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Name: Cole Brodsky

Nova Handle: Hero

Player Name: James Dosher

Concept: Selfless Do-gooder

Nature: Visionary

Affiliation: Independent

Strength: 4 (Rugged)

Dexterity: 5 (Nimble)


Martial Arts- 3

Stamina: 5 (Resilient)



Perception: 5 (Observant)


Investigation- 1

Intelligence: 4 (Bright)



Wits: 5 (Creative)


Appearance: 4 (Luminous)

Manipulation: 5 (Witty)

Streetwise -5 (*Information specialty)


Charisma: 5 (Charming)

Willpower: 3

Quantum: 5

Taint: 3


Elemental Mastery -5 [Weak Nuclear Forces]/RQC(-3Duration)

-(Blast, Imprison, Propel, Shield, Storm)

Force Field – 5 (-5 Reduced Dice Pool)

Telekinesis – 5 (-5 range reduction to touch)




Allies - 1

Contacts – 2 (street people)

Cipher - 5

Eufiber – 5

Influence – 3 (this will develop in play)

Mentor – 1

Resources- 1





Description: A medium-gray eufiber suit with a white cross intersecting his nose and eyes (like the one depicted on pg. 99 of the basic book). Outside of his outfit, he is a man of average (5’ 10”) height, solid build, with black hair and brown eyes.

Experience Points: Total/Unspent 48/18

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Hero’s life changed on August 27th 2007. As a long time Los Angeles resident, he was caught up in the powerful morning earthquake, today known as The Big One (TBO), and the numerous aftershocks. Hero responded to the crisis with alacrity and clarity of purpose. He helped people out of trapped homes and businesses, pushed debris of the roads, and carried the badly wounded to hospitals.

He has continued these efforts in the days, weeks, and months that follow. What was the most different from his earlier, pre-TBO, efforts were his public exposure and his close cooperation with the police. It became widely known that he was working for ‘free’ – that is, he didn’t take money for his services, but would take food and shelter if offered. Hero became widely known throughout Los Angeles as a Good, if mysterious, Samaritan. He also became a symbol of hope and renewal for his tireless efforts and constant, upbeat advice.

Hero never seems to give up on anything he attempts. Everyday finds him on either a construction/demolition project, building improved shelters for people who have little else, or clearing large pieces of debris from the road networks. When the work day is done, Hero vanishes off into the cool night air only to return rested and refreshed at the next dawn. If this seemingly endless routine bothers him, Hero has yet to show any sign. As one Los Angelinos said, “I guess he’s just trying to be a hero.”

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