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The following are rules for the 2008 board.

Permanency is generally considered to be unbalancing and will be strictly reviewed by the moderation board, and only allowed as an aberration. Powers where the Permanency aberration is easily "worked around" will not be allowed. Uncontrolled as an extra, a strength or an aberration is not allowed.

Arbitrators are considered to be storytellers in the scope that they have on fictions they have been invited to moderate. They must remain within canon and maintain the rules and guidelines laid out in Article Three, Section Two of the Charter. Because of their scope, arbitrators are free to use House Rules. Keep in mind, some house rules will have changes outside of the scenario that you run - i.e., the Appearance rules from A! While they are a good idea, they are impractical to use for a solitary moderation. Additionally, arbitration should apply to application of a power, not acquisition.

Should an Arbiter remove themselves from arbitration, or fail to conduct their duties in a timely manner, they may be replaced by the writers of the story, as per the normal rules.

Suggested House Rules*:

1) Puny Human

2) Elemental Anima and Elemental Mastery, like most of the other suite powers, if appropriate include as part of the package the ability to detect their "element". Thus Elemental Mastery: Gold would include the ability to sense gold and determine how pure it was from a distance of Q+Dots x 20m.

3) Any use of "Healing" or "Regeneration" automatically halts further loss of health levels due to blood loss.

4) If a nova with the power "Healing" is using that power on someone who has taken both Bashing and Lethal damage, then the Healer may choose which type of damage they wish to deal with.

5) "Ping" damage is always Bashing

6) Claws+Agg works like the errata.

7) Regarding Molecular Manipulation's Destruction technique, it’s a disintegration effect, so the level of soak an object gets is normally zero unless it can soak aggravated damage.

8) Shockwave and Thunderclap work like the core book (or the APG’s errata) and do one Mega-die per dot of Mega-Strength and not 5x M-Strength in normal dice. This is to prevent 5 dots of Hypermovement from leveling cities.

*Thank you to Doctor Troll for gathering these for the board

Expansion rules that have been approved for 2016 are considered approved for 2008. The 2008 board will follow the rules laid out in 2016 for approving new rules with the following caveats:

1) The rules can be voted on by members of the 2008 board with active (i.e., current characters who are not retired, dead or otherwise 'out of play') characters.

2) Because of the smaller number of players in 2008, rules will only need three (3) players to approve them before they are submitted to the moderators.

Flaws may be purchased back by approval of the moderators. The character must have a compelling reason to present to the moderators, and demonstrate this through role-playing. The experience point cost for this buyback is 5 experience per point in the flaw.

The 2008 Board will have staggered character creation; to prevent an early influx of characters who remain in the background to 'milk' experience points, players may submit a new character per month for their first three months on the board, after which they may submit one every other month.

Public character sheets are not required for 2008 characters. However, it is a courtesy to your fellow players for you to make your numbers available to them, and someone acting as an arbitrator may require them for arbitration to occur. You must privately send a sheet to the Director 2008 account, and this sheet must include a breakdown of how you spent your creation points.

Experience point accumulation and spending shall be tracked by the players, and subject to review at any time by the moderation staff. Expenditures of experience should be noted to the moderation staff via a quick PM. All expenditures are subject to review by the moderators. Characters that are found to be in error must be fixed before they can post again. Characters that are in violation more than three times in three months are subject to censure.

Post-character creation acquisition of a "Non-power-Level Affecting Extra" tradeoff wherein you buy an extra but do not change the level of the power will be allowed. Three levels of weakness will allow players to buy an extra for six experience points.

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