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Catalyst was at steamer's watching the wave break. She was not in the best of spirits. People who not leave her alone. She had went over the line, and spent the an hour taking shit for from her boss. The press was not any nicer. They wanted to nail her to the cross. She stood her ground.

She was watching the wave crash, looking out across bay. She could have lost herself out in that deep body of water for days, and never think any less of the beauty. But that lone figure walking to her reminded her she wasn't here for the view. She was here to talk to some she did not want to talk to. When the woman standing next to her, she nodded, and spoke softly.

"Yes,I know what you want.I am pretty sure I know who you ware, and no I am not going to join you."

The woman was tall, mature and calm. She was dressed in casual pants and shirt. Her hair was down.She wasn't trying impress Catalyst with a suit, and for that she got a few points. Suits were for those who couldn't use words to get their points across.

"Oh, I knew you would turn me down now. I came here to ask you why."

Her voice was charming, light and hit all the right spots in Catalyst. She wanted to like this woman. She did like this woman.

"Do you want the long or short answer?"

The woman smiled, winking to one the suffers.

"Why not start with the short one."

"i will not join you, because not only do I not know if I can save the world,I don't know if needs saving..Or if I even want to."

"Then why do you do what you do?You save lives, and in way you are saving the world."

"True as that may be. I am not saving the world. I am just making sure people don't die."

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A pause, and nod.

"Well, do go on."

"I Don't mono-log very well..So brace yourself. So why Not I just tell you what I did. The details you don't see on the news."

The woman smiled, and nodded again.

"That would work."

"I don't have to tell that was fire, not huge one.You know the scope of the that. It was ,what it was.A brush fire in southern California. Something that happens every year, something that is routine. Utopia loves putting them out.Of coarse you know that. it is just another kitten stuck in a tree for them.Great PR, and no work. People eat that shit up. I hate that. So I called them on it. I told them if they wanted to do something good, they would have to do it unseen. If they wanted to put the fires out and did not care about some poll numbers they would have seen in one their people to do it, quit like.You know they do that when have to."

The woman grinned, and her eyes told catalyst that this was so far old news with new words.

"Well, they told me no. I told them, then go else where, that the California Department of Nova responders had the resources to deal with the problem before any risk of life, and they need not worry about sending aid. They Tried to go over my head, but the governor backed me, and it was not an Issue of enough importance to bother DC. A fire in southern California? big deal. They showed up any ways, and I told off."

An amused look was on the woman's face.

"You know, not many people have that kind of balls, but what does this have to with saving the world?What is different from what Utopia would have done and what you did?"

"That is what I am getting at. I do not care what happens tomorrow. I do not use what I did in the past to get me into a better place now. I do not use the fact I put out fires, either real or metaphorical ones to tell you how to live. I don't know what's wrong with the world, but one that we need less off is people in Ivory towers."

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