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[OpNet] [Journal: The White Rat] Cause and Effect

The White Rat

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If all the humans were wiped out of existence, what would happen to the 'One Race'? This is a question I have asked myself over and over again.

The crux of the issue is that like everything, there is an effect, and that effect has a cause. It is a circular contemplation.

Lets ask these questions using that logic:

-What are a few effects that would arise from the annihilation of humanity?

For one thing, nature abhores a vacumme and another species

would take it's place. Would nova take over as its replacement? Maybe.

Would evolution create another species that is neither human or nova? If so would that species be a threat to our survival as nova? Again...maybe.

Because all the nova today...with the exception of a few, were all born human. If we destroy humanity, do we destroy ourselves, or in response to that vaccume, will our birth rates increase to compensate?

-What would cause the annihilation of humanity?

Surely the forces of nature have an impact here. All species seek dominace over others, because of survival needs. Because of that, to ensure survival, competing threats need to be eradicated. Humanity is a threat, that is only natural. Therefore to survive, we must seek humaities destruction....the cause.

In trying to ensure our survival, humanity will respond in kind and seek reciprocity. They will try to limit our ability to compete, either by annihilation or by keeping our numbers so small as not to pose a threat. To these we must respond in kind, because such actions limit our ability to surviva and thrive. This will ultimately lead to the annihilation of either us or humanity...the effect.

So, which comes first, the cause or the effect? It is very much like the chicken and the egg. For every cause there is an effect, and every effect has its cause. Everything happens for a reason.

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