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New Paltz, NY - 08/21/2009 - 01:35 PM

"Britt?" Robert's voice half-shouted from the front door of the one-bedroom New England style cabin they shared about an hour outside of Manhattan.

Brittany was in the kitchen, lounging away most of the day sitting on a barstool, diddling around with her laptop. Things, it seemed, had mostly returned to normal, and for the first time in a long time, her cheery optimism that things would all work out and be okay seemed to not be disappointing. "Yeah, Robby?", she called from where she sat, craning her neck over towards the door. "Something wrong?"

The door shut behind him with a whoosh and he stumbled into the kitchen, brandishing a light pink envelope accented in gold letters. The whole thing screamed of elegance, and faintly smelled of roses. There was no return address. "This was in the mail for you..." he said, looking at the envelope with some small perplexion. "You expecting this?"

Brittany picked up the envelope and turned it over in her hands, peering at it quizically. "No... No idea." She shrugged, packed the contents down to one end, and shredded off the far end of the envelope. Out came the contents, a likewise pink-tinted piece of parchment-thick vellum dressed in a thin sheet of rice paper. As Brittany's eyes floated over the words, a slow smiled crept across her face.

"What is it, hon?", Robert had already begun making himself some coffee at the other end of the kitchen.

"Apparently", she started, "I've been given some award by a group calling itself the 'Change the World Young Novas Empowerment Group'."

Robert closed the fridge, turning to her with a quirked brow. "The 'Change the World Young Novas Empowerment Group'? Sounds...ah...odd."

"A little", Brittany shrugged. "It says here they're a Mumbai organization, so maybe the name doesn't translate quite right. Anyway, apparently I've been recognized by this organization, and they're sending me on a modest three-day cruise in southern California!"

"Neat. Can I come?"

Brittany looked over the letter one more time. "Crap. No. It says here that the cruise is only for myself and the other winners, and there's only four of us. Huh."

"If they're a small organization, I guess that's reasonable enough. It's just a token prize, a pat on the back. Makes sense... When is it?"

"A week", she replied, scrutinizing the letter again. "Says I've already got a flight booked out of JFK on the twenty-seventh, and that a limo will take me from SAN to the harbor."

Robert nodded pensively, humming and hawing to himself. "Alright. I think I'll be in Africa on business around that time, anyay, so no big deal."

Slipping off her stool, Brittany floated across the kitchen, smiled, hugged her oafish boyfriend, and gave him a long, hard kiss. "You're really good to me. You know that, don't you?"

Robert smiled apologetically, blushing a little. "Nah..."

"Yeah huh", she goofed with him and kissed him again.


San Diego, CA - 08/28/2009 - 10:12 AM

The plane trip had been more than simply bearable. It had been a long time since she'd flown Business Class, and she had to admit that there was much to be said for not having to scrape bugs out of your teeth after landing. Brittany was too excited to sleep pretty the whole time, despite hear red-eye flight, and was mostly left to bouncing around in her seat and smiling out the window, watching the clouds go by and looking down to city lights below for the duration of her six hour trip.

She wondered about who else would be on the boat, whether she'd heard about or even met any of the others who'd be there. She also wondered, with an impish little smile she kept to herself, if any of them were hot girls who might be interested in a little private (or not-so-private, heehee) playtime after launch. The six hour flight stretched on interminably, even with all the beautiful scenery below. As thoughts of what the next few days might bring her played through her mind and her hands slid up her thighs, she was simply very glad that she was afforded the privacy of nobody sitting next to her.

The plane landed with a jolt, and the addled, bleary-eyed passengers stumbled out like zombies. Brittany made her way to baggage claim, ducking and waving genially through a forest of papparazzi in order to fight her way to her bags. Thankfully, she thought to herself, southern California practically invented celebrity, and there were enough novas here that a B-lister like her could get away virtually unscathed. She stood at the carousel, scanning helplessly for her bags, when a smartly-dressed older woman approached her, carrying a familiar rose-tinted, gold-leaf sign emblazoned with her nova handle on it.

"Miss LiberTeen?" Her voice was high breeding and foreign, and she smiled broadly.

Brittany nodded and introduced herself, albeit unnecessarily. The woman's cloth-gloved hand reached out and shook her own, and she neatly informed Brittany that her bags would follow her to the vehicle. With an almost magical flourish, the woman and the girl she'd come for disappeared into a side exit behind a group of paid security gorillas, and in moments, they had made good their escape through a service exit, arriving at an awaiting limousine.

"You're the first today", she smiled. "Please, avail yourself of our hospitality. We will be picking up the other winners en route to the harbor."

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West Hollywood, CA - 08/21/2009 - 3:08pm

As usual it had been a late night at the clubs. For Divine, they had become commonplace and an extension of who she was. Her entire routine revolved around the clubber's lifestyle: Wake up at two or three PM, eat, shower, shop, eat, shower, change, eat, get drugs, go to clubs, sleep. For Divine, it was getting tiresome. Even watching the midday commuters struggle through their lives had lost it's charm.

The clock told her that the mailman had already arrived. When she was awake, she would rush down to the mailbox and tease the old guy who delivered the mail. Sometimes she would be watering her lawn, and other times, sunbathing. The poor mailman would sometimes drop the mail or fumble with the keys, which provided Divine with her first laugh of the day. Sometimes she would catch her neighbors watching her from their windows. Because the houses are build close together, everyone can see everyone elses garbage. It was no different for Divine.

Her place was by no means a mansion, but the location was great. Only a half mile away was Pacific Coast Highway and ocean. For Divine that was great. Great shopping was right around the corner. She had access to the major arteries of the Los Angeles Basin. And best of all, an In-N-Out Burger was down the block.

On this particularly warm day, in addition to the usual assortment of bills, a rather pleasant smelling envelope arrived. It was bright pink with gold embossed letters. A letter, or something, rattled around inside. For Divine, it was a mystery she had to get to the heart of. She grabbed everything in the mailbox, and stuck it under her right arm. She ran into her house. In the kitchen she set all the mail down, and tore into the envelope.

'Change' the World Young Novas Empowerment Group... From Mumbaie... An award for me?... I won a cruise!... Divine excitedly said to herself, as she read the pink letter from inside the envelope.

A week later, Divine found herself packed and waiting outside her place for a limo to arrive. It was supposedly carrying the other two winners. Together, they would be chauffered to the port of San Diego, where they would catch their ship. After what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, a limo stopped and pulled up in front.

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Well, let's see. a free Trip with two other people.Okay that sounded nice.a boat ride even. She saw that it was meant to be a short trip.That would be good.She hoped that there wouldn't be any pervs. She told her Bosses that she would be gone down south for a few days. The fact that they had another nova on call if need be was a good thing. Catalyst was in need of a break from red tape and power trips.

She made her way to the San Jose, go on a plan, fist class even.She was not in awe.It wasn't that she was jade so much as she was lost in her own thoughts. Why did people want so much red tape.Why was she forced to take classes that..Oh screw it she was going to try to focus on the trip. She did try.However one could not really do much on a hour long flight..She landed, and was rushed off to the Limo...

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The limo was packed full of the kind of opulence Brittany simply wasn't prepared for. There was champagne - two bottles! - in a bucket with ice in the center console, along with four fluted glasses. She wondered whether there was going to be a fourth addition to their party or if propriety simply demanded you not leave an empty space on something like a rack of champagne glasses. More importantly, she was curious as to why she'd be supplied with champagne. She certainly wasn't of drinking age, nova or not. Maybe the others would be?

As she eased her body onto the elegant, cushioned seats and located a remote, which upon examination, seemed to control both the window partition that kept the passengers from the driver, as well as a more-than-modest television set with opnet console that dropped down from the ceiling. The passenger cabin even had it's own thermostat! Brittany tried to lower the darkened window, and found that it wouldn't budge for some reason. It appeared to work on the television, however, which seemed a rather curious defect, but, she figured, there must be some reason for it, and decided instead to just flip the channel over to N! and relax.

They didn't travel long before stopping again. Not even out of the SAN terminal, in fact. Rounding a few twisting lanes, they pulled up in front of another airline's gate, pulled into a narrow alley between two buildings, and stopped. The driver got out, toting a piece of oversized posterboard in her hand, which she reasoned must have the name of the second winner emblazoned upon it. She stifled a giggle as she half-realized that she could probably find out who the other two winners if she hopped out and opened the driver door, but quickly chastised herself for the idea. Even if the door was unlocked (unlikely), it was almost more fun to be surprised.

Speaking of surprises, she wondered who they were picking up at the moment. She abated her curiosity by reaching into the mini-fridge located along the side of the cabin and pulled out a soda. Whoever it was, she at least hoped they were nice.

A few moments passed as Brittany absorbed the most recent dirt on the last few XWF Black Circle matches, something that she didn't care particularly about, though boredom compelled her to watch. She wondered wistfully how well Robert might do in those kinds of competitions, or Alpha, rather. Not that it mattered; Robert was a nice guy, and she hoped he stayed that way.

After several minutes, Brittany heard a door close, and two sets of footsteps approaching the limousine. The door opened, and as their chauffeur stepped aside, Brittany saw a familiar face come into view.

"Cat!", she yelled, lunging across the cab to embrace the other girl as she sat. Her arms snaked around the other girl's body, half pulling her onto the seat, and her lips found the other girl's tanned cheek. "Oh! I can't believe you're here, too! That's so great!"

As she pulled Cat into the vehicle and exalted over how happy she was to see her, Brittany breathed a sigh of relief inside as it seemed as though all her sapphic plane-ride fantasies had just been given carte blanche. It was going to be a very, very happy cruise, indeed! But almost as soon as she thought it, reality intruded with another, far less pleasant but nevertheless begrudgingly true fact to add to the equation; as far as she knew, Patty was still with Troy, and furthermore, as far as she knew, Troy didn't share. "Nuts", she silently cursed. "Ah, well. We can still have a good time."

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Why of all people did have to be Liberteen.Why was that bad.Oh she was not all that please with her boyfriend and well Liberteen was the first person to really know her sexually. It was mixed blessing for the young Novas.both of them.She did not let that show on her face, well there was for one thing a smile a mile wide on her face when she saw that blond girl. Who wouldn't smile at the sight of that blond? Maybe Pax. Catalyst had on good rumors that he was not only gay but hated girls.

"LIBER! I missed you so much!"

She went in for the hug.a hug that was not just a friendly how you're doing hug.Her arms stayed on a bit to long and bit to tight.To say nothing about how low they were. Catalyst need to be comforted and she hoped liberteen would understand this. She hoped she wasn't just using the blond bombshell. she hoped Troy would change,either to be there for her or to understand that she had needs as well.

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Brittany smiled warmly and returned the very suggestive hug in kind, totally unaware of what thoughts were slowly percolating inside the other girl's mind. Cat's hands were just on the side of what would have been uncomfortable to someone who wasn't open to one's affections, but to Brittany, it mostly just felt like a hug. Not many people weren't open to her affections.

"I missed you, too!", she smiled. It had been quite a while since they'd seen each other, in fact. The last time was at the Blackburn. Since then, well...since then was a lot. Robert, and Alpha, and Cyn, and Balm, and Kara, and just...well, a lot. And even longer since they'd shared that day in Golden Gate Park. It felt like years ago, now. When they'd met, Brittany had still been very young, herself, and though she blanched to admit it, more than a little naive. That wasn't so much the case, anymore, she tartly thought, but she liked to believe that she maintained her sense of goodness.

"Isn't this cool?", she gushed. "I can't believe we both got selected for this! How neat! Oh, I really hope that the other winners are as sweet as you." Grinning, she patted Cat affectionately on the thigh, and reclined somehwat. "Anyway, I can't imagine it'll be too long until we meet them, whoever they are. Until then, want to watch a little teevee? There's stuff to drink in this little fridge, too."

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"Watch Teevee? Why would we do that? I to return a favor to. That is if you want it."

She let go of Brittany, she felt things had changed as well.Oh they always do. Still one day was good, and one shouldn't think that people would stay the same, or lightening would strike twice. She hated being the way she was. She wish she could take charge more, but no.SHe was just the way she was, insecure.

She slightly moved away but put her hand on Liberteen's shoulder.Her eyes looking into Brittany's, a smile on her lips.

"I am up for anything..."

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"Return a favor...?" She caught herself wondering what 'favor' Cat was referring to at first, but it didn't take long - or thinking very hard - for Brittany to figure out exactly what she meant. She nearly blushed, her first thought that "It wasn't so much a favor as just something I wanted to do possibly more than she wanted it."

She grinned at the other girl, stifling a mirthful laugh. For now, it would be good news. She'd ask about Troy and what was going on there, later. "If you really want to, Cat, there's no way I'll say no! But", she smirked, lowering her voice to just above a whisper, "let's at least wait until we're on the boat? If we go to pick up the third winner and we're doing something like that, there's a good chance that they'll be scared, or disgusted, or just afraid of us the whole trip, and I don't want that. But...hey..." Smiling, she lifted the other girl's chin, whispering "to be honest, I can hardly wait."

Giggling to a somewhat nervous Cat, who she was sure welled up a good deal of bravery to be so bold, Brittany relaxed, just looking around, and casting cute flirtations to the girl who sat across from her, making a game of teasing in preparation for later on.

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"Oh do we have to wait?"

Listening to Brittany, she kept her smile. She was having a beautiful day in her world. She had done some "studding" after since she last spent time with Liberteen. She had found a small little store down town of her new home that had all sorts of interesting items. She wish had brought some with her. She started to blush as she thought of Brittany in that "Nun's habit". Without thinking all the way she blurted it out.

"You would make a sexy nun..."

She nearly caught herself but oh well, such was life. She couldn't take the words back, so she best run with them.

"There is a store in Santa Cruz Called Camouflage and they have well, adult things in it.They have clothes that well I don't even think you would wear in public. And one of them looks well like a nun. I think you would good in it.Or rather naughty in it"

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Divine's eufiber outfit was a thigh length black denim mini, with a metal studded belt, and a modest white blouse. Her dark reddish-brown hair hung loosly on her shoulders. She was, as usual, her stunningly sexy self. For anyone who cared to look, they would see that she was wearing a bikini underneath. A very skimpy and suggestive, pale green bikini. On her feet were a pair of expensive and fashionable leather sandals.

The limo driver turned out to be an unassuming middle-aged gentleman with a white mustache. As he approached her, she smiled at him and looked at the 4 pieces of luggage she brought with her. She gave him a bashful lok as he grabbed the suitcases and garment bags and put them in the trunk. When he did, she noticed that there was other luggage in there. That could only mean that the other winners were sitting in the limousine.

Without waiting for the driver to finish loadig her bags, Divine had already opened the rear door and popped her head inside. After a second her eyes adjusted, and she saw Liberteen, whom she had several correspondences with online, and recognized her costume, and another girl. When she saw the two of them she let out a giggled squeal, that only a teenaged girl can make. "We are going to have soo much fun!"

Without hesitation, she sat down in the closest seat, which sat opposite Liberteen, and shut the door. She reached over and gave each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before introducing herself. "I'm Katelee Vranas, I'm Divine."

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Brittany was still choking back a giggle from Cat's comments when the limo came to a halt and the driver left, this time with no sign. Looking out the window, it seems they'd pulled up in front of someone's house. So, the next winner was a local! Brittany began cycling through her mental rolodex, looking for novas native to southern California. Could it be Gabe?

As the front door opened, Brittany craned her neck around to see. Out stepped an older gentleman, on in years but somewhat brawny looking, and immediately after, as if the first man was simply a guardian or butler or something, out came a fantastically beautiful young woman wearing a pale blouse and a black jean skirt, smirking mirthfully. "Do I know her?", Brittany asked herself, her mind groping at something familiar about the girl. As the driver took the bags, the young woman strolled cockily up to the limo door and opened it herself, slinking inside with a look of mild surprise, then delight.

"Divine!", Brittany smiled. "Of course! I knew I remembered you from somewhere!" She returned the hug and the kiss on the cheek as she looked the girl over, gathering what she could about the nova who called herself Divine. Aside from a few terse words on the op about guys, she seemed like a pretty nice girl, and they'd been more or less pleasant to each other. She seemed a bit of a princess, but it was obvious to see why. And hey, no reason that princesses can't be fun. She certainly lived up to her namesake, a fact that Brittany was finding it somewhat difficult to not obviate.

"I'm Brittany Brown", she smiled, "LiberTeen. We've talked some on the forum before, I seem to recall." She gave the other girl a somewhat apologetic glance, more in the way of offering an olive branch than gesturing actual subservience. "I know we exchanged a few less-than-totally-pleasant words, but if it's alright, I'd like to start again." She smiled broadly, affirming Divine's initial words. "This IS going to be great."

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Her and Brittany's little tiff online had been long forgotten for Divine. In fact, at the time, Divine had enjoyed their little 'spat', and had developed some respect for Liberteen as someone who stuck to her convictions. In that way, they were alike.

"It's all cool." Divine said as she brought the champagne flute to her lips. "What happens online, stays online." she winked to Brittney, acknowledging her peace offering as she sipped the champagne.

Divine knew Liberteens reputation as an openly bisexual and promiscuous woman. Divine was similar, in that she was a sexual creature, but instead of using sex for recreational enjoyment, she used it as a weapon. When used in such a way, the act of sex was a last resort; it was the anticipation of sex that held true power.

Divine wondered if such power could be wielded over someone like Brittany.

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"I'm really glad", Brittany smiled. "I really hope we can be friends."

For her part, it would be safe to say that Brittany's gesture, while sincere, had ulterior motives of their own, and while "friends" did, in fact, mean "the kind of friend you enjoy hanging out with and confide in and go shopping with", it also meant "the kind of friend that you give orgasms to". She'd remembered her disagreement with Divine pretty clearly, something that had begun with Divine's somewhat flippant attitude towards familiarity regarding peoples' sexuality. She also remembered that Divine had rather proudly proclaimed that she didn't "munch carpet". And while Brittany wasn't a revenge-minded person and had no intention of spiting Katelee just to show her up, she admitted without pretention that she certainly aimed on changing her mind, and she wasn't a bit shy about letting Divine know it with the lingering movement of her gaze.

The fact that she'd been awarded this trip along with her...well, Brittany didn't believe in fate or predestination, but it was a very, very happy coincidence. And with Cat, here, as well... She found herself blushing (among other bodily reactions) at the very prospect.

"So, Divine", she smiled broadly across the cabin, "or is it Katelee? Any idea where this cruise might be taking us? I thought, being a local, you might know some of standard routes."

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  • 2 weeks later...

She had to admit that Brittany was a beautiful girl who exuded sexual energy, much like herself. It made her want to chuckle at the irony that such sexual beings just happened to win the same trip.

"It really depends on whether we leave from the Port of Long Beach or from San Diego. Ships that leave Long Beach generally head across the Pacific or up the coast to Alaska. Those that leave San Diego head to more tropical locations." Katelee procured her ticket and surveyed it once more. "It looks like we are leaving from San Diego. Sand and surf, here we come!"

Sounds of laughter and excitement could be heard coming from the limo as it drove to its next destination.

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The late summer sun spilled freely through the living room windows, pouring onto the bland beige carpeting in a brilliant patchwork of luminous squares. It cast a shimmering haze over the outstretched feline form of the girl who sprawled there, picking up glints of gold and copper in her plush fur as she dozed comfortably.

A gentle fingertip traced the concave slope of her spine as it curved toward her hip, and her tail twitched in response.

"Hey," her lover murmured, his appreciation for her undeniably feminine shape evident in crystal blue eyes. "Hey, Kat? Mail just ran."

"Mmm," she purred sleepily, back arching into his caress. "Put it on the counter? I'll look at it later."

"Okaaay," he drawled as a teasing note entered his voice, "but maybe you want to read this one before I do? Unless, of course, you're okay with me going through the love letters your secret admirer's sending."

"Secret... huh?" The scent of floral perfume hit her nose, and the confused girl rolled over and muzzily hauled herself up into a seated position.

"Here," Cirrus grinned. He tossed a pale pink envelope into her lap and watched bemusedly as she extracted a crisp sheet of gold-edged stationery. She scanned the letter, and her look of confusion only deepened.

"Mumbai? Change the World Young Novas Empowerment Group? Um, it says I've been chosen by this organization to receive an award, and they're sending me on a three-day cruise near California. This isn't one of those Nigerian scam things, do you think? I've never heard of them."

"Could be," her paramour shrugged. "Mumbai's in India, though, I think. Want me to go with you and check it out?"

"Hmm..." She frowned as she re-read the letter, and shook her head. "No, it says only the winners can go, no other passengers. What do you think? Think it'd be okay?"

He slipped his hand into hers, pulling her to her feet and into an affectionate embrace.

"I think if you want to go, go. You've been moping around ever since the university shot down your appeal. Maybe a little vacation would be good for you, mm?"

In response, she maneuvered him back against the couch, flattening one hand against his chest and pushing him playfully down onto the cushions.

"Maybe. I can think of other things that'd be good for me, too..."

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  • 3 months later...

The happiness and excitement of the three young ladies cruising in the back of the limo was suddenly broken by the sharp jangling of a phone's ring tone. All three girls stopped their laughing a moment and perked their ears up, unsure at the instant as to whose phone it was. All eyes quickly fell on Cat, seated next to Brittany, who sheepishly rummaged through her purse for a moment before producing her cell phone. The grimace on her face the instant she saw the caller ID said it was bad news.

"What's wrong, Cat?", Brittany asked.

Patricia sighed mournfully, "It's the office. I told them I needed this time off, but still, they call. Hopefully, it's nothing..." she said even as she opened the phone to respond. "Hello?" Over the sound of the vehicles and the traffic that surrounded them on all fronts as the limo careened forth to pick up their last (and hopefully equally as enchanting) guest, it was difficult to hear what Catalyst heard, but it was easy enough to reason out what less-than-fabulous things were being said on the other end. "What!?", she cried. "No! ... But I--! ... Yes, I know that, but-- ... But-- ... I ASKED FOR THIS TIME OFF!! ... ... ... ... FINE! ... Fine." She sighed sadly, eying Brittany with deep disappointment, the phone call coming to a conclusion. "No, no. I understand. I'll be there shortly."

The phone shut, and Catalyst looked at the two girls. "I have to go", she moped. "Apparently Los Angeles burst into flames again, and they need me."

Brittany registered plain and sincere unhappiness. She was really, really looking forward to having Cat along, and not just because she was a guaranteed lock for a little dirty play. "Oh, Cat...", she commiserated. "That really sucks. Is there any chance that if you finish saving all of southern California early, you might be able to join us later?", she smirked apologetically.

"Probably not. It looks like this one's going to take quite some time." Sighing, Cat knocked on the partition of glass separating their compartment from the driver. "Ma'am? I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that duty calls. I can't go."

The woman's face creased into a deep, slightly distressing frown, as if she was glowering, angry. "Nothing can be done?", she asked.

"No", Cat moped out petulantly. "I wish."

"Very well, then", the woman acquiesced sharply. "Where can I take you?"

"Here will be fine", she heaved. "I can get around on my own, and besides, no point in bringing down Libby and Divine with me sticking around and being a bummer."

Brittany grimaced and grabbed Cat's hand, giving it a good, strong, consolatory squeeze. "Hey", she said. "When you get done with this, you and me, we'll go out and hit the town, huh? Maybe Divine would even like to come along, huh? Don't you worry", she smiled softly, brushing the other girl's cheek gently, "this'll hardly be the last time we can all get together like this. And mark me, as soon as we can, we will, okay?"

Patricia smiled a little bit, even daring to nuzzle her well-sculpted cheekbone into Brittany's hand just slightly. "Thanks, Libby. You always know how to cheer me up." The limo came to a halt, and Catalyst leaned over and gave the other girl a small kiss on the cheek. "I look forward to it", she half whispered. "And making good on those other promises I made, too." She opened the door herself, the blinding daylight of southern California spilling into the tinted, air-conditioned mobile lounge, and Cat stepped out, turning to wave one quick goodbye to Divine and Brittany, "Nice meeting you, Katelee! Later!", and shutting the door.

The limo puttered off down the street towards their next destination, and Brittany turned back to Divine with a sort of impish shrug that said "Well, what now?"

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(Note to reader: Story takes place before TBO)

"Good luck Cat, it was nice meeting you too!" Divine yelled out the window at the departing Cat. As soon as the door shut, she slumped back into her seat with a pout. "This sucks!"

She noticed that Brit seemed to be taking Cat's departure better than she was. She looked back at Brittany and responded to her query. "Lets see if there is anything to drink in here.'

Immediately Divine started towards the fridge and liquor cabinet. After a minute of rummaging, she came up with some flutes and a bottle of expensive champagne. She poured two glasses and handed one to Brittney. "Let's get this party started."

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The extra money she'd spent to spend the night at the La Jolla Hotel in San Diego had been well worth it, Katherine decided as she stretched languidly. The California sun was absolutely heavenly as it blanketed the dining terrace, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd slept on a bed with so many pillows. Her entire body was ready to melt into her chair, and she closed her eyes happily, absorbing the heat of the sunshine that beat down on the courtyard and the unmistakably feline young woman lounging there in brief khaki shorts and a simple white tank top.

She was just drifting off into another heat-induced nap when a piercing electronic chirp suddenly brought her to full awareness.

"Wha?" she mumbled, startled, and grabbed for the Op-phone sitting on the table.

Catch limo! the screen read as the preset alarm was blessedly silenced with a press of her thumb on the volume control.

With a start, she glanced over the tasteful plantings of tropical greenery to the curved drive. Sure enough, a gleaming black limousine was slowly making its way toward the covered entrance.

"Crap!" she muttered, jamming the Op device into her shorts pocket and jumping to her feet with a sudden burst of energy that sent the wooden chair skittering wildly and startled the other diners into an uneasy silence quickly followed by pointed stares and muttered asides. With a hastily mumbled apology, a wave, and what she hoped was a friendly smile at the onlookers, she grabbed her small valise and darted with surprising alacrity across the manicured grass to the paved walkway.

"I'm here!" she waved to the unseen driver, hoping fervently that this was, indeed, her ride to the harbor.

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Brittany smiled impishly, almost shamedly, as Katelee produced the bottle and a pair of fluted glasses from the mini-fridge. "Yeah!", she enthused, almost dorkily. Laws regarding the drinking age were generally something she abided, if for no other reason than that underage drinking was the sort of thing that would give her enemies ample ammunition to use against her in the court of public opinion. And besides, she so infrequently got any joy out of the experience. However, with a very attractive and clearly very savvy girl sitting across from her, about to embark on a fun-filled pleasure cruise where it seemed as though their every tawdry whim would be fulfilled, she found herself in a rare mood to get a little tipsy.

"Let's", she grinned broadly, accepting the glass and allowing Katelee to fill it just to overflowing, a shimmering cascade of the fluid escaping down one side of the rim and spilling on to her white glove. With a soft genuflect of her glass in Divine's direction to toast, she leaned the glass back and swallowed the contents at once. The glass left her lips with the palest shade of pink decorating their rim, and Brittany giggled slightly at the sight, extending the glass towards her fellow traveler? "Another?", she begged behind a mask of politeness, and Divine smiled and filled the glass again. The flaxen-haired goddess smiled coyly in response, reclining slightly on the soft leather just as the limo slowed its pace and pulled up towards an opulent-looking hotel.

"I'm here!", she heard a just barely familiar voice shout, and the vehicle stopped.

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Kate was glad that Brittney was drinking champagne with her. It was never fun to party by yourself. She wondered, however, what the blond's reation would be if she asked her to do some coke. Knowing what she did of 'Liberteen', she might not get such a favorable reaction as with the champagne. Best not to press it. Katelee would wait until she was alone to partake. I wonder what she thinks about drugs?

"Who is it?" Divine's voice projected with excitement. She leaned over to look out the window, putting her hand on Brittney's knee to help stablize herself. Her other hand held onto a champagne flute.

Walking toward the limo was a beautiful feline woman. Divine knew only one nova out there had those feature: Kittie.

"It's Kittie!" Divine exclaimed in excitement as she leaned back into the plush seat. While they had never met, Kitte was not unknown to her. There was a big grin on her face as she went to fetch another glass and bottle.

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As the limousine slowed to a stop, Kittie tried, unsuccessfully, to peer through the tinted glass and get a glimpse of its occupants. She lifted one hand to her eyes, ostensibly shielding them from the sun, and sighed.

Too dark, she grumbled to herself as the tip of her tail twitched with nervous energy. The letter said there were other passengers, didn't it?

The driver's door opened, and she let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. An obviously well-to-do woman stepped smoothly out, assessing the young girl for a moment before offering a polite, practiced smile. Kittie returned the smile with one of her own, broad and earnest if slightly apprehensive, and waved shyly as she shifted the small suitcase to her other hand.

"Hi. I'm Katherine... I'm, um, here for the cruise? The..." The leopard-furred nova hesitated, struggling to remember the rather lengthy name of the organization which had offered her the award.

"Change The World Young Novas Empowerment Group," the driver supplied, her smile widening slightly.

"Right!" Kittie, agreed, mildly flustered. "Sorry, I've never won an award like this before, and..." She gestured awkwardly in the air, a sort of helpless, circular motion.

"It's quite all right, miss," the woman replied smoothly. "Your companions are waiting for you in the car, if you'd like to join them."

"Oh, of course. Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Here goes, she thought, tugging the latch of the passenger door and taking a deep breath as she slid inside and pulled it shut behind her.

It only took a moment to register that both of the other occupants were female, and stunningly so.

Is that... Liberteen? she wondered, staring at the blonde girl for a moment before breaking into a warm grin. Memories of their brief flirtation at Bellator's get-together in New York sent a tingle of anticipation singing through her veins. The other young woman, clearly someone of means, was no less attractive, if unfamiliar.

"Hey! I'm Kittie," she began, setting her valise in the floorboard as her smile lingered. "Well, Katherine, really, but no one calls me that anymore. Good to see you!"

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"Kittie!" Brittany lunged like a tiger loosed from the cage upon the feline young woman as she entered the vehicle, engaging her in something not quite a tackle and not quite a hug with childlike glee. She couldn't have been more pleased that Katelee was right; she'd wanted to see Kittie again since their brief meeting in New York, and it was fantastic fortune that she'd been picked for this trip, as well. All her reservations and worries about whether this vacation would be pleasant instantly faded; this whole trip was going to be magic.

"Sorry", she chuckled apologetically as she detached herself from the other girl's torso, taking her seat back as she sat. "It's great that you're here, though!" Managing with no small difficulty to pry her eyes away from one beautiful girl and over to another, she was happy to see that Divine seemed to be happy, too, extending an empty glass for Kittie to take and holding the remains of the bottle to fill it with.

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Having Kittie here was the best. That Brit knew her was even better. Divine wondered what sort of history the two of them had judgeing by their intense embrace. Once they finished, Divine held out the champagne flute for Kittie and began to fill it. She was giggling in excitement.

"Hi Kittie, I'm Divine." She leaned over and gave her a friendly hug, the bottle still in her hand. "But you can call me Kate."

Divine wagged the empty bottle back and forth, and tossed it into the trash. She immediately went back to rummaging through the onboard fridge. A moment later, she had another bottle of champagne and was opening it.

"Are you girls as excited as I am?" Divine said with a laugh as she leaned back into the plush seat. "I can't wait to se what kind of boat wer are going to be on...I hope it is a private yacht filled with cute guys." There was a mischevious grin on her face.

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"Cute guys?", Brittany thought, and grimaced a bit internally at that declaration, but chuckled for Divine's benefit. She didn't regret her choice to keep her choice of men to Robert alone (she still hoped only for the time being, knock on wood), but it did necessitate the occasional, awkward explanation as to why "LiberTeen" had to politely decline on anything that pushed the boundary of intense flirting with other men. She was hardly the tramp that people seemed to get the impression she was, already ("practicing polyamory and being polysexual doesn't mean you're a slut any more than liking food from all around the world means you overeat", she frequently reminded people), but still, there was much to be said for keeping her options open, and it had been an awfully long time since she'd had a playmate at all, let alone one with any heft between the legs.

Then again, she thought, that idea didn't particularly bother her on the plane ride over, or in fact, until Divine had mentioned it. Brittany was hoping for the kind of fun that didn't necessitate men; but she wasn't sure if either Divine or Kittie generally had that kind of fun. She thought on it for less time than she probably should have and decided, rather impetuously, to test the waters. "I dunno", she smiled a bit slyly, flirting her gaze over Kate and Katherine almost dismissively, "I'm kinda getting used to the idea of this being a girls-only ship."

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