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The Jackal

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Real Name: Dr. Jack Foster

Nicknames: Foster, Jack

Occupation: Former Asst. Director of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, currently unemployed.

Legal Status: Although dismissed from his position at the Metropolitan Museum amidst allegations of theft, no formal charges were pressed. Dr. Foster's criminal record is a clean slate except for two speeding tickets received in Utah in 2006.

Identity: Public

Aliases: Jackal, The Jackal

Place of birth: Evansville, IN

Age: 35

Marital Status: Divorced

Known Relatives: Elaine Foster (m., dec.), David Foster (f., dec.), Alan Foster (b., dec.)

Group Affiliation: Teragen, The Pack

Base of Operations: West Jordan, UT

Origin: Reports indicate that Dr. Foster's eruption was the result of some botched attempt to commune with, or perhaps summon, the Ancient Egyptian god known as Anubis. His former colleagues have since submitted statements to the effect that he'd become increasingly unstable following the dissolution of his eight-year marriage, and was potentially removing artifacts from museum storage for his own personal use. These claims remain unsubstantiated, but his apparent self-identification with this mythological being is evident in the unusual jackal-headed mask he has begun wearing since his eruption, reminiscent of those worn by the god's priesthood in ancient times.

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 175lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Auburn

Distinguishing Marks: When seen in public, The Jackal perpetually wears a large, ornate black and gold mask in the shape of his namesake's head. Dr. Foster himself is rather unremarkable.

Strength Level: He possesses a level of strength similar to that of a seasoned baseline athlete.

Known Superhuman Powers: None have been exhibited. There is speculation that the nova who was Dr. Foster, for whatever reason, has simply not attempted to test his abilities publicly.

Abilities/Special Skills: Dr. Foster was a highly skilled archaeologist and art historian, with a keen intellect and impressive mental discipline. What might have changed or been enhanced by his eruption remains uncertain.

Personality: Once thought to be a brilliant mind in his chosen field with a bright future, Jack seems to have been an all-too-human man with all-too-human frailties. His single-minded devotion to his work eroded away the stable foundation of his marriage, and when it crumbled, so, too, did he. Conscientious attention to detail, professional accountability, and concern for his personal well-being were replaced by obsessions and paranoia that confounded his former colleagues. He began displaying symptoms of borderline antisocial behavior that, in the shuffle of the museum bureaucracy and research, were unfortunately considered the results of stress in his personal life and largely ignored by his superiors. These tendencies may still remain prevalent in his personality, though rumors have begun to spread of an attempt to build a power base through a cult of baseline worshippers.

Personal Interests: Ancient Egyptian mythology, pre-Raphaelite paintings, archaeology, Australian wines, Egyptology, fine tobaccos, anthropology, Asian martial arts, muscle cars, former Hustler centerfolds.

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