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Aberrant: 2011 - Letters to the one you love?


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She sat down at her desk, pen in hand. Yes she was going to write a letter. A real letter.Dead tree posting, over snail mail. She did not care how long it took.It was sending a message it's self with what format she used to send the message in.



Is everything all right?Are we alright? Did I do something wrong? Come on and talk to me. You have been silent way to long. I am sorry if I did anything to offend you..."

No,No that wouldn't work.She crumpled it up and threw it away. Starting over again.



How are you doing these days? How is the weather? I am enjoying the weather in Santa Cruz, a bit colder than wha tI am used to. But in a good way. The people here are laid back, and I love them all. They are are just themselves. I miss you. Please call me, write to me..Come visit me. Do whatever just well talk to me.I need you. Would you please just tell me what is up?



It wasn't long or good but it would do.She wanted it to be short anyways.she sealed it, marked it and ran down stairs to mail it.She did not care to see other people when she went about her ways. slid it into the box, and walked away.She would wait a few days before doing anything else.

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Troy reached over and grabbed the ringing phone. He was sitting in a hotel room in front of a television. The blinds were shut, giving no indication of his current location. The room was dark, but there was a feint light shinning in through the curtains. He was wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. “Hello?” He said into the receiver. “Oh yeah?” He pressed the mute button on the television. “Okay, fax it over, and I’ll pick it up from the front desk. Thank you, and have a good day.” Troy hung up the phone, than picked it up a few seconds later. “Yes, this is Troy from room 218. I am expecting a fax, could you please send it up with any other messages I may have? Okay, thank you.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Troy turned off the television. As he opened the front door, a middle-aged man in a maroon outfit that only a monkey would wear was standing there. “Your messages, ser?” Troy nodded and accepted the papers that the man was handing him. He reached in his pocket, pulled out a bill, and gave it to the man. “Good day” the bellhop said, than he was on his way.

He sat down and thumbed through the first few papers, than got to a copy of a hand written letter. As he read it, he sipped some of the red liquid that was in a glass next to him. After completing it, he turned back on the television and leaned back. He seemed to get lost in his head, not reacting whatsoever to the television. It wasn’t for an hour or two later that he finally stood up and grabbed a piece of paper from a notebook in his bag. He began writing.

“Dear Perry,

Hey! Sorry I’ve not called or anything. Is there something wrong? You said you needed me, and I hope that you are all right. My thoughts turn to you everyday, but my heart races when I attempt to call you. I’m glad that you like”

He stopped writing for a moment, lost in thought. He grabbed the papers that he had before and ran through her letter again.

“Santa Cruz! I can’t wait until I am back there with you. But.. you know.. Project Utopia. I’m pretty much a guy who goes to meetings anymore. I am starting to learn more and more about how the business world works. Anyway, I wont bore you with the details. I am fighting tooth and nail for some time off, but I’m not as free as I was when I was just doing stuff by myself. I’ve brought you gifts from most places that I’ve gone, but you’ll need to wait until I get back there to receive them. Anyway, I don’t check my email too often, and my cellular got lost in Mexico City. I’ve not yet got it replaced, so I am stuck using hotel phones.”

Troy sipped his drink, and looked over at the nightstand where is cellular phone was charging.

“I miss you, and I do want to see you.

Yours truly,


Troy proof read the letter, than picked up the hotel phone and dialed the operator. “Could you send the Bellhop up to 216 immediately?” He sighed. “No, not an emergency. I am just on a schedule. Thank you. Oh, and have him bring up an envelope and postage stamp. Again, thank you.” He hung up and waited by the door. Several minutes later the same bellhop appeared. Troy took the items he held without word, and began writing on the envelope. After several seconds, he sealed it shut, attached the stamp, and handed it back to the bellhop. “Send this out immediately.” The bellhop nodded and said a few words that were lost upon Troy. Troy handed him some money, and the guy took off. Troy closed the door, sat back in the chair, and turned on the television.

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She looked at the letter before her.She read it over and over again. Did he not understand her. They both know that when it came to money she made more.He must not understand that she did not want gifts or trinkets. She wanted him. She did pick him for his toys.She did not stay with him for them either.



I miss you so much. I do care for gifts but in all honesty you are the only gift I need.I would travel with you if I wasn't well. I am busy too, kind of. Well I have lots of free time but when i am called I need to drop everything and be there.

Do you like your work?If you don't you could count on me for support. Really, you are a nova.You can get a job you like. So I have this to say, if you can't find a good reason to do you job, get another one. So please do not work a job you do not love."

She looked down at the letter.she wanted to say more, but what and why.

"I was offered a few jobs this week. my abilities have changed in their scope. I can now control things that are not me. I can't keep things changed for long, so no lead to gold for crazy money.I can however reshape things.Still working on it. It is an art form. I made a fire out of carbon.

Any case, please tell me any details about life..Any at all.

Yours truly


She should tell him her birth name. She would later.In person.

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Troy was asleep in his bed when he felt the warmth of another being. It stirred him enough to open his eyes to the sun shining on him. A pair of hands ran up his chest from behind, and he could feel a fully clothed figure against his naked self. “Mail call.. “ A womans voice said softly. Troy closed his eyes, trying to avoid the sun. “Roll onto your stomach.” The voice said, and Troy did obediently. The hand slipped a letter underneath his face, and he lifted his arms beneath his chest. The figure vacated the bed, but returned a few seconds later. She sat on Troy’s rear, straddling it.

“I don’t remember giving you a key to my room.” Troy said sternly, but he only heard a grunt in response. He began opening the letter and felt something cold, hard, and pointed against his back. He kept opening the letter. “What are you doing?”

“I want to see if you’re lying.” Troy shrugged, and felt the cold run up and down his back with increasing pressure.

”Am I bleeding?” He asked, seemingly bored and looking over the letter. It was from Cat.

“Of course not. Have you bled since you were a Nova?” She asked, beginning to jab the object into his back. It was giving him the shivers.

“Yeah.” He said plainly, and she continued. “When did I get this letter? Today?” He didn’t hear a response, but felt her scrape the word ‘Yes’ along his back. Troy put it on the nightstand next to his cell phone, and rolled over. The object stayed pressed against him the entire time, until it was revealed to be a sharp cooking knife. “Did you steal that from the kitchen to come up here and test me?” He looked up at her, and she was a silhouette against the light from the window. He saw a nod. “I thought I’d erased all doubts last night?”

“I thought it might have all been a dream. I had to be sure.” She said, and moved off of him. Her silhouette became more and more formed, showing that she was wearing a uniform and hat of some sort. When she closed the shades, it was easy to see her. She wore a gold trimmed red flat top hat, along with a matching coat and red slacks. She looked like a bellhop. Behind her head was a long blond ponytail with hung out from a hole in the back of her hat, and her face was pale with the exception if the unnecessary amount of mascara that attempted to hide her eyes.

“Are you done for the day?” Troy said. He realized that last night was the first time he’d actually fallen asleep. He didn’t need it, but he just fell asleep for no other reason than being bored.

“I am.”

“Why don’t you go shower, than we’ll go out or stay in or whatever you have planned in that insane head of yours?”

“What makes you think I’m insane?”

“You just tried to cut me to ribbons just to see if I was a Nova.”

“Okay. Will you join me? In the shower, I mean. Not being insane.”

“I need to write a letter first. It should only take a few, so don’t rush.” The girl did a quick bow, and left the room. Troy rolled over and fished his backpack from the floor next to the bed. He found a notebook and pen, and began writing a response.

Dear Cat,

I know you don’t need the trinkets, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you. I rarely have time to write or call, and doing that seems to be the best way to show you that I am actively thinking of you. I don’t think you understand some of what I was saying before. I do like my job. It’s great. I get to travel everywhere and meet some really great people. I’m collecting an extensive list of contacts, while helping people all the same. Sure, this means a lot less free time than before, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of fun that I actually am having. Please don’t think I am miserable because I am not, and please don’t be miserable yourself. I know that you would be with me if you were well. The same thing that keeps you in your local area keeps me moving, which is my job and my health. I wish you could be here, but that’s just not something that is reasonable.

Please, be happy. I am still with you. I am still faithful to you. I want to be with you, and there will be a time for that. But for now, we need to keep doing this. We need to keep ourselves attached to each other, so that we will both grow into each other.

I don’t want to be without you physically, not being with you emotionally is not something I want to think about.


Troy Campbell

Troy finished up the letter and folded it as it needed to be done. He stuffed it into an envelope than put it on the desk. I’ll give it to Tiffany before she leaves. She’ll send it out.

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Re-reading the letter she looked at the words and tried to understand this man. He could miss her, and have time to shop for her.He could understand those gift meant nothing to her. He couldn't pick a phone?She mattered to him,he wanted to be close to her but he stayed away from her. Was it time to play mean, shy,coy, blunt or nieve. She pulled her pen out of her satchel.

looking at the letter again on her desk, she pulled a piece of paper from it's bin. She carefully wrote the words down.A simple letter.

"Call me,I need you. To many sleepless nights. I need to hear your voice. I do not care about the time.Call me. I will be waiting"

Nothing in the form of greetings of any of the formal lines that made up the norm of a letter. He would either play his game or play hers.She hoped her risk was worth it.

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