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Aberrant RPG - Atunemnet and size

Good Alice

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If you are using size growth can you atune items that are preptionitaly the same size to you as if you weren't using size growth. IE with atunement level five can you atune another person roughly the same size you?

Also if you atune small things like clothes and grow they grow with you right? Would it work the other way?Ie atuning a tree wile big then going back to normal?

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No. Attunement works on (unattuned) Mass.

Say you have two novas:

Nova "A": Has Attune 3, Sizemorph(Increase) 1.

Nova "B": Has Attune 5, Sizemorph(Decrease) 3 (one inch).

Powered up:

1) "A" can attune "B" even though he has Attune 3.

2) "B" can not attune "A" even though she has attune 5.

Powered Down:

3) "A" can not attune "B".

4) "B" can attune "A".

Note the "Extra: Other Person" would work regardless of size or weight.

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