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Aberrant: 2011 - Leon Magus; Transonic

Clayton the Smith

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Real Name: Leon Magus

Nicknames: Lee, Magus

Place of birth: Seattle, Washington

Age: 21

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister

Allegiance: Undeclared

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 145lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Character Stats


Strength: ●● Dexterity (Fast): ●●●●● Stamina (Determined): ●●●●

Perception: ●●● Intelligence: ●●● Wits: ●●●

Appearance (Alluring): ●●●● Manipulation (Devious): ●●●● Charisma: ●●


Athletics: ●●●●● Legerdemain: ●●● Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●●

Awareness: ●●●● Academics: ●● Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ● Intrusion: ● Medicine: ●● Survival: ●● Rapport: ●

Style: ● Streetwise: ● Subterfuge: ●●● Etiquette: ●●


Backing: ● Contacts: ●● Mentor: ●● Node: ●● Resources: &#9679&#9679


Willpower: ●●●

Quantum: ●●●●

Taint: ●●●


Mega Attributes:

Mega Dexterity ●●●●●

Mega Enhancements:

Enhanced Movement


Hypermovement ●●●●● (Running)


Phobia - Claustrophobia (-2)

Minority - Homosexual (-1)

Secret (-1)

Combat Paralysis (-3)


Internal Compass (+1)

Alter Ego

Name: Transonic

Place of Residence: Somewhere near Seattle, Washington

Age: Unknown

Marital Status: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unknown

Allegiance: Independant

Height: About 6'0"

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Unknown

Known Facts: Transonic appeared in the Seattle area during the month of July 2009 as a masked vigilante. Seattle has put out word of wanting to hire Transonic as a public defender, but have received no public word back. Transonic possesses super speed and has the ability to go much faster than the speed of sound. He has only publicly done so once, and it seemed to cause considerable property damage. He wears full body spandex and a mask.

Unknown Facts: Transonic's real name is Leon Magus, and he is really shitty about keeping his secret identity. Several people know it, but they have not revealed it as personal favors to him. Leon recently got a job, thanks to his sister, as a male nurse at a private practice in the suburbs of Seattle.

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