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Aberrant: 2011 - [TBO] Ret-Con [Complete]


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The Los Angeles night air was dark, a sight that was common since the Big One. Streetlights were still active, but they tended to be sporadic where available. The skyline that had once glowed as evidence of modern man’s ability to chase away the darkness was now only occasionally spotted with light. In the darkness above this city, the silent shape that flitted through the shadows was unseen. It was just as well that it was nearly invisible against the night, because it was a form that had never been seen on Earth.

The winged cat dropped onto the roof of the hospital, her body shifting almost immediately into a heavy-bodied feline. The lynx scanned the night suspiciously, her ears flickering uncertainly. After verifying that she was alone, the cat bounced forward, working her way over to the gaping hole in the roof. After a moment of consideration, she made the long leap downward into the abyss below.

This was the third night that Kara had searched the California Visual Surgery Professionals for Zach Doritha. It had been a hectic few days, with the daytime being split between frantic preparations for her movie and doing what she could to arrange fundraisers and help for the people of Southern California, and her nights taken up by searching for Zach, not to mention the four hours spent flying back and forth every night. The hospital was massive, and in disarray since the catastrophe, and searching it was a nightmare.

Tonight, she only had to search for an hour before she found something promising. A familiar man was talking to another man; the man he was speaking to oozed the detective vibe, with his cheap suit and jaded expression. The first man was Zach doctor, Dr. Marich Silvo. Kara edged her body back around the corner and eased enough of her head around that she could see the two.

“There’s no word?” Dr. Silvo was asking, his dark eyes lost in the shadows and bags that lined his orbs.

“No, sir, I’m sorry,” the detective sighed, shifting wearily on his feet. He looked tired, too. “But then, a lot of people have disappeared since the Big One.”

“I know,” Dr. Silvo said, his voice tight with pain. “But a little blind boy shouldn’t disappear from a hospital!”

“Yeah, it’s a hell of a thing,” the detective shook his head as he spoke, “and I’d be afraid if the sister found out. I hear she’s a loose cannon, and a nova, too.”

“Great,” Dr. Silvo sighed before offering the detective his hand. “Let me know if you find him. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do once his parents get in touch with us.” When the detective was gone, the doctor stood in the dim hallway, his shoulders slumped. His entire posture was that of a defeated man.

Kara had an impulse; without thinking it through, she shifted again, reforming herself into the anthropomorphic cat shape she rarely got to use. With a graceful curl of her black tail, she stepped into the hallway, soundlessly following the good doctor as he shambled down the hall into his office.

It was late; Kara wasn’t surprised when he dropped into a couch and tossed his arms over his eyes. She moved soundless toward him, her eyes traveling over his reclined form. Moving to the couch, she crouched next to the sofa and murmured, “Hi.”

He shot awake, his eyes wide and his arms flailing so widely that Kara was glad she’d hadn’t tried to touch him first. “Wha? Who? Who are you?”

“I’m Catwoman,” Kara answered with a furry smirk. “I came here to find a young man, but I see that I have something else to do, too.”

“What-?” His next question was cut off when she leaned down and kissed him. He responded automatically, his tired mind moving through the motions. The motions included slipping his hands into her soft fur to tease the skin underneath; she heard his sudden intake of breath when he found a nipple, hidden in the dark, luxurious pelt.

She had wondered if he’d be willing, if he’d take the offered release. When he pushed her away, she was a little disappointed, but that turned into pleased contentment when she saw him fumble for a condom.

* * *

He stroked her face, teasing her whiskers and making her shiver against his bare chest. Kara smiled at his long sigh; it spoke of tensions long-held and finally given away. “Who are you, really?” he finally asked, without raising his head. He sounded on the edge of sleep, his voice lazy and distant.

“Just a dream,” Kara replied, raising her head so that she could watch him. “In all seriousness, I can’t tell you. This is a secret identity.”

He smiled lazily. “Like Batman, but sexier.”

“Kinda,” Kara admitted. “I do need to turn to business, though.”


“Yeah, I’m looking for Zach Doritha,” Kara said, running her hands over his well-maintained body.

Marich moaned a little, his hands pausing on her body. “Oh, god… that poor boy. I’m really concerned about him.”

Kara frowned. “He disappeared from the hospital during the earthquake? Any ideas who took him?”

“No, and it kills me,” Marich sighed. “There have been some disreputable types hanging around. I’ve been worried that they’ve had something to do with it, but the police couldn’t get anything out of them, and I have no way to find out.” He looked at her. “Are you going to find him?”

Kara frowned. “Maybe. Depends… on his sister.”

“I hear she’s crazy.” Marich looked curious, instead of that spiteful interest that gossipers got.

Kara thought about what she had seen from Lina, and she settled on, “She’s a young girl who adores her brother. And she’s a nova, so she packs a punch.”

“Alright,” Marich sighed. He looked sad and lost, and Kara could see the horror of the last few weeks rolling back over him. Zach wasn’t the only person who Dr. Silvo had lost.

Kara kissed him again, knowing what would happen, but needing to see him at peace again, if only for a few moments. She had fleeting thoughts of the other men in her life, but this was her gift: release. It was all she could offer, and only in increments of seconds.

But they were denied that; before they got much farther, a high-pitched beeping broke the moment. “Wait… that’s my pager.” Marich dug out the device, sighing at the number on the screen. “I’m needed. An emergency.”

“Saving someone’s sight?”

“Maybe,” he said, standing up and heading toward his clothes. Kara followed him, silently helping him dress. He kissed her when he was clothed before whispering, “Will you be here when I come back?”

“No,” Kara said, “I have to get going. Zach needs to be found.”

“Right,” he said, his face falling a bit. “Will… I ever get to know who you really are?”

Kara smiled. “If I ever go public, I’ll tell you first.”

Marich smiled, a wide grin that lit up his face. “Fair enough. I’ll be watching for the revelation.” He kissed her again, and he was gone.

She smiled as he left, but Kara’s smile faded as her mind fully returned to business. She had the hardest thing to do first; to tell Lina that her brother wasn’t safe, but was missing. This isn’t going to be fun, she sighed to herself as she moved to the hallway and began to work her way out of the building. At least I have a couple of hours on the way back to San Jose and my opnet terminal to work out the best response, she muttered to herself. Because this was not going to be fun, whichever way it went.

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