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Aberrant: 2011 - Unleashing the Anger


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{Characters listed at the bottom}

She knew their dreams. She knew their patterns. She knew the interfering bitch was out of town. She knew right were they would be in the house. How hard could this be?

She cut through the probabilities between herself and her destination and stepped through. Once inside, it was a short distance to where her target slept, and this time she was ready.

The house’s spatial alarms alerted him first. His first actions were to get the phone and head down the old servants pathway to Zach’s room. The phone allowed him to tell the cops that there was an intruder in the house and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get anything done with the intruder until Zach was safe … thus the Safe Room downstairs.

She wasn’t going to play with him.

Okay, she was going to play with him for a little bit, to make that bitch pay, but only once the message had been delivered.

She walked all ‘animal quiet’, edged opened the door, and her quarry was gone?

She stood for a moment, filled with anger and confusion. Through the confusion, he mind thought over the designs she had learned about this house.

‘Where would they go?’ she asked to herself, only to have the answer seconds later, “The Safe Room!”

The need for stealth was gone, or so she thought. She took off at a run.

They didn’t hear her speak out their destination, but they hear her take off at a run. Moving around the back ways stealthily was costing them time. Now they needed speed.

“Zach, run for the Safe Room and don’t open it no matter what. I’ll be okay. Do it!”

Zach nodded and ran, more gripped by the fear of the moment than he cared to admit. Meanwhile, he took off in another direction and with a good deal more care than either of the sprinters in the house.

She was just two turns away from the Safe Room and sure that she was moving faster than his little legs could carry him when the blow struck her. To be fair, she ran into the swinging arm. The forearm and wrist hit her at the top of the chest and collarbone. Her body armor absorbed most of the blow and her body absorbed the rest, but she was still slammed forcefully to the ground. He was there, standing like an avenging angel over her then, two guns pointing menacingly down at her. He didn’t look happy.

‘It’s her! Her! Her!’ he thought with growing despair. His exultation from the successful ambush turned to ashes in his mouth. Now his two .454’s felt like children’s toys in his hand. His best option was to act now and act decisively … but he found he was no executioner.

“Don’t move,” he said instead. “The police will be here soon.”

“Not until I get the one I came for,” she said with a smile. Only then did he fire.

The first three bullets hit her center of mass. They hurt like fire, but again her body armor and her own innate superiority saved her. She could feel the bullets decay and their firing patterns erode as they tried to touch her perfect flesh. After the third bullet, she broke the gun. He thought twice about shooting her with his second weapon and she felt triumphant right up until he kicked in the side of the head. That made her angry. She let the anger boil forth, lashed out and she saw his finely sculpted physique rupture from her lightning caress.

It burned across his left arm and side, but he remained standing. He had to back away in order to give him a chance of dodging the next one of those things, if they came. Of course, giving her room meant she could stand up, which she did, and meant he couldn’t attack her physically, which he didn’t. Now he needed time; time for the police to get her and get help. She never wanted a public confrontation and he was hoping tonight was no different.

“She really has you all messed up in the head, doesn’t she,” she offered with sympathy. “I’m going to remedy that, you’ll see. Step out of the way.”

“Never,” was his reply.

She cocked her head ever so slightly then unleashed her furor on him once again. Black became his pain and then the lights went out.

She was studying the door and was about to get down to peeling it back to get at the deserving little toad inside. Zach’s only mistake was equating the equipment to kill with the ability to to so. Had he actually been inside the Safe Room, he would have been simply waiting for her to come dig him out. Now, he was still on the outside, but unable to shoot his tormentor with the other, fallen gun. He took a careless breath as he lowered the gun, incapable of murder. She turned about and saw him. Zach dropped the gun and ran. She was faster.

She sat on his torso, arms pinned beneath her thighs. She looked down on the boy with no pity. In her mind, his fate had been decided days ago and all that was to come was predestined.

“Tell your sister this is for the warning, you little worm,” she said in a voice totally devoid of warmth and then she dug her thumbs into his eyes. She let the lighting follow her thumbs to scar the wounds deeply and thoroughly. Zach was screaming and sobbing. When she stood up off of him, he curled up in a defensive ball and held his hands up to his ruined face. She couldn’t have cared less.

She got up and went to were he lay in his battered slumber.

“One little thing I want to do for you before I go,” she told her lover. “I want you awake and out of the hospital room when she comes back. I want you both to wonder why.”

She reached out into entropic strains the duo and played with them as she saw fit. She rewrote a few tiny stands of them – casting his wounds onto her flesh, until she was satisfied … and then she left.

{She is Dark Spiral}

{He is Daniel Ravenshire}

{Zach is a 9 year old boy, brother of Lina Doritha, who is staying with Ravenshire at the moment)

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