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Aberrant RPG - Clone & pre-activated powers


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Considering the fact that if you were munching a burger when you cloned and that the said burer would be cloned with you I'd be tempted to say yes.

For instance in a home game I played a cloner named Evan (neat eh?) which also had matter creation. The ST didn'y mind me creating, say SWAT gears and then turning myself into a SWAT team. Technicaly that's an extrapolation of the description of the power that says your equipment is also cloned with you (avoiding public nudity and many lawsuits). Since the equipment in my case came from a power then I did duplicate an active power when I cloned. Probably would be the same for bodymorph (I'd let it go anyway). The way I understood it you are making copies of youself at your current status, including wounds, fatigue, hunger, mental state and all (you could not create a clone to escape domination for instance as all clone would be dominated also).

You might want to ask for a 2nd opinion though smile

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