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[OpNet] Vixen-MiniRant


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Excerpt of Vixen’s speech to Bernard William’s School of Life Sciences at the University of San Antonio

“Of all the issues that being a nova has brought me the one I never expected were the weirdos.”

“I’ve had terrible things happen to me and to my family. But I find, for some reason, that I can understand the hate and the fear more easier than I can understand the obsessed and the strange.”

“I’ve had more invitations to more anime and animation festivals than I could have ever imagined. The fact that I erupted with some extra fur and a cute nose seemed to be a clarion call to the social margins. I’ve become some sort of furry saint. Are people so lacking in scientific understanding that they are unaware of the how and why of nova forms post eruption? From the mail I’ve received and the interviews I’ve seen people seem to think my very existence is an homage to anthropomorphized fictional characters.”

“I’m a scientist for Pete’s Sake!”

*shakes her head*

“And on the opposite side of the coin is the reaction my fiancé’ has received. If I’m the anthropomorphic Eve he’s treated like the furry Adam. As if a man couldn’t fall in love with his heart first. It’s frustrating, really.”

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