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[OpNet] [Journal: Typhoon] Quiet night.


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You will note as I post in the future that I will never mention the current location of the Aumakua, as it would be ludicris to give the current location of a submarine over any form of communication.

I will say where I have been recently, but usually up to several days later as to not hint at my possible route or location.

Keeping in that vein...

I considered putting into port last week as I passed the Azores, I find that the rogue nova from the sewers of Amsterdam is still weighing upon me, I have made my peace with the idea that Timeslip is well beyond my reach, therefore I shouldn't have any issues with Long for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, none of my 'team' stay onboard very long. I understand they have personal lives, it just so quiet on board right now.

I guess that means I probably should put in sooner rather than later I guess.

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