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Aberrant: 2011 - My Totally Awesome New PC!!!!

Divis Mal

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Name: Divis Mal

Aliases: Doctor Primoris, Michael Doningal, Kraig Blackwelder

Allegiance: Teragen, Æon Society, S Club 7


- Everything: ●●●●●/●●●●●●●●●●


- Condecending Dickweed ●●●●●


- Do Whatfuckingever ●●●●●●●●●● (Extras: Mastery at Level Let's Say Pretty High)


- Ignore Logic

- Drive Metaplot

- Love Me Dammit (2 levels)


- Flowing Red Not-Superheroic-Honest Cape

- Totally XXXtreme Armor

- Sock Down Trousers

Quote: "Ain't no party like an S Club Party!"

Notable Achievments:

- Stood close to a machine that went blooey

- Took advisory capacity with Æon Society as resident "guy in background with dark suit and shades who looks cool"

- Had trouble securing a date despite this being a White Wolf game where every fifth person is gay

- Invented magic way to eliminate energy forcing him away from humanity by forcing himself away from humanity; also, invented solar-powered flashlight

- Granted superpowers to people of all genders, races, faiths, political viewpoints, countries of origin and walks of life; is surprised when they don't all agree

- Took his ball and went to his totally awesome new universe that is better than yours

Personality Profile: If fanfic writers went to eleven


Thanks for reading this far. Hopefully you've figured out that this was meant to be a "joke." If you didn't figure that part out I'll warn you next time so you'll know when to laugh.

Happy (belated) April Fool's.

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