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Few people have seen Peregrine up close and at a velocity low enough to make out any details as to what she looks like. Only her fellow members of The Pack and a smattering of assorted businessmen and doctors who make up her "handlers" could adequately describe her, but if they did, the description would no doubt disappoint, anyway.

Peregrine appears to be an Asian or half-Asian female between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five. She has long, stringy, blue-black hair, a fair appearance, and a slight frame. Her eyes are constantly downcast, and her features sullen, and in all, she resembles nothing so much as an austere, melancholy porcelain doll. She is undoubtedly beautiful, but the quiet, off-putting menace in her bearing leaves many people with the chills. Since eruption, her beauty has only increased, but still bears an unnerving quality, as hers is the beauty of predation and nature, red in tooth and claw. Her only remarkable feature as a nova is a pair of broad, avian wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. These wings have a wingspan of over fifteen feet and closely resemble the feathers of her namesake, the Peregrine falcon.

Known Powers:

Peregrine's wings are capable of flight at supersonic speeds. She had made a successful contribution to The Pack in the past, and it is therefore assumed must possess some form of martial skill, but any who have witnessed this firsthand are either not talking or not living.

Known History:

UNK. Character possesses Cipher 4. Please direct any attempts to uncover biographical information about this character to the player, so that they can be resolved.

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