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Aberrant: 2011 - Big meta game events...


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In the summer of 2009, Project Eden goes lemon... How does this effeact the boards?

In the winter of 2009 a nova may or may not unleash a plauge that could end up in the POTUS droping a nuke on a US soil. How are we doing to deal with it?

How does the falling star of Utopia change the views of the world and board to big brother INC..IE Utopia?

Any other questions can be added. I focus on Utopia because theya re the biggest kids on the blocks...

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(I think this means)

In late Agust of 2009; Anteus makes a public break with Project Utopia. This should give plans for Project Eden a real problem.

-Who, if anybody, does Anteus support?

On December 14 2009, in Boulder City, Nevada; The Church of the Immanent Escheaton's compound becomes under seige. Novas may remember Gabriel Miracle Melchior who vanished at a revival in Houstan Texas back in March 2008.

-Does the US government have to nuke US soil?

-Is a huge plague unleashed?

-Does any part of PU's handling of this come to the light? (actually Proteus and Triton mainly, though Platzgraff was hospitalized at the same time as the Miracle's reappearance)

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