behind her ear. "Kara, it's so good to hear from you! I'd love to hang out, actually! Robert's been gone to Africa for a little while now, so it's just been me here, and I swear I've been going stir-crazy. I think I must have cleaned everything in the house twice already!" She laughed a bit to herself, figuring that Kara could relate in some way.

"I'm in New York right now", she continued, clarifying "state, not city. I should probably take a shower before going out, but unless you've got a faster way, I could be in Miami in a few hours."

Unknown between the two women, Kara's call had likewise reminded Brittany of how lonesome she was. She looked over her simple, adorable, and altogether empty home as she sat on the phone, peering through the sliding glass to the rustic fixtures she'd spent the last few days dusting and polishing and scrubbing in some desperate attempt to occupy her mind.

At first, she'd just wanted to be alone. Solitude was hard for the young woman to find; if she wanted someone to spend time with, that was easy. But somewhere over the length of her brief self-induced confinement, she'd become lonely having hardly become aware of it. The truth is, Kara's call couldn't have come at a better time.

She silently admitted to herself that she wondered if a girl's day out was all Kara had in mind, considering what happened last time they met. "Considering what happened last time we met, I wonder if I even have a choice."

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"Actually," Kara said with mischief in her voice, "let's meet half-way. Let's meet in Virginia Beach; I can charter a flight there in no time, and I know you can get there quickly enough, sugar. We can hit the beach, blow some minds, and just have some fun."

Hidden in the request was a desire to not be home. After the pictures released, her agent, some of the investors and everyone would be trying to reach her; being out with Brittany had become an excuse to not answer her phone.

A flash of light from outside made her tense, and Kara's heart began to pound. Peering out the window, she saw the car continue down the road and relaxed, recognizing her neighbors car at the same time she realized that the sunlight flashing off his car had caused the light. I've got to get out of here!

"So what do you say, sweetie?" Kara asked, turning away from the window and heading into her bedroom. She'd need a few things; surely she'd be gone at least overnight. "Am I going to have to beg?"

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"Save the begging for tonight!", Brittany laughed it off as a joke, hiding under it the subtext of one of those not-jokes that's only a joke if the other person gets weirded out by the potential of it being a not-joke.

You know the kind.

"It sounds great, Kara", she continued. "I'll take a quick shower, grab my suit, and be out the door in twenty, tops." She paused a moment, opening and closing the sliding glass behind her as she thought of Virginia Beach. She'd been born and raised in Norfolk, and had some distant memories of the area, but for landmarks nearby she was momentarily coming up with nothing. "Virginia Beach is great; where exactly do you want to hook up?" She noted after the fact that Freudian implications of her choice of the term "hook up", but let it pass. After a week-plus of not even social, let along sexual contact with anything capable of speech, she felt a little entitled to flirt shamelessly, even if it wasn't to be reciprocated.

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"I think you'll fly faster than my plane will," Kara mused, dropping a handful of lingeire into the suitcase. She'd pick out which of the matching underwear and bra she wanted tomorrow, when it was time to wear them. No point in limiting herself. "How about meeting at the baggage claim at the airport?" Kara asked. "Once we're there, we can decide what to do, if we're both going to stay the night, do we need a hotel room. Virginia Beach has some gorgeous bed and breakfasts in the area. I bet we could get one on the beach, and if we toss enough money, we could get a private beach." Kara smiled wistfully as she tossed a biniki into the suitcase. "We could swim without getting mauled by fans. Or whatever we decide to do."

Kara was starting to realize what her subconscious had decided to do. It had decided to be distracted. To have a good time. To relax, a little. To be comforted, because she was so scared of everything right now, it would be a delight to feel something else for a while.

"Oh, I am going to pack an overnight bag," Kara said, "which I probably should have mentioned before talk of a hotel. But you want, we could share a room, if you don't mind."

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A slow smile crept across Brittany's face, and she tried not to betray it when she replied. She was nearly surprised that she thought she pulled it off, the doe-eyed, innocent cant she was known for. Nearly, but not really, she smirked to herself. "That sounds great, Kara! I've got plenty of spare at the moment, but sharing a room sounds lots more fun. I'll pack a couple of things and see you at the airport in a few hours, 'kay?"

Not that she wasn't doe-eyed, nor was she entirely not innocent, but she'd finally decided that Kara had more in store than a Girls' Night Out; specifically, it seemed like she was up for a Girls' Night In, and the flaxen goddess' entire body quaked gently at the very thought. She decided to up the ante just a bit: "I'm really glad we're doing this, Kara. I've been really lonely, lately, and I could really use some company and a nice, cool swim. This sounds positively like Heaven. See you soon!"

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"Yeah, see you," Kara replied before cutting the line off. Smiling to herself, she tossed enough clothes an overnight visit into her suitcase, along with a toy or two. She was looking forward to this, perhaps more than she expected. With a satisfied nod, she closed her suitcase and called the airport to arrange a flight to Virginia Beach.

* * *

Virginia Beach's airport was small, and Kara was pleased to see that there was only one baggage claim area. It would make finding Brittany much easier. Kara would be easy enough to find; she choose an open area to stand in, and her red suit jacket stood out in the brightly lit room. She'd dressed this way on purpose, so that she would stand out.

It was relaxing, to be somewhere else other than home. It was good to feel safe, just by being somewhere no one would think to look for you. The private jet had arranged to not release her name to anyone but the authorities, so there was a good chance that no one would know she'd been here until she was gone. She could hope, anyway.

Eager to find her companion, Kara scanned the crowd, looking for a head of beautiful blonde hair or a mass of swooning boys surrounding an object. Either one would likely be the lovely LiberTeen.

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With a murmur of contentment, Brittany tossed her phone onto the cushions of her couch and made her way upstairs, to the loft bedroom she and Robert shared in their saner moments. She threw off her work clothes like a deviant Clark Kent preparing to shoot into the sky as Superman, leaving them in a rumpled, sweat-smelling heap on the down comforter, and filed through her bureau for her eufiber colony, still in its familiar, vaguely comforting state as her uniform, and pulled it out. Something about it was very affirming to her, and as she inspected it with her eyes and her hands, she was reminded that she wasn't just Brittany Brown, but LiberTeen, and while being Brittany Brown had its own unique set of charms, tonight she would be LiberTeen again, and more than simply comforting, it was a very, very exciting thought. She hadn't dared to even slip her colony on since Robert left; what was the point, after all? Nobody to tease, nobody to entertain, nobody to save, nobody to get pretty for, and Wolfy certainly didn't seem to care how she looked. Besides, there was something almost cathartic about the rote drudgery of laundry and clothes that weren't entirely comfortable and perfectly fitted to every measure of ones body.

That little vacation, however, she decided was finally over, and as her fingers pawed over the impossibly smooth fabric of her simple skirt and bodice, she found herself smiling at the prospect of being back on the job. Tonight with Kara would be just the beginning.

A quick shower and a nibble of toast was all that stood between her, and she finished them with gleeful expectation, a little too fast. Her costume found its place back on her goddess-inspired frame, and with a quick consultation of her bag to make sure there was nothing of import she was leaving behind, she locked the doors, stepped outside, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, she was airborne, and smiling gleefully at what the day held in store.


Finding the baggage claim from the sky was going to be no easy task, Brittany had concluded, and furthermore, flying by herself into an airport, even a small one, might not be such a hot idea. Having located the airport in the distance, she elegantly flitted down to what looked like one of the busier areas of downtown with the intention of hailing a taxi. Her giggling announced her before several of the afternoon commuters spied her, making sure to give the lucky few close by a show as she touched down to the ground with nothing beneath her skirt. She missed the attention, she hated to admit, and it had been too long. She felt justified in being a little naughty.

After signing a few autographs and helping a few jaws off the concrete, she managed to hail a taxi from the edge of a steady mob now crowding her and told the driver where she was headed. To his credit, he managed to keep his eyes mostly on the road, and the goddess in his back seat certainly didn't make it easy on him. The cabbie pulled up to the baggage claim with the reluctant despair of a man walking to meet the firing squad. Having realized, now at her destination, that he'd stretched out the short trip twenty extra minutes, longer than he could possibly justify, he blushed and told her the fare was free. He admitted that wasn't the only reason he was letting the fare go and tried very hard to think of his wife at home. The girl blew him a kiss, handed him a twenty for his trouble, and skipped away out of his life, taking with her something warm and new that had been born in him only moments ago.

The terminal was mercifully sparse with humanity, and while Brittany was reveling in the attention from everyone around, that sense of joy was being momentarily overwhelmed by her desire to meet her companion. She was thankful that most people seemed to have places to go and things of import to do, and so she received more hungry, longing stares than impromptu personal confessions of undying love.

Not that there weren't a few.

The second her eyes hit the beautiful woman in red, she wondered how anybody could possibly pay any mind to her own beauty with the living personification of lust coolly standing around in the room. Preparing for the buffet of clicking cameras that would chirp their chorus of clicking and whirring any second, she lunged forward out of her unwanted entourage and towards the other woman.

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It was just the slightest change in the air; a slide in the tone of the room to a new place. Kara turned her head, following that shift, and saw LiberTeen walking toward her. Kara felt herself smile as she turned to fully face the woman; at the same time, her breath caught at the vision that Brittany presented. It was clear that the younger woman had taken no great pains to prepare herself, yet she was stunning, glorious. Even the quiet - and distant reminder - that it was all quantum-powered couldn't stop the thoughts starting to gather momentum in her mind.

"Brittany," Kara said, her voice dropping into a soft purr. She was really getting into this; when she stopped and thought about it, she realized that it had been far too long since she'd had 'company' and longer since she'd had company of this caliber.

The realization that her hormones were behind this outing as much as her desire to not be alone didn't stop her from opening her arms and giving the other woman a hug. "Thank you for coming," she murmured in her ear. "I was going a little crazy by myself."

Her hair smelled so good, and it was soft as it brushed over Kara's hand. It was in part shampoo, but underneath that, Kara could smell the woman herself: the soft, sweet scent was bewitching. Kara didn't stop herself, didn't think about what she was doing; she turned her head just a little and kissed Brittany, her soft lips teasing the blonde's equally soft lips.

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An almost whimpered gasp escaped the girl's mouth as the other woman's lips met her own, and Brittany wondered, for an instant, if Kara noticed and took it mistakenly as apprehension. The sentiment wasn't apprehension, but a delighted, rapturous surprise; it had been so long since she'd been kissed this way. That wasn't to say that men didn't have unique and enticing charms in the way they manipulated her body, but while the rough kiss of a man Brittany likened rock and roll, spice and long, hard fucking, Kara's embrace was like Beethoven and chocolate and orgasm. Her fingers crept up the side of the other woman's body in an almost desperate attempt to cling on before her knees buckled, her other hand gently lacing into the other woman's. A tiny dose more at that moment was required; Brittany sent something warm and wet past Kara's lips, not caring where she was or who saw. It was hard enough, at the moment, to resist the urge to simply tangle onto the floor into a writhing, sapphic knot.

When their lips finally parted, it was difficult to tell how much time had elapsed. Time had the suspicious sensation of having gone on far too long and at the same time to have passed too quickly. The crowd of onlookers stood by still, aroused into stunned panting, frozen like timid Greeks at the sight of two beautiful gorgons. "I wonder if that's what it feels like to kiss me", Brittany thought to herself, and not simply because Kara was a woman. Brittany had kissed many women before, but this experience was something new, and mercifully not tinged with the tragedy of their last encounter. Kara was one like she, one of the new goddesses, who tread upon the hearts of silent millions whose names they would never know with every step they took.

But for now, she forgot all that, and smiled. "I know just what you mean. I can't tell you how happy I am to be here." Turning the mood on an emotional dime, her eyes flared up for a moment, her smile broadening into a pink and childlike thing, and she asked "So. Taxi to that beach bed & breakfast you had in mind?"

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Kara had been kissed many times, in many ways by lots and lots of people, male and female. But few had been quantum-powered, assisted by a node that could reshape a world or alter a psyche - or just kiss your boots off. Brittany proved that Corbin, while good, still lacked something vital in his kisses. Quantum wasn't everything, and LiberTeen proved it to Kara.

The moment passed, leaving Kara swaying on her feet, holding onto Brittany's shoulders. She managed to turn the grapple for balance into a caress, rubbing LiberTeen's shoulders before running her hands down the other girl's arms. She has the softest skin, she thought, I wouldn't believe anything was softer, but I've felt her lips. The thought of softer skin still made Kara shiver.

"A taxi sounds wonderful," Kara agreed, picking up her bag again. She glanced at her companion and then down at herself. She giggled a little. "Think we'll have any trouble getting one?"

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"Somehow", she giggled, "I think we'll manage."

It was getting through the crowd, in fact, that proved most difficult. Mercifully dumbstruck out of shock, fear, or simple lust, virtually nobody dared to approach them. Most stood docile and glass-eyed, waiting to be navigated around. Bag slung impishly over her shoulder, Brittany followed Kara's lead toward the platform, taking a half-skip to catch up. Her hand reached out to her side, her finger's snaking gently down the inside of Kara's arm, her fingertips dragging a gentle trail along the exquisite flesh, and then interlaced their fingers. She felt a momentary flash of worry, afraid that the gesture might be perceived as saccharine or childish, but conversely, she found it very hard to care. Brittany had wanted this for months, and even then she'd found herself melting into girlish whim at Kara's touch. She was warmth and sweetness, hot caramel and rum. Her lips felt almost frozen without Kara's upon them, and with each step forward, her increasing impatience began to occupy her every thought. She found herself behaving what would have been physically awkwardly, if she was still a baseline. She hoped Kara didn't notice, or, failing that, she hoped a tiny freckle of coy vulnerability was sexy.

As they sliding glass and the pressurized environment inside the building parted and the balmy outside air rushed to meet them, it brought with it a veritable flock of taxis, some driven by men whose eyes immediately darted to the pair, like a moth to a flame on a moonless night, and others, lining the street a dozen down, who no doubt silently contemplated suicide as due course for their poor reflexes.

With a sprightly little hop, Brittany lunged forward to no cab in particular and opened the back door for the other woman, grinning widely as tonight's lucky driver fairly leapt out of his seat to frantically wrench open the trunk for what promised to be a fare he would never forget.

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Kara had been startled when Liberteen had taken her hand, but she didn't remove her hand from the other woman's. She wasn't used to the gentle touches of another person outside of the bedroom, but she wasn't displeased - far from it, actually. Her dark fingers curled around Liberteen's own ivory digits, warm and soft. For a moment, Kara was distracted by the thoughts of other dark places those soft, white fingers would be; shivering with anticipation, Kara pushed the thoughts away, unsuccessfully.

Kara giggled at the taxi driver's reaction. This was the kind of thing she really enjoyed; the unadulterated adoration of all types of people. Of course, knowing herself, and knowing Liberteen, the taxi driver would be fortunate if he got out of the cab without ruining a perfectly good pair of pants. Their luggage was loaded with alacrity into the truck, with the driver struggling to wipe the unprofessional shit-eating grin off his face.

Kara, meanwhile, had slid into the far side of the car, unaware of the issues that she was creating with her mere presence. Tensely, she waiting for Brittney to join in her cab, because there was a fire - pure heat - building in her gut. The twist of the other girl's body when she eased into the car was maddening, and it was all Kara could do to keep her hands off of her.

But when the cab rolled into motion, Kara reached for the other woman, pressing her lips to Liberteen's pink mouth. The kiss in the airport had just been the start; now, Kara gave the other woman a taste of her own fire. Fear and insecurity were poured into the building passion and were quickly subsumed. While her lips burned Liberteen, her fingers were busy. First they ran down the front of her uniform, but that was unsatisfying, and soon her fingertips were exploring the line between her bodice and the swell of her breasts, trying to determine if there was enough room to free the trapped breasts.

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No more than five minutes, and already the weekend was exceeding her wildest hopes, Brittany grinned as the sweet, rapturous warmth of Kara's lips cleaved to her own. Where she had leapt into the backseat of the taxi a lynx, an ocelot, prowling, pouncing, upon landing she found herself a rabbit in the clutches of an even greater predator. With one hand, she braced herself nearly upright as Kara's body pressed onto hers, her other sitting limply at her side. She endeavored first a tickle, then a gentle rub, desperately and wordlessly trying to tease the reaction she was hoping for out of Kara as if by some form of physical telepathy. Their tongues intertwined as Kara's nimble digits found the cusp of her bodice, and with her free hand grabbed LiberTeen by the wrist like an errant bother and clutched it tight, holding it fast against the seat. It was precisely the reaction she had hoped to provoke, and now she lay helpless, prone, under the goddesses' total control. Prey.

She let out a whimpered, muffled gasp as Kara's teeth found purchase in her lower lip, pulling it taut with a sharp stab of blissful agony before releasing it. The pale ivory of her skin flushed a strawberry red and the rest of her body responded in suit. She moaned softly, feeling a pulse of electricity running the length of her body, all her nerves coming alive. She could smell Kara's musk, feel the sticky-sweet warmth of her breath. The taste lingered on her tongue as the muscle rolled around her mouth unbidden, as if groping for a taste of something sweeter still. Kara's fingers found one of the pink nubs that crowned the ivory mounds of flesh under her bodice and teased it with a hint of viciousness, causing the girl to whimper sharply. It would be nothing at all to let the layers of fabric covering her recede into nothing, but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted, needed, to be taken, ravaged, forced.

The practical implications of their backseat steam was apparent on the outside world, as they were serenaded to their destination by a chorus of honked horns and screeching wheels from near-misses (and a few not so near) that were the collective fault of everyone who could glimpse them for even a moment, not the least of which their driver, who seemed to be keeping two eyes to few on the road instead of his rear view, as well as a suspiciously solitary hand on the wheel of the vehicle. Brittany, for her part, was happy to let him watch, moreso to be on display for anyone who saw. The thought hung at the back of her mind that something must be saved for later, but at the speed the cabbie was blitzing through the city in his self-induced fury, there was little doubt they'd arrive at their destination before closing curtain. She only hoped there was enough time still to get a good, long sampling of the opening act.

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