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Aberrant: 2011 - Mikita "Dustbin" Oogala


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Name: Mikita Oogala

Nova Name: Dustbin

Birthplace: Nyankore, Uganda

DOB: 3/7/81

Age: 28

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Height: 2 Meters

Weight: 75 Kg

Race: African/Ugandan/Banyakore

Profession: Unknown...Prisoner?

Marital Status: Unknown

Place of Residence: Unknown


Little is known of Mikita Oogala aka-Dustbin. The only surviving records mentioning anyone by that name, are from a Ugandan prison. The prison was supposedly shut down several years ago by the International Red Cross because of human rights violations. Rumors persisted that the Ugandan government still used it to house the worst of their criminals, Whether Dustbin was one of those inmates or not is unknown.

There is speculation that he might have been locked away from the other population due to Hansen's disease. Whatever the case, something destroyed the prison several months ago, and most of the records were lost. All that remained were a name, prisoner number, and medical record. Lists of any crimes, if there were any, no longer exist. Ugandan government officials refuse to speak about the incident at the prison, only saying "It was destroyed by an aberrant." The Ugandan government may be trying to cover up the fact it was still open.


His eruption remains a mystery. The only clues they have, of any kind, are from half-crazed inmates of a long closed Ugandan prison. To them, a demon escaped from its prison and began turning everyone into ash and dust. After it finished, it fled into the jungle. Even now, local villiagers fear going into the jungle. They call the demon: Sebo iye Ebyokurya or "The Eater of Ashes." Whether this is actually the man Oogala, is unknown.


A tall, skinny, 20 something African man, Dustbin shows the visible scarring and mutilating effects of leprosy. His wasting was so severe, that he lost his nose, both ears, and is missing several fingers on each hand. His skin is ashen grey in color, with whitish circular spots. He dresses in Western clothes and wears a scarf over his face to hide his grotesque features.

(All that follows is OOC information)


Dustbin is an intelligent Ugandan man who grew up in a timultuous time in his home country. At an early age, he began to steal for his survival. Then, as he got older, he found himself part of a roving youth gang which terrorized the slums he lived in. After years of embezzlement and strongarming the local populace, the gang was captured. Mikita was captured along with them.

He spent the next several years in prison, where he contracted Hansen's disease. After his release, he tried to stay straight, but nothing would go right. Also, because others feared contracting the disease that ravaged his body, they shunned him. Eventually, he returned to criminality, and after several violent crimes, he found himself locked away again.

In prison, he made a name for himself as an unlucky, yet ruthless and cunning inmate, with a virulent temperament. After a failed escape attempt, he was locked into a small iron box, and left to die in the heat of the jungle. After three days of confinement in that 1 X 1 X 1 m cube, the latent Nova genes caused his brain to rapidly develope a node. When that happened, he was able to annihilate the box around him. Once free, he sought retribution on any living thing he could see.

When he annihilates someone, all that is left is a pile of dust. He will then eat the dust/remains to nourish himself and replentish his quantum.

Currently he resides on a retreat on the Island of Madagascar. He is currently a freelance hitman, who is currently under contract with the Cartels of South America. His recruiter to the life of contract killing, and his contact in their organization is a shadowy figure called "E".

Recent events led Dustbing to seek out a source of sustenance when times were rough. This led him to 'Johnny' who has the ability to make clones of his body. In exchange for a feeding, Mikita agreed to do work for Johnny's 'financial partners'. Details are still being negotiated.


Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●●● (Agile), Stamina ●●●●● (Enduring)

Perception ●●●● (Patient), Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●●● (Jaded)

Appearance (none), Manipulation ●●●, Charisma ●●


Might ●, Firearms ●, Legedermain ●, Martial Arts ●●, Melee ●, Stealth ●●, Endurance ●●●, Resistance ●●●, Awareness ●●, Investigation ●●, Bureaucracy ●, Intrusion ●●, Linguistics ●, Survival ●●●, Gambling ●, Biz ●, Rapport ●●, Meditation ●, Intimidation ●●, Interrogation ●, Streetwise ●●●, Subterfuge ●●, Command ●●, Carousing ●


Cipher ●●●●, Eufber ●, Resources ●●● Node ●● Contacts (Cartel & CZ Syndicate) ●●


Willpower ●●●●, Quantum ●●●●●, Taint ●●●●●, Quantum Pool 30


Mega-Dex ●, Mega-Sta ●, Mega-Per ●, Mega-Ugly ●


Flexibility, Health, That Creepy Feeling, Face of Terror


Minority (1), Bad Temper (2), Disfigured (3), Weak Sense (1), Bad Luck (3)


Internal Compass (1)


Disintegration ●●●, Psychic Shield ●, Teleport ●, Body Modification (2 Maimed HL)


Feeding Requirement (Dust), Phobia (Claustriphobia)


Inception month: July 2007


6 months activity (July-Jan): 24 XP

XP remaining: 08


16 total

-2 XP for Contacts Background

-6 XP for 2 Resource Backgrounds

-2 XP for 2nd dot Contacts Background

-6 XP for 1st dot of Mega-Ugly

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