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Dr. Akaisha Ross

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Akaisha looks at the letter sitting on her kitchen table. She knew for months now that this day would come. She hadn’t talked to Mr. Gibbons in months now but even after all of this time he wasn’t going to let her get away that easy. She felt bad about not getting in touch with him. It had made her own decisions easier to make. She really liked working for him but Utopia just felt like the right place for her. Working for Agis was something that excited her several months ago but it didn’t call to her anymore. But how could she tell Mr. Gibbons that? Nervously, she tears open the envelope to see what it contains.

“Akaisha, or should I say, Dr. Ross? We haven’t corresponded in some time so I hope this letter finds you well. In all of the years we’ve worked together while you were a student, I enjoyed your intellect and your intelligence. I’ve always hoped, quite selfishly, that you would consider working for Agis industries upon your graduation.

I want you to know, however, that I respect any decision you make. If you decide Agis is not the place for you then I want you to be where you best feel you need to be. I know you can be where ever you want and while I hope Agis is where you want to be, I understand fully if it’s not. Even if you decide on other opportunities, I hope that we can maintain communication with each other as I look forward to seeing where you’ll go with your career. So please, no matter your decision, do not hesitate to call me.


Charles Gibbons, CEO”

Akaisha sets the letter down on the table and smiles a bit. She should have called Mr. Gibbons months ago and now she felt a little bad for not keeping him in the loop. But such a thing would be easy enough to fix. Picking up her phone, she scrolls through the names until she gets to his and presses the send button.

A couple rings later and a man’s voice comes through her phone, “Akaisha! It’s about time you called old Gibbons.”

She smiles a bit at the sound of his cheerful voice, “Mr. Gibbons, hello. I’m really sorry I haven’t called you in so long. And well, I got your letter today and I realized I needed to call you. There’s something you probably need to know.”

“Yes, yes, you have a tail. I know.”

Akaisha isn’t normally taken aback but his knowledge of what had happened to her was surprising to say the least. It wasn’t exactly a secret but how could he have known?

He was able to respond to the silence before she could think of anything to say, “You should know better than to think I couldn’t find out. Besides, your parents DO know. I also know you’ll be working for the project.”

Akaisha lets out a breath. In a way, it was easier having him already know everything even if it left her feeling a little guilty, “I guess you already know everything there is to know...”

“Nonsense! I don’t know any novas personally so I don’t really know what you’ve been doing. I’d love to hear all about it. And I have a little something for you in congratulations for your degree and new job.”

“Mr. Gibbons, thank you, you really didn’t have to...”

He cuts her off before she can continue, “Yes but I wanted to. So how about tomorrow? I know some fine restaurants downtown. If you don’t mind spending a night with an old codger like me.”

Akaisha laughs a bit and grins, “No, of course not.” She knew he was going to pick her brain for ideas on some of Agis’ latest projects which she always found very interesting. That would be worth it in and of itself.

“Excellent,” Charles says, “I will see you tomorrow then. Good night, Dr. Ross.”

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