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Aberrant: Phoenix Rising - The Characters

jameson (ST)

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Any public information regarding characters should go here.


Gregory Fox

Gregory Fox has just recently arrived in the Newborough area. His thin, tanned body looks as if it has been hardened by the outdoors. The long brown hair on his head has never seen a hairbrush, and his eyes are always filled with tears that run down his youthful face, even when he smiles. A quiet young man, he speaks only when he needs to, and when he does, his lack of education is apparent. When he is not selling small trinkets and other scavenged items for food, he is surrounded by what seem to be animals and other odd creatures.


Jordan "Jor" "Raider" O'Riely

Until a couple years ago, Jor as he was known then, was a scavenger. One of the poor subsistence members of the community. He did his regular service and always seemed to find good parts and equipment to barter for food, so that he never starved, though he didn't live comfortably either. He was so good at it that several of the nova brainiacs regularly sought him out when they needed some chip or board to repair a computer or other type machine. Instead of trading supplies or food to these nova's, Jor traded parts for knowledge. Even before his eruption he was bright for a baseline and absorbed what they had to teach him about medicine, engineering, computers, etc. Since then he is absolutely brilliant by baseline standards, though he still doesn't compare to the mega-smart novas.

He erupted when a building he and a friend were trying to scavenge parts from collapsed on top of them. When he woke up he thought he was a ghost. He couldn't touch anything and could see right through himself. It took a few minutes of him floating through the rubble to discover his friend trapped and injured in a mostly intact basement. He had apperently fallen through the floor on top of a pile of rubble. He had to concentrate to make himself heard and felt by his friend, thats when he realized he'd erupted and not died. He did manage to heal some of his friends wounds before going for help.

Since then, he has been one of the cities best scroungers, and lives very comfortably. He is regularly sought out now by anyone needing something. If it can be found he's the man to find it. In fact he's becoming known as the Radar O'Riely of the city, though very few alive today get the reference. Having heard some of the older novas call him by that name some of the citizens have begun to call him 'Raider', by mistake.

Unfortunately, he has not been able to duplicate the healing that he managed to do during his eruption, but he hasn't given up trying. At the very least he is spending a good deal of his spare time in the city infirmaries treating the sick through mundane means.


Doug “Courier”

Concept: One man air shipping firm and information service.

Doug is reasonably well known as that nova shipping guy. He picks up very large masses of goods and flies them from one community to another. Doug is also an information service, he can “register” a mind and then communicate with them over any distance. This lets him function as a buyer rep, or (more rarely) as logistical support. As should be expected, these services grant him exceptionally large opportunities for arbitrage and profit. In business, he has a first class mind, in science, less so although he can identify what is what for sales purposes.

Doug is an extremely handsome Caucasian man with dark brown hair and blue eyes, and also has the build of a linebacker. As one would expect from a merchant, Doug tends to get along with everyone and doesn’t usually step on toes accidentally. Although Doug’s fitness and muscles mark him as nova, he doesn’t have any aberrations. In dress he’s the stereotypical rich trader meets professional bodyguard. His gear is good and first class… and it’s rare that someone tries to take it away from him.


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Let’s define Doug’s appearance a little bit better, and as it’s a small town and I don’t have cipher, let’s include his eruption.

Until 6 months ago Doug was a “not too smart” & “not real connected” subsistence type doing odd jobs. Out near the edge of a city he almost became lunch for a flying aberrant. She picked him up and he erupted with the ability to literally rip her in half lengthwise, and the power to fly rather than fall to his death. Shortly after that he found out he could “learn” someone’s mind and talk to them over any distance (if greatly pressed on this issue he might admit he “felt” the aberrant in his mind before he killed her). His shipping “company” was launched right after his head aches stopped.

Doug now appears to be in his mid 20s. Doug wears eufiber that he normally has configured into high quality work boots, a brown leather jacket, and blue jeans. When making trades he normally tests things with a radiation detector that he wears or keeps handy. He has a gun belt with a pearl handled hand cannon, which rumor says (incorrectly) that he’s never fired and (correctly) that he only wears to make a statement. He also wears a bandoleer that is filled with high quality point heavy spearhead-ish throwing pikes. Doug is not known to carry or use a rifle. Since eruption he has never publicly been seen to get into a fight, but the sheer strength he has shown moving things around gives the impression he could defend himself.

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I can only give you guys tidbits of Gregory's past because he is a newcomer with Cipher.

Little is known of Gregory. Until he showed up in town, he was just another figure that scraped out a survival in the blighted areas. His history is unknown to everyone but himself. However, Gregory has been overheard saying that he was orphaned as a child.

Gregory can generally be found skulking around the seedier parts of town. What he does there is unknown.

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Anna is a castout of her former conclave somewhere in the black woods of Germany. She was sent away throug a warp portal as punishment. The village elders sentencing her to never come back unless she wanted to meet death.

Anna struggles with her appearance, constantly trying to hide her huge size. But its not only as means of protection it appears that Anna resents how she looks. She is extremely self conscious about it and tries hard to make others believe that she is not the monster that most people see at first sight.

Underneath her ragged clothes Anna is a hugely muscled behemoth standing roughly 8 Feet tall. Her skin is a greenish tint which changes from healthy green to brownish in color if she is too long shut away from the sun. Her eyes are like liquid amber without pupil and iris wich makes it hard to discern if she is looking at you or not. She is of rather average look and it is difficult to recognise how she must've looked before she erupted.

Her personality is a strong contrast to her appearance. She is very shy and calm. She feels most comfortable in the woods were nature and animals are slowly recovering from the burn. She cares much for every sentient being and most for those who call her friend.

(ooc: here is a picture - more or less. It lacks the leaflike texture of her skin http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/518/shehulkafterworkoutbyjetw4.jpg)

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