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Aberrant: 2011 - Rosemarie Pierce


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Birth Name: Rosemarie Jillian Pierce

Legal Status: citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: 11th May 1986

Residence: Paris, France

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122lbs.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Art Critic

Place of Birth: London, England

Known Relatives: Kenneth Pierce, father; Juliette Laveau-Pierce, mother

Group Affiliation: None


Rosemarie Pierce was born in London, England, to respected art historian Kenneth Pierce and his French wife Juliette, growing up in a household renowned for its elegant taste and social grace in the artistic and academic circles her family travelled in. Much to the disappointment of the distinguished, greying Kenneth and his stunning strawberry-blonde spouse, Rosemarie was a lanky carrot-top with vision so myopic that thick spectacles were required as a child, and maturity did nothing but to add acne scars to her ghost-pale skin. In addition to her poor sight and plain looks, Rosemarie was so brilliant that it alienated her entire family, shooting down several of her father’s theories in flames in her first year of undergraduate study at Oxford; by the time she completed her degree, she was making a living as a professional art critic for three online publications, an alternative newspaper, and the odd television program. She appeared to take pleasure in dressing as garishly and clashingly as possible, especially at her father’s social gatherings, and spending time with alternative and noveau riche artists to her mother’s horror. Graduating university in 2007, she was one of the most popular young art critics in England by 2009, her attitude towards her parents seemingly symbolic of the social disorder that is beginning to crack the island nation.

Her eruption came about as the result of attending an exhibition of paintings by the Oxford-educated nova artist Jared Prescott in May; the two hit it off rather well and were in the middle of trading school stories when Rosemarie excused herself, complaining of a headache, and went to the ladies’ room. Half an hour passed before someone went to check on her, and much to everybody’s surprise, she was found unconscious on the floor with vivid red hair and vastly improved looks. When she woke up, her eyesight was perfect, and she was no longer so clumsy. Pronounced as a case of eruption-by-quantum exposure, she took a month-long sabbatical to attend the Rashoud Clinic in Paris and arrange a media deal with N! to cover the arts on their cultural show; though not the strongest performer on the ratings charts, Quantum Expressions with Rosemarie Pierce is a popular segment with the arty crowd, and she has begun branching out into critiquing fashion and home decorating.

Since her eruption, she has started working out of Paris, and has become a regular companion of Jared Prescott at various celebrity functions.



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Major NPCs in Rosemarie's life:

Kenneth Pierce:

Rosemarie's father. A distinguished, greying man in his early fifties, Kenneth is considered one of England's foremost art historians and a national icon within certain circles. His specialty is Regency and Victorian paintings, and the parties he throws for those fortunate enough to see his extensive personal art collection are legendary for their taste and elegance.


Kenneth has Mental Attributes as his Primary, with Appearance and Charisma 3. His most notable skills are Academics 4 (Art History), Art 3 (Painting), Style 3 and Etiquette 4 (Social Graces). His Backgrounds include Influence 3 (Art) and Resources 4. He appears to have the Architect Nature.

Juliette Laveau-Pierce:

Rosemarie's mother. A stunning strawberry-blonde in her mid-forties, she is the quintessential trophy wife and French woman, known to be the real force behind Kenneth's social successes. She is semi-famous in her own right, and a familiar face in London's upper-crust social scene.


Juliette has Appearance 4 (Stunning) and Charisma 3; the rest of her other Attributes aren't as obvious. Her notable skills are Art 2 (Design), Style 4 (Fashion), Carousing 4 (Parties) and Etiquette 5 (Social Graces). Her Nature appears to be Gallant.

Jared Prescott:

Jared Prescott is a nova artist popular in Europe who wasted no time in establishing himself despite only erupting three months ago. He works in paint, able to somehow quantum-charge the pigments he uses to bring subjects to life, and instill deeper visual layers apparent only to novas with enhanced perception. An Oxford graduate like Rosemarie Pierce, he caused her eruption, and they are excellent friends. Tall and dark, he is handsome, but not nova-level; most of his quantum lies in his charisma and artistic skills.


Jared Prescott has medium to high levels in his Attributes, with Mega-Intelligence 1 (Eidetic Memory), Mega-Dexterity 1 (Fast Tasks and Fine Manipulation), Mega-Wits 1 (Artistic Genius and Human Nature) and Mega-Charisma 1 (Soothe). Notable skills include Arts 5 (Painting) and Rapport 5 (Emotional State). His Quantum is 2, and he may or may not have other powers. His Nature appears to be Explorer.

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