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Aberrant: 2011 - Kylie "Aura" Durham


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Real Name: Kylie Rachel Durham

Nicknames: Aura

Place of birth: Arlen, TX

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single (rumors of a boyfriend are unsubstaniated)

Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother, and adopted sister (born in USSR, nationalized in 2000)

Allegiance: Project Utopia

Eruption: Radiation Exposure

Height: 5’ 4”

Weight: 104 lbs.

Eyes: Light brown

Hair: Brown


Known Quantum Abilities: Aura can transform her body into Roentgenium and is currently the only known source of stable Roentgenium outside of the laboratory. Scientists are still uncertain how she manages this, but it is clear that her powers are expanding. While most of her "powers" derive from the composition of her body, she has recently learned to shoot a quantum-borne bolt of radiation from her hands.

Known History: Aura grew up in a small town in Texas. Her life was fairly mundane, with her only major accomplishment being her employment by Project Utopia's Chemical Research and Development branch. She was working on the effects of radiation on eufiber when a laboratory accident caused her to erupt.

Update: Aura's employment with Project Utopia ended suddenly in August of 2009. Her contract with them was not up, and not long after, she was implicated in the creation of narcotics by the Italian police. Since then, Aura has been on the run from the authorities, popping up in a new location every few months.

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New Ground - December 12, 2008 ~Kylie's introduction fiction. Mature

Homesick - January 3, 2009 ~Kylie misses home.

Most Delicate of Dances - March 14, 2009 ~Kylie goes on a date with Gabe Law.

Night at the Blackburn - March 28, 2009 ~Aura has a bad night at the Blackburn. Her post starts here.

On the Carpet - April 5, 2009 ~Aura gets in trouble for going to the Blackburn.

Pay-Per-View - April 13, 2009 ~When it all turns. Mature

Recruiting trip - August 5, 2009 ~Her secret is found out.

When Karma Sleeps - October 12, 2009 ~The lamb realizes she's a wolf.

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