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Birth Name: Chance McMillan

Nova Name: Chance

Concept: Luckiest man in the world.

Nature: Bravo

Alliegence: None

Strength: **

Dexterity: ***

Drive: *

Stamina: ***** (Resilient)

Mega-Stamina: * (Adaptability)

Endurance: ***

Resistance: ***

Perception: ***** (Intuitive)

Mega-Perception: * (EM Vision)

Awareness: *****

Intelligence: ***** (Discerning)

Analysis: *****

Bureaucracy: **

Gambling: *

Linguistics: ***** (Native: English) (Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese)

Science: *

Wits: ***** (Shrewd)

Biz: *****

Rapport: **

Appearance: ****

Style: **

Manipulation: ***** (Persuasive)

Diplomacy: ***

Chrisma: ***** (Genial)

Etiquette: ***


Follower: **** (1 Body Guard, 1 Personal Secretary)

Resources: ***** (From winning the lottery and investments)

Eufiber: *****

Attunement: *

Allies: ** (John Argyle - CEO of Argus Agency, and Amanda Wu - CEO of Novelty Consulting)

Influence: **** (Business community)

Contacts: * (John Cavallino - CEO of ViaSoft)

Willpower: *******

Quantum: ****

Taint: **** (Glowing eyes)

Quantum Powers:

Luck: *****

Pretercognition: *


Before his erruption Chance never felt particularly lucky despite the name his hippy parents had given him. In fact he'd done just about everything he could to get away from their brand of child rearing. He'd gone to school and gotten decent grades and eventually gruaduated with a business degree and minored in linguistics. After college he landed a job at Microsoft and stayed on after they merged to become ViaSoft. Using his talents for language he found that he made a good company liason to it's foriegn business partners. None of his sucess was due to luck however, it was all hard work and a talent for both business and linguistics.

It was on his thirtieth birthday that luck changed his life. He was attending a party thrown in his honor by twenty of his friends and co-workers at a local sports bar. It was in joint celebration of his birthday and his latest promotion at the company. His office mates had chipped in and bought him 30 tickets to the Mega-Millions lottery which was at it's highest ever total of 370 million. He never expected to win, infact he'd never won anything thing in his life. So when the tv flashed the winning numbers and he sat checking of one after another. By the time he reached the final number and saw that it matched he was in complete shock, so much so that he erupted on the spot in front of the entire sports bar who were watching him read off the numbers. The only outward sign was that his eyes began to glow with a soft golden light. At that moment however he had just become the luckiest man in the world.

The aftermath was as unpleasant as winning the lottery was pleasant. The headache lasted for a solid week, but he soon found that his hard work that had gotten him so far paled in comparison to where his newfound luck could take him. As he began investing his winnings, which came to far less than the full 370 million thanks to taxes and to taking the money as a single lump sum instead of installments, he soon began to get premonitions about what investments to avoid and which ones to sink big money in. In just the couple months since his erruption his protfolio has grown to over 500 million. Beyond just the money however, he has become sought out for his opinion on economic matters. He doesn't have the kind of influence that Alan Greenspan had, but a surprising number of people listen when he speaks about investing.

Given the nature of his new responsibilities looking after his own fortune he was forced to resign from ViaSoft, but not before a personal meeting with the company's CEO John Cavallino, in which he was offered his choice of assignments if he would choose to stay. He declined the offer but parted on very good terms with the CEO.

Aside from his meeting with the CEO of ViaSoft, he has also been actively pursued by Amanda Wu of Novelty Consulting and John Argyle of Argus Agency. So far he has considered working as an outside consultant for their companies, but given his own massive fortune he really doesn't need to work and his own business interests prevent him from devoting too much time to either group. He has established the beginnings a friendship with both company founders however.

As he settles into his new existence as a nova, life is definitely looking promising for the man the New York times dubbed, "the Luckiest Man in the World."

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