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Name: Andrew Fischer

Nova Name: None

Height: 5' 9''

Weight: 155lbs


Location: Yellowknife, Canada

Andrew Fischer is a computer programmer for a small business operating in Yellowknife. Erupted when his house was set on fire by vandals.

Other interesting stuff: His parents are quite conservative and disapprove of both his career choice and his nova-hood. While not quite Archangelites, they have some sympathies in that direction.

Drew has a horrible romantic track record, and was generally considered "geeky" before his eruption.

Drew's house was actually set on fire by nova-haters, but they got the wrong house, ironically causing him to erupt.

Drew is mega-intelligent, dextrous, and manipulative, though not to any great degree. He also possesses a limited danger sense.

Drew is heterosexual.

Drew is an agnostic.

Drew has no Taint.

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Some stat-type stuff:

Strength:2, Stamina:3, Dexterity:4, Intelligence:5. Wits:4, Perception:4, Manipulation:5, Charisma:3, Appearance:3

Might:1, Awareness:2, Investigation:1, Intimidation:2, Style:1, Drive:1, Academics:2, Computer:3, Science:1, Subterfuge 5, Etiquette:1, Arts:3, Biz:3, Rapport:3, Endurance 3, Resistance:3

Mega-Perception:1(Sensory Editing), Mega-Wits:1(Hypercognition), Mega-Intelligence:1(Compartmentalized Mind, Fast Learner), Mega-Dexterity:2(Perfect Balance), Mega-Manipulation:2(Persuader)

Backgrounds: Cypher:3, Node:2, Resources:2

Willpower:9 Quantum:3

Quantum Power: Intuition (1)

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I shall now breakdown my xp expenditure:

Registered in October. Sooooo....

Active October: 4xp

Active November: 4+4=8xp, raising mega-manipulation from 1 to 2, leftover of 3 xp.

Active December+4xp. 4+2=6. Mega-dex to 2, 1 leftover.

Inactive January.

Active February - 4 exp.

Active March - 4 exp. 12 exp. to Mega-manipulation, raising it to 3. No exp. left over.

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