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Aberrant: 2011 - Elevator Rides (Mature)


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The exterior elevator kept taking him up and up. Nothing felt quite as right as leaving the world beneath him right at this moment. Right now things were so … needy. No Kyle, no world, no worried investors who didn’t have the common sense God gave a hotdog vendor. It felt good to rise up above this simmering mess if only for a few hours.

“It’s good to see you breath free of them,” she purred into his ear. Daniel spun away and backed up, gaining distance. Fighting Dark Spiral at a in an elevator was the height of stupidity and his mind was searching for options.

Fortunately, fighting didn’t seem to be the first thing in her playbook either.

“I’ve been handling things in a long term way,” he lied. “I know you’ve been patient and waited, but …” and she kissed him full on the lips. Casually, he let his hand rest upon her waist. Daniel knew how she looked naked. They had shared a very small apartment and she had even shared his bed, though not sexually. He had been her friend, but still the curve around her hip was intoxicating to the palm of his hand. Dark Spiral purred.

“We need to worry about other people seeing us,” he weakly got out. At the moment, he didn’t care who saw what. Daniel was feeling his oats and he wanted himself some of this dark beauty before him.

“They will only see us among the clouds,” DS responded and she meant it. The sultry dark skinned lovely pulled off her light leather jacket, allowing Daniel to make a mountain of her twin breasts. He quickly kissed his way down there and was rewarded with her cry of pleasure. His hand roamed at will over her ass and thighs, touching virgin territory and enticing moans of pleasure for this terat femme fatale.

“Let me do something for you,” she groaned out. DS slammed Ravenshire’s back against the stalled elevator and began unbuckling his clothes. Her sharp fingernails left marks as she roughly handled him and prepared him for her treat. The first taste was both painful and pleasure mixed at the same time. Ravenshire rocked back and forth from the intense emotions. His hands ran through her hair, half directing her and half coaxing her to greater speed. Soon DS was a tool for his pleasure, fulfilling innately his deepest needs and she behaved masterfully. Daniel slumped against the wall spent. He began

to bring up Dark Spiral up for a kiss when the face transformed into Lina and said,

“I’ll spare you this time,”

And Daniel Ravenshire shot bolt upright sweating.

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