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[OpNet] What's more important?


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Sanity, or Freedom?

I've been thinking about this over my last job. The one that made me who I am. Simply put, so that the home audience can join along, is a question...

If you had the choice between endless, irrational paranoia, but living safe; or just letting go and living free, to risk getting your head knocked off... which would you choose?

I've been asking this question while I look over my contract with a new client. NDAs are serious business so I can't disclose who. (And don't try looking, I've erased the data trail as you read this sentence, 'natch.)

And yes, I've returned. Don't everyone get up at once.

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Welcome back, Digi. Or do you prefer Samuel now?

You ask Sanity or Freedom, but you defined sanity as living with "endless, irrational paranoia" while being safe - that doesn't sound like sanity to me. Paranoia is a healthy reaction to have if people are trying to get you. It's not a healthy reaction to living in a safe place. So I'd say that your choices are Insanity or Freedom. In that case, your choice should be obvious.

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