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Aberrant: 2011 - Vineyard Meetings


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Troy had ridden into San Jose about three hours previous the rendezvous. He got some clever advice from a few friends on a forum, and meant to make the day as fun and pleasant as possible. He rented out a hotel room just so he could shower and change into some fresh clothes. His hair was a styled mess, as per usual. He wore a neatly pressed white button up shirt, short sleeve and untucked. His jeans were blue, and looked new. He stopped at a local shoppe to pick up some chocolate and flowers. He mapped out the route to her house on the skirts, and had no idea to expect a vineyard. No matter.

It was quarter to five when Troy finally decided to get a move on. He dodged through the streets on his worn mountain bike, with a backpack over his shoulder. "My stomachs a jumble" Troy said to himself as he ride tirelessly. Chocolates. Flowers. Respectable appearance. Politeness. Talk about her. Let her talk. Let her talk about her. Don't brag. Don't think about sex. Don't disrespect Carlos. Chocolates. Flowers. Respectable appearance. Politeness. Talk about her. Let her talk. Let her talk about her. Don't brag. Don't think about sex. Don't disrespect Carlos.

Several people waved as he raced through the streets. He'd never been in San Jose before, but they knew his face. Troy had become somewhat of a celebrity over the past month, with all his giving. He still wore his mask in such a public place, but as he reached the edges of town, he removed them in place of sunglasses. He slowed his pace, realizing that he was very mildly sweating. This isn't exhaustion, he thought to himself. Calm down. Chocolates. Flowers. Let...

He spotted her house, and slowed to a stop. A post-modern sky scrapper of five stories tall. Windows. He wasn't wrong. The building seemed to be made of windows. Something out of a bad horror movie, or a even worse comedy movie starring Paulie Shore. He walked his bike up to the incredible building, feeling more intimidated now than ever. He is indestructible, yet so vulnerable. He rang the bell.

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Catalyst knew her boy was coming over, and was thankful to get to the door first. He did not need to the fact she was rich, just yet. Sure she lived in a post-humanist fortress made of materials designed to thwart terrorist but that was all hidden and passive stuff. The window really did look and some what even felt like normal glass. Well not to her but she was speical.

Opening the door she was wearing some snug jeans, and a pair of high healed steel toed boots. She had her own style, that was for sure. Her eufiber had scrolling lyrics of Agnelli and Nelson. It was thicker than normal. It was like a tight sweater. Now showing the all the details but the details were still left up to Loyd's mind.

Opening the massive doors. She smiled to her Troy. This was going to be the best. She loved not having to lock down the house when they knew guests would be here. She was also glad that Carlos got the briefing on what the NSA thought of her. She was powerful. Powerful enough that they suggested that he make contingency plans based on her. That was a downer but it did mean he did not baby her as much. She could clearly take care of her self.

" Troy, so glad to see you. You are looking good. I see your pictures don't do you justice. I hope you like classic movies. Cause I just got Princess Bride in today. I love it"

She was smiling widely. The was her house, and this was a good one. She knew it. She also smelled chocolate. Inter lacing her right foot behind her left leg, she looked down a bit, and with some what a mock shyness she spoke softly.

"Do you have something for me?"

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Troy looks at her suspiciously. He gives her a equally as suspicious half smile, and does his best to imitate Mandy Patinkin.

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.".

Sticking out of his backpack is half a dozen roses which he hands to her promptly, followed by a box of Valrhona chocolates. Troy throws the pack back on his bag, and takes a look back at the scenery of the vineyard, and up at the house.

"This will probably be the nicest place I've ever been in, you know. M.. " He seems to pause for a moment, and looks at her. "You look great.. " His face seems to be at least two shades reder than a moment before.

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Smiling at the cute boy at her door. She showed her hands, showing him five fingers.

"Seeing how I only have five fingers, I do not think I am the six fingered swordsman...Besides I am a girl.So Nah!"

She pulled him into the house, and shut the door. She was strong. Freakishly strong.

"Carlos is rich.I mean really rich. He gets paid so much because he does so much. He is really high up in the F.B.I. So don't think about doing anything stupid."

She looked at the gift. Corny things, but they were from the heart.Or from kindness. It didn't really change how they smelled, or tasted but she did like being noticed. She lean forward and kissed him on the check, before leading him to the movie room. Wile the inside of the house was really made of mostly dull grays. Sure it had some splashes here or there. It was mostly Grey..Save for the Movie room. Catalyst had claimed the movie room, and it showed.

Where the other rooms were Grey, with a little of color this was a lot of color with a little bit of Grey.There were posters of many novas. Wile she was clear she did not like Utopia. there were posters of Splash on the Walls. She had a few city defenders, and three of herself. One as metal,one as fire and the last one as ice.

"I had to make this place more lively. The three posters of me, are for PR..Carlos had them made for me. The Madam Governor wants me to put a good face for the state.Sorry I go on and on..I am nervous..."

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As he was pulled into the house, he gave zero resistance. The strength caught him off guard, but reminded himself that this was no normal girl.

"Do anything stupid? Like what, kidnap you? I'm not so sure thats my game, with the helping people all the time and all the other people who know we're together. I mean, even under other circumstances I wouldn't.. I mean.. geez." He was silent for a minute. "I'm bad at this."

He watched the walls as he passed. All grey. I guess being government official might do this to someone, but I hope I don't end up like this. he thought.

"No! No, please. Talk more, and it'll mask my nervousness."

He smiled at her and admired the posters. He stepped away from her and moved along the sides of the room and looking at each of the posters as he walked by. He knew the names of each of the Novas on the wall, and was curious if he would ever meet them. That reminded him.

"Is Carlos around? Or.. are we alone?" He stopped in front of a poster of her as metal. "Can you really do this?"

He was starting to worry if his powers weren't going to be good for showing off. He wondered if he would need to show them off to be impressive. He removed his sunglasses to reveal his green eyes, and he smiled. Dating is not for me. Troy thought, becoming aware that his stomach felt as if it was disappearing. Nor is it for my stomach.

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"Well in that case..Um yes I can turn into metal. I can turn into anything I can touch. I do not only change into it,I change into a paragon of it. When I am steel, I am not only as hard as it,I am rather strong. I become more graceful when I am things less solid than well what I am now..Like when I am air."

Looking at him, she was rather happy that the posters did not show the meaning of her words. There was strong, and strong. She could lift up semis when she was made of the right metals . It was not something many boys seemed to like. To they really were the weaker one. She didn't want him to see the video feeds of her training. They showed something more like a force of nature than a girl.

"Carlos is off else where for now. besides. I claimed this room. It is mine. Sometime he uses it. Sometimes. We have a strange thing going. He thinks and treats me like a daughter sometimes. Other times like a younger sister. We get along rather well."

She grabbed the remote, and pointed it at the screen.She put the movie on and looked to troy.

"Bean bag chairs or couch?"

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Troy pondered on the question, and her other words for about a minute while admiring the posters some more. He was in thought. If I pick the chairs, than she might not think I want to be next to her. If I pick the couch, she may think that I want to be touching her. He took a deep breath while looking at the television and smiled at her.

"Wow. Thats.. big. What's more comfortable, couch or beans?"

He laid his bag on the ground next to the couch, and it seemed to hit hard even though he only set it.

"You imitate the aspects of what ever you touch? Can you still keep form if you touch.. say water? How long have you been able to do it?"

Warren had so many more questions, but was afraid to overwhelm her. She seemed to be worried, or possibly happy. Troy was terrible at reading people. Troy looked to his hands, and they were a little sweaty. Wow, i'm not as sweaty as I was earlier. He looked at her, wondering what she was thinking. Watching this movie will be hard.

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And so she chose the couch. Leather. Real leather. total class. She sat in the middle of it and smiled. Bean bags were comfy made her look silly. She did not want to look silly on the first date. She also knew to make the first date sedated enough that the next one would not have huge shadow over it.

"I stay the same form. My shape doesn't change. Now when i am water, it is easier to push things into me. It is still harder for things to hurt me. If I were say air right now, it would be an effort for me to pick things up."

She patted the couch by her. Inviting him to sit down and watch the movie.The movie was to help them both not have to think. Carlos had told her such. Pick a funny movie,one that you have already seen, and one he most likely had seen. Nothing too new, and let it just be.

"Let's watch the movie? I really don't like talk about my powers. I have to talk about it to much. I have to reports on what I can do and how I can do it. The Docs say if I do this, it will help them understand novas who are like me. It is hard for me to explain to other people. I mean think of how hard it is to explain what it is like to breath."

She forgot the snacks.Oh well they could stop the movie and get snacks if they really need them. Besides. Carlos told her that getting snacks was nice pleasant way to bond.Oh and Troy did bring the chocolates.

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Troy smiles at her as she speaks about her powers. It was a topic that he was legitimately interested in, though it seemed that she wasn't. He felt mildly inadequate with the lack of flashy powers, but was wondering if they were more of a flaw than a merit. Either way, he sat happily.

Even as the movie went on, his mind wandered. He'd seen this movie a lot, but didn't want to be a hassle. At first he sat awkwardly. There was about a foot in between the two, and it was obvious Troy was very on edge. After a few minutes though, he popped back into conscious from thought and decided to fake his way into relaxing. He leaned back, and put hands at side. Was he supposed to lean? Was he supposed to hold her hand?

As the movie went on, Troy became more and more at home, barely watching the movie though. His mind was mostly on her. He wondered how she used her powers, wondered if she disliked them as much as it came off. Would he show her his power in time?

For a moment, Troy flashed back to when he had first seen the movie. He was with a friend who wasn't very popular, and his long term girlfriend at the time. Thinking about it made him sad, and he decided to make himself happy. He put his arm around Patricia. He had no idea what to expect her to do.

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She leaned into the arm, thinking took him along enough.Maybe that is a good thing. It could show that he doesn't want to crash and burn. She let out a small giggled. If only he knew what was going in her head. He wouldn't only have his arm around her.

"I love this movie. It is just so awesome."

She snuggled into his side. She was smaller than him, and enjoyed fitting into his side.She Enjoyed his size. Returning the favor she wrapped her arm around him.

"I used to watch this movie with my sister like once every other month. This were easier back then. She went college last year."

She was warm, and her suit was all to skin like.It felt just like her skin. It let her body heat out, without any restraints.

"So, what is your favorite part of this movie?"

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"I'm not so sure I have a favorite part. I've liked the movie as a whole since I first saw it years ago, and I don't think that isolating a piece of it will do it justice without the surrounding context." He paused for a minute. "But that's just because I over think things and am rambling."

He remained quiet for a minute longer, his sense of safety fleeing from him. His body remained calm though. Remember. Talk about her. Stay calm, and let her speak.

"I'm an only child." He said calmly, as if he has said it a million times before. His breaths were more slower now than before. "What college did she go to?" Troy said, taking his eyes off the movie to speak to her. Nervousness was leaving, and happiness was rushing in. He could get used to this. His eyes, rarely seen, were green, and seemed to fade to blue with orange streaks within them.

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She held onto him, and smiled.She felt his uncomfortableness with her bringing up family issues.Maybe later.Maybe never.

"Oh my favorite parts is all the parts where it is the story and not the grand father talking to the boy. That is just me."

She puled him into a hug. She wanted to comfort him, but how. She could offer him food. She could take the lead in other ways.No.Food would have to do. Besides who did not like pizza?

"Oh Troy,I am getting hungry. Want to get pizza? Carlos Makes the best. No he is not here, but he make like 10 at a time. And stores them. I help, but I am still learning a lot oh what means to be good cook."

She stood up, leading him to the kitchen. She was freakishly strong that girl. Leverage should not work the way it did with her. The Kitchen wouldn't be out of place in a resaunt, the size.It was clean enough to preform surgery in it.

"I know there is a tomato, onion and kurry one we can eat..Sound good to you?"

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"Pizza. Now thats something I can get behind." As he walked with her, he wondered how much she could lift. He for a moment even began to wonder if she fought a lot.

As they got into kitchen, he was surprised as the size. The size matched the size of everything else, but it was still surprising. "And kurry? Thats an awkward thing to have on a pizza.. but it sounds great." He stood there awkwardly for a few moments. 'I think too much.'

"Sorry if I am quiet. I think too much." He gave her a quick smile. "So I know you're employed, but what do you do?" He moved his hands up to his shoulders, but upon realizing his pack wasn't there, he put his hands on the back of his neck and acted to be stretching. It was obvious that he didn't plan that.

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She put the pizza in the oven. Listening to him. She rolled her head about, stretching her neck. So he wants to know what I do for a living. That is a bit tricky, seeing how she doesn't really know yet. Sure she knew the basic out lines but well the devil is the details.

"Think of me, like someone from T2M. I do work for the embeterment of humanity. This includes talking to children, and sick people. you know making someone's day brighter."

Pausing for a breath she looked back to the oven, pressing the right settings. She looked back to Troy, a smile on her red lips.

"But it is mainly dealing with bad stuff. i am going to putting out fires, and cleaning up mud slides. Cleaning up toxic spills. not the most fun..But they will pay me a lot for doing. Besides California is my home. I work for my home."

She moved to the firdge, and pulled out two glass bottle. Oh they looked like beers, but nope. They were Sodas. Weinhard's root beer. Good stuff.

"Wana drink?"

She handed him the bottle.

"What about you? Do you have a job?Do you want one,even?"

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Troy listened, wondering if he should be helping her with anything. He felt awkward not doing so, seeing as he was used to always doing everything. He accepted the root beer, and opened it with his shirt.

"My work situation is kind of confusing. I have a job.. kind of. Most of my time is spent traveling, on my bike, to cities and towns alike, around the country. I help out at soup kitchens, hospitals, orphaniges, where ever I can. As for getting paid, I don't really get that. Utopia sponsors me, as in they pay for my room and board, if I ever get caught somewhere without a way out, you know." He sighed. "Everyone just looks at it as me working for them, though."

He sipped his root beer, and wiped his mouth.

"I was in a small city in Colorado when the idea of coming here came up, which is why it took so long for this to happen. I decided to come back here, and Utopia didn't say a word. I've still got control of my life. They just provide me with necessities for my kindness."

He took another sip, and looked around the kitchen, than at her. He had to defend himself often with that. Once people found out that he was involved with PU, they would assume that it wasn't his kindness that fueled him, but his steady influx of cash. Troy was very poor, though, and recieved almost no money from PU.

"Myself, I am actually incredibly poor. I had to wire money from my dad just to buy stuff for today. It was the first time I spoke with him in a few weeks. He seems distant of me since I became a nova. I pretty much just own my bike, these clothes, and the stuff in my bag."

He kept quiet for a few moments, wondering if he shouldn't have told her that. Not many people liked people in a social standing below them. Troy was curious if being a nova would negate that, though. He contimplated bring up the next subject, but his curiosity got the best of him. He took a sip of root beer, and slid down against the wall to a sitting position, with his knees infront of him.

"When's the last time you were involved with someone.. romantically?"

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She smiled, and listened. Oh money wasn't what made a man. Her mother's family was much more wealthy than her father's but they loved each other.So she did not problem with those with less than her. She knew that money was not the only thing to judge a man by. She admired his willingness to help others.It was something that most people seemed to lack these day.

"Well, you work for them. Have you ever thought of marketing your likeness? I do not know most much money you could get from it. I know that Utopia has good people that could help you with this. There is a this PR wiz that is going to be attached to my department. Any ways..That is if you want money..."

She watched him, keeping her mind open and reminding herself that the oven could burn the pizza.The timer did work but she liked her Pizza just rights...She then heard that question "When's the last time you were involved with someone.. romantically?"

And her face for blink of the eyes goes slack, and shocked. her face regains composeur as if nothing happened. Still that look of shock how ever brief was true. She looked him in the eyes, a bit of pain showing in her deep black eyes.

"Oh, I don't think you want that answer. It will hurt you. It hurts anyone who has to ask. So please, let's forget you asked it?"

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Troy nods, though he seemed to have shrunk in size. He is very withdrawn into his own thoughts. I messed up. Damn, I went to far and I messed this up. This is why I dont date.

"Yeah, I am not too huge on money. I don't really need it, so I don't see a need right now."

He wasn't really listening to his words as he spoke. He knew he was seeming distant, and he began to try to regain his composure. He moved to the sitting cross legged to show that he was comfortable in the setting. The pizza was beginning to smell good, and he took another swig of the soda.

"So, anyway. My full name is Troy Lloyd Campbell, thats not just a screen name. I lived in LA, previous to my eruption. I attended UCLA for a semester when I became a nova. Prior to that I attended a LA high school where I played football. I am an only child, and my mother died years ago. I like rock music of all sorts, with the exception of acid rock. I am kind of a health nut, but thats not hard now seeing as I am a nova."

He sips some more of the soda. This was what I am supposed to do on dates, right?

"That is me in a nutshell." He smiled at her, but not an expecting smile. "Hows that pizza coming along?"

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She turned about, and poked her head into the oven.She was tough son of a bitch that Catalyst. She pulled her head out smiling. She all but dove into the oven, and her whole body turned a bright metallic color. her skin, formed a mirrored surface.

"Oh yes the Pizza is done."

Sure it was family size thing..As in 18 inches across but they were novas. She set the pie on the counter top. She was seemingly unaware of her change. She didn't noticing it.

"So money not that big of a deal for you. Me either but I have enough of it that I can do what I want to do."

She moved to him, and game him a hug. She hugged him, well harder than any human could ever do, and yet it looked as if she was only holding on to him lightly. She was very warm..Hot even.

"What part of the country do you like the most?"

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Troy watched her in awe. His date had nearly jumped into an oven, proving that she could handle heat, but also transformed. Her skin had become a chromatic metal, but she seemed not to notice. As he saw her change he rose to his feet. He was still leaning slightly, his head at her height. He knew he shouldn't stare, but he couldn't help it. Jesus.. I.. wow.. What? Wow. He remained silent and in a shock when she put the pizza down.

As she spoke, Troy remained completely silent. She didn’t mention anything about them, so Troy wasn’t sure if it was uncontrollable or not. She seemed to not even notice that she had changed. Phenominal, Troy thought. As she said that she didn’t care for money, he sent her an accepting smile. The only action he could muster up. She walked over to him and hugged him. She squeezed tight, but it didn’t hurt Troy in the least.

"And this is my power." He said in a whisper.

He rested his head on her hot, hard shoulder and closed his eyes. He could feel it hot, almost to the point of burning, but not quite. It didn't bother him, though. This is what I am supposed to do, right?

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She lifted him up with ease before noticing her change. Her checks became red. She knew she shouldn't show boys she was stronger than them. She set him down. Oh this was bad. Looking into his eyes.She spoke softly.

"Did i hurt you?Are you alright? I um change when my body thinks it is danger and I don't stop it from changing.It is a reflex. The heat was going to burn me..I was touching metal so I became Metal. Are you sure you are okay?

Her hand lightly touched his back, trying to feel for broken or lose bones. Her finger were rather tender, even if they were still metal.

"The problem is controlling when I change. I know right now that I am strong enough to rip tanks open with my bear hands, and most likely tough enough to be blasted by them without risk of much harm. I am scared of how much power this is.Do you understand?I am not like a normal person, and they say I am only get more powerful with time.. So this why I don't like talking about my power. They scare me."

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Troy put a finger over her mouth, smiling. After she became quiet, he hugged her. He held the hug for only a few seconds, than withdrew. If she tried to speak, he only hushed her some more. He moved towards the oven.

“Given how fast the pizza cooked from being frozen, the oven still must be pretty hot.” He said while moving towards it. He opened it, and smiled to her. “Powers are nothing to be afraid of.”

Troy reached his hand inside of the oven and grabbed the oven rack. His other hand grabbed his wrist, and Troy yelled in pain. He raised the hand that was on his wrist to her, signaling her to not move towards him. His eyes were tightly closed, and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. The oven made sizzling noises, the sound of burning flesh. Troy removed his hand, a good fifteen seconds after putting it there.

"Oh god, I forgot how much that hurts." Troy said with a chuckle. He glanced at it, than raised it to her.

“This is my power.”

His hand was without a mark. It was a slight shade redder, but that was the only consequence to holding his hand in the oven.

“Don’t worry about me.” He said to her, than smiled. “You can’t hurt me, and I’d never hurt you.”

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"Yea, but I could kill someone..You understand?"

She smiled. Forzen pizza was the best.Befisede hot was good. If you made an oven, why settle on something not really hot. She looked at him. It was a power issue. She knew she could slip up and do something stupid and people could die. She could have killed him,would have if he wasn't a nova. She could see that he could not grasp how much that hug had scared her. She did not want to hurt him or anyone.

"We better eat before, the food gets cold. Want some more sodas?"

She took a slice of pizza and ate it.Oh sure this food was going to cost her, she knew that she was going to owe Carlos a lot. She already owed him a bit of back rent, but he knew she was good for it.

"So, tell me do you like how I look in metal?"

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Troy listened to her statement, and kind of frowned He was expecting a different reaction.. or at least hoping. This was the first time he showed his powers to another, and she didn't seem to care.

"Yeah, sure. I'll take another. I'll get them" he said solemnly. He didn't understand how someone could be less than ecstatic that they had powers as wonderful as hers, and he wondered if he could do anything to help.

"You looked pretty great." He handed her a soda, than popped his open with his shirt. "But you looked great before, too." He grabbed a piece of the soda with little hesitation, and with no care for burning himself. He ate it, but in small bites. "So you never answered me. Where does your sister go to college?" He said inbetween a bite of pizza and a swig of the soda, happy to have remembered the question to change the subject.

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"Well my sister goes to UCLA. She is trying to going to go Law School in a year or so. She is going to try to get into Stanford. She is really smart, I mean really smart. i used think she was a nova."

She drank her soda smiling. She did not believe what Troy was saying about her looks. She either looked better now or before. How could he say she looked good now and good before..She looked completely different.

"I may go to UCSC, this fall. It is close by, a good school. Still there are some schools that are fighting to get me to go to their school. You ever think about going to college?"

She ate her slice of Pizza, rather quickly but some how looked as if she wasn't stuffing her face.

"I am going to study chemistry. I have a knack for it. I always had, but now it just clicks in my head. I can see the compounds in my head, and understand how they react. "

Her eye were almost always focused on him.She was paying him a lot of attention. She listened when he spoke, but she always looked like she was thinking at the same time.

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Troy listened to her while slowly eating. He stayed quiet, half listening to her and half lost in his own thoughts. His mind wandered to the far reaches of memory, and he was unsure why. He smiled when she said UCLA, but kept his mouth shut until she asked him the question.

"Think about school? Yeah. I went to UCLA for a semester. That's where I.. became a nova." He took a bite of the pizza. "I broke three records that semester, most total yards, most completions, and most TD passes. Wonder if I ever met your sister. What was her name?"

He had run out of pizza, so he grabbed another slice. He was positive that he could eat the entire thing. His metabolism was at an all-time high, and Troy never really wanted to stop eating.

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"Well, Troy. that is interesting."

She carefully looked into his eyes. no she was not going to tell him the whole truth now. Her sister no longer talked to her.Hadn't since her father disowned her and threw her out the family. Shame, guilt. Dangerous things to play with.

"Well, I never liked football. Too much like traffic for me.Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Still,I gather you were good."

She smiled as she watched him.Oh sucha pig. Still, a nice pig was better than a bitter shrew. Her skin turning back to flesh.

"So, what do you think of me so far?"

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"What do I think of you?"

He paused in consideration. I guess I must not be making it obvious enough. How do I do this? He smiled at her. I could kiss her, but that might be moving things a little too quickly.

"I like you enough to come back to California for a while."

Troy took a deep breath, than sipped the soda. She was attractive in his tastes. Not to glamour, and not too serious. He really liked her.

Troy leaned up against a table. "Now its your turn."

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She smiled. Not what she was hoping for but it felt good none the less. Her she dragged him back to the TV room. She was clearly in a rush, and was playful yet clear in what she wanted.

"Oh, you seem cool enough. A bit shy. But I like that.You are you.You know what I mean? I don't really know you either. I think you are good looking. You have some rough parts but I like those"

She pulled him onto the couch.

"Ever seen Robin Hood,men in tights? I love Mel Brooks."

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Troy happily followed into the movie room, taking his root beer with him. He wasn't sure what to expect when he asked her how she felt, so her response didn't startle him in the least. When she pulled him down, he almost land on top of her. He managed to fall away, though, and only landing near her. He laughed at the mishap.

"Men in Tights? No, I don't think so. I like a lot of Mel Brook's stuff, especially anything involving Gene Wilder. But I don't think I've seen that. Is it any good?"

He took a breath, than grabbed her hand to hold it.

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