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Real Name: Melissa Stutzenbach

Nicknames: Missy

Place of birth: Marshalltown, Iowa

Age: 18

Marital Status: single

Direct Relatives: Mother, Amanda Stutzenbach; Father, Raymond (Ray) Stutzenbach

Allegiance: none

Eruption: Accident

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115 lbs

Eyes: blue

Hair: strawberry blonde

Known Quantum Abilities: Subject has two body forms. Her base form is indistinguishable in any way from a typical baseline. Her nova form is aberrated and immediately obvious. When using her nova powers she is surrounded by a coruscating field of intense red light, and her eyes in particular are too radiant to look at. Her voice also changes, and becomes distorted similar to the effect of an electronic "fuzz box." She can withstand greater-than-usual trauma (armor) and can fire brilliant red laser blasts from her eyes (Q bolt).

Character Stats


Strength: ●● Dexterity: ●●● Stamina: ●●●

Perception (Observant): ●●●● Intelligence: ●●● Wits: ●●●

Appearance: ●●● Manipulation: ● Charisma: ●●


Athletics: ●● Drive: ● Martial Arts: ● Stealth: ●

Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●●

Awareness: ●●● Investigation: ●●●

Academics: ●●● Computer: ●●● Engineering: ● Medicine: ● Science: ●●

Etiquette: ● Perform (pep talk): ●


Dorm: ●●●●●

Node: ●●●●●

Resources: ●

Influence: ●

Backing (city of Marshalltown): ●

Eufiber: ●

Initiative: 6

Willpower: ●●●●●

Quantum: ●●●●

Taint: ●●●●●

Quantum Pool: ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●


Glowing aura: whole body shines with coruscating red light, eyes too bright to look at.

Unnatural voice: distorted (fuzz box).

Mega Attributes: NONE

Mega Enhancements: NONE


Q Bolt (Eye lasers, lethal damage): ●●●

Armor: ●●


Missy Stutzenbach grew up in the middle-class medium-sized city of Marshalltown, Iowa. She grew up in a residential neighborhood with trees, sidewalks, yards, and several places to go within walking distance. In this environment the young tomboy thrived. She never grew out of her tomboy stage (to her mother's concealed dismay and her father's delight) and became the typical all-American high school scholar-athlete, bringing home A and B grades on her report card and lettering in two varsity sports. She created a minor stir among the more conservative members of the community when she chose to play baseball with the boys instead of softball, but was allowed to do so. (The girls' softball team was disorganized and poorly-coached, but the boy's baseball team was a frequent contender for the state championship.)

Off the field, she excelled in the sciences, and was often found--during the off-season, anyway--assisting the chemistry teacher with his experiments in laser optics. (The school lacked a physics program, so the chemistry teacher did double duty.) On March 26, 2009 while she and the teacher were using a pumped 50 watt carbon-dioxide laser to excite a small strand of dead Eufiber there was a disturbance outside the chemistry room. Accounts differ about what happened next, but one way or another Missy ended up in the path of the powerful laser. To everyone's surprise, she was unhurt, and was sent home grateful that it had only been a close call.

Late that evening, she erupted. Upon hearing Missy's terrified scream followed immediately by the sound of a powerful laser blast her parents rushed into her bedroom. There they found their daughter--glowing with a ruby-red aura--huddled at the foot of her bed with her eyes clenched shut and trembling in fear. Starlight shone in through a charred and jagged hole in the ceiling.

Taking no chances, Missy and her parents drove nonstop to the Rashoud Facility five hours away in Minneapolis. Missy wore dark sunglasses, a welding mask, and kept her eyes shut the whole way--just in case.

At the facility she learned how to use her powerful eye lasers, and after only a week she went home, happy to discover that she had the ability to "dorm down" completely and be as normal as she wanted. Still, with her 18th birthday two days away, her entire world has been upended. Suddenly turning 18 seemed like less of a rite of passage compared to erupting into a Nova. Suddenly her plan to play collegiate baseball at the University of Iowa seemed unimportant. Suddenly she had the ability to blow a hole in a tank.

"Seriously," she wrote in her MySpace page. "I can blow up a tank. When am I ever going to need to do THAT? Sheesh."

Most high school coming-of-age stories end with graduation. Missy's story is only beginning. . .


1May2007: +4xp

1Jun2007: +4xp

5Jun2007: new background: influence, -2xp

8Jun2007: new background: backing (city of Marshalltown), -2xp

8Jun2007: new background: eufiber, -2xp

1Jul2007: +4xp

1Aug2007: +4xp

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