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Aberrant: 2011 - (TBO) The First Three Days [Complete]


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Journal Entry: Day One

I got clipped with a telephone pole this morning during the initial quake. I thought I had a concussion, but now I think I erupted. I’m swallowing Aleve and trying to think through the pain, but it’s not easy. I don’t have much of a choice. The city needs me. I just wish I had erupted with something useful, but right now I haven’t a clue what I can do and I don’t have the time go to the Rashoud facility.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing about the pissing contest going on between FEMA and PU. What are they thinking in DC? Don’t they know people are dying for lack of medical supplies here?

Screw it.

Rafael is pretty badly messed up, the doctor told me. He’s got several cracked ribs and his right knee is shattered. He may never walk right again. I owe him and I hated leaving him at St. Vincent’s, but there are reports of gangs attacking refugees in Lafayette Park. It’s been a long day.

Day Two

It’s been a long night and a weird one to boot. I’m sure I would be more excited by everything that has happened to me in the past two days if it wasn’t for the sheer calamity all around me. Somehow even being a nova now leaves me feeling small in the scope of the past 36 hours.

36 hours ….

Rafael is conscious now but in a shit load of pain. Other officers are keeping an eye out for him too. We look after our own. Of course, we have also had a few officers go missing – off to see how their own families are doing no doubt. It’s been hard. All the cell towers are down and the land lines are busted. No Opnet either. Our radio systems are prepared for this crap, but few others were.

We need help.

I’m so freaking tired. I think I’ve only gotten two hours of sleep since the Big One happened. We are calling it the Big One now. It’s been hours since the last aftershock, which is good. Aftershocks make the people crazy.

A weird thing happened last night. Some white collar creep was pushing people around at the park. Apparently an aftershock took out his BMW, or some such other sob story. Something about this guy gave me the creeps and when I saw him harassing this woman, I went to stop me. He said something to me and my head felt like it was going to split open. I drew my gun and told him to stop it.

My resistance seemed to surprise him more than my gun. He said something like “Your mind is shielded” and backed off. I was in too much pain to stop him and he disappeared in the park.

The woman seemed in a daze too, but thanked me feebly. I looked for the guy but couldn’t find him anywhere.

Just weird.

Day Three

Christ, we had a major dust up with Los Lobos this afternoon. Several officers went down and I think one of the guys from Rampart got killed. I don’t know how many LL’s got it. We aren’t doing after action reports right now. I keep thinking about how hard it must be to have your husband work through all this just to get greased by some greedy, murderous whore.

I have myself an M-16 now. It beats a shotgun. I know that it isn’t my primary duty to kill looters and other scum, but part of me feels better about the improved firepower.

I did a bit more running convoy on relief supplies coming into the city today, which was good. Most people are behaving and that means we don’t need as much security. That’s more eyes on the street.

Rumor has it the Governor is coming down tomorrow. We could be doing more important work, but that’s politicians for you.

I got a shower, a change of clothes, and a hot dinner today. You don’t miss them until you can’t get them, or so the saying goes.

The LT saw me popping pills again today and told me to go to the hospital and get checked out. I think I’ll pass.

What’s going to happen to my life if people know I’m a nova?

How are people going to treat me differently?

Here in LA (where I want to stay) novas are treated differently. The certainly don’t get to be beat cops, or detectives if there are promotions after all this chaos.

I don’t want the fame or the notoriety. I’ll figure out what I can do on my own.

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