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Aberrant: Phoenix Rising - Setting Info.

jameson (ST)

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Setting: Short Form

In 2061 the Aberrant War was in full swing when China issued the Ultimatum. Five hundred plus Chinese space vessels armed with nuclear weapons were stationed in orbit and would bombard the Earth if the Aberrants did not surrender. Divis Mal attended the General Assembly of the United Nations to deliver his response for all Aberrants; he incinerated all of the humans in attendance, effectively calling what he believed was the Chinese bluff.

In response the Chinese launched well over 3000 nuclear weapons toward the earth. Those Aberrants and Novas capable defended themselves and the cities they could but in the end the Earth was decimated. All of the planet’s major cities were obliterated and most other major population centers were heavily damaged or destroyed.

It is now 2118, the world climate is still suffering the effects of “nuclear winter” caused by the massive amounts of ash and dust thrown into the atmosphere. Aberrants control much of the western half North America and Nova led societies are beginning to climb out of the rubble on he east coast. Rumors say that China was prepared and has returned to a state similar to before the war while the rest of the planet struggles on at a 20th Century level.

The game will be based in the north-eastern US. Characters are Novas growing up in a mixed community and have all erupted within the past 2-6 months.

All cannon events leading up to the Ultimatum are cannon for this story.

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Northeastern US - New York and New England area

New York City, Hartford, Providence, and Boston are ruins. Livable only if you are desperate. Likely the specific location will be in Mass/Conn but I do not have a city in mind.

As for travel into and out of the radiation zones and ruined cities it has been nearly 60 years which means that the radiation is starting to fade but the cities are still unsafe for baselines and Novas without anti-radiation powers.

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The Northeast

One of the less severly bombed sections of the US the area once known as New England as well as parts of the old state of New York contain some of the largest of the new settlements in post-Burn America.

Although New York, Boston and Hartford were decimated by the nuclear destruction many of the outlying areas were subject to a minimal amount of damage. Perhaps the Chinese realized that the Aberrants would likely be found where the largest population centers were or perhaps some powerful nova was able to partially shield the more rural areas from complete destruction.

The largest city in the region, Newborough, is built outside the ruins of Worcester, Mass. The city of Worcester itself remains mostly ruins inhabited by wild animals and a small group of feral Aberrants. Newborough itself boasts a population of 10000 baselines and well over a 100 Novas.

The baseline population has learned that not all Novas degenerate into Aberrants and as a result the Novas are largely welcomed into the community. Power is generated via an amalgam of wins, solar, and hydro-electric providing Newborough with power to most of it residents.

Agriculture in the region is limited due to the lack of arable soil and game which is safe to eat for baselines. Novas are capable of ingesting more of the local flora and fauna without sickness but even still the food supply is the limiting factor of population growth.

The tech. level averages the mid-late 20th century with some electronics being owned by the well off (those who have an in-demand trade) or those with good tinkering/engineering skills. The number of combustion engine vehicles is limited by the town council due to the limited gasoline resources.

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One word best describes Newborough: Sprawling. Home to ~10,000 people it covers the remains of multiple towns in what was once middle Massachusetts. Describing it as a city is almost a jest being that there are very few buildings over 4 stories tall and the city seems to ramble on with the population growing less and an less dense as you head away from the city center.

The city itself is divided into districts which function as small towns with at most 1000 residents. These districts meet in public forums to elect delegates to the Newborough City council. Delegates are selected to deal with a specific issue (not for terms) and stay delegated to the task until it is completed.

Typically a delegate will be chosen for his particular skills or abilities which will help with the project. For example within the past 4 years the city has started to rig their outer walls for electricity to power lights to enable the even watch to go better. Districts will delegate individuals with electrical skills or scavenging abilities to help with this project. With 11 districts at this time a this generates a decent sized workforce even if each district only delegates a single citizen.

The city had electricity available to those who want it (many do not), running water both in public fountains (like old Rome) and to private homes, and a limited telephone system. There are a handful of mega-Intelligence Novas who spend most of their time repairing equipment which is used to bring amenities to the city. With the scarcity of parts and the overall lack of materials this can be a time consuming process. The city takes charge over the water and power in order to fund itself.

Surrounding the city is a series of walls and emplacements used to protect the city from attackers. Although there are no known Aberrant communities in the area there is no limit to the number of small degenerate sub-Aberrant clans (Q1-2, heavily tainted, roughly 5-15 NPs). All adults (18+) are required to spend at least 1 week on lookout duty during the year as a "tax".

Relations with other communities in the region are generally good. Notable exceptions being York outside of the ruins of New York City and K-bek to the far north in the ruins of Quebec City.

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On Aberrants, Novas, and Baselines

Even in the post-holocaust world people are still people; they fear what looks different. While all novas look different Aberrants look VERY different.

A Q1 Nova with no Taint will still stand out like a sore thumb in most communities. Their superior physique and health will make it obvious to those who pay even minimal attention that this is a Nova and not a baseline. Only those Nova who can alter their appearance can actually blend in with baselines by making themselves look less healthy.

In the best human communities the baselines will be thin and will always look a bit under the weather. While baselines do no fear Novas per se, they understand that a thin line separates a Nova from an Aberrant. Taint and the madness that accompanies it is a frightful thing to baselines. Physical Aberrations will be noticed and while a known Nova can often overcome the detrimental effects of their Aberrations baselines will always be uneasy around them; always wondering how much longer before that Nova cannot control his power any longer.

Aberrants are, to baselines, any Nova who has lost himself to Taint. They are hideously deformed at best, and insane inhuman animals at worst. The average Taint riddled low powered Aberrant can come from any birth; be it from baseline parents, baseline/nova mix, or nova parents. Aberrants who have children are almost exclusively gauranteed to have a freak baby.

There do exist Aberrants who look human and are not completely insane. These Aberrants believe that baselines are not worthy of even contempt and that they do not deserve to live unless they serve their Aberrant superiors. These are the minority (at least in the Northeast) and are often the leaders of Aberrant communities.

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Quick post with two of the other major towns in the region.


To the North of Newborough in what used to be New Hampshire is Merrimac. A small community largely centered on the Merrimac River, Merrimac has survived for year on two things; the stubbornness of its citizens, and trade. Merrimac was the site of the region’s beer brewing facility owned by the Budweiser company. The plant remained largely intact and the people in the area have repaired it and use the facility to generate tradable goods for their community. In addition to trading beer Merrimac serves as a local trade hub for smaller farm communities and hunters and trappers to the north.


Further to the North in lower central Maine the towns of Lewiston and Auburn have become that area's largest gathering point. Trade goods are largely agriculture based with most of the farmers to the north trading their corn, potatoes, and other goods through L-A. The colony is well known for it's Aberrant hunters, taking a policy of “the best defense is a good offense”

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Originally a product of one Nova gifted with unique glands, the product known as Eufiber was sought after by nearly every Nova in the world prior to the Abberant War.

During the Burn most of the world's Eufiber was destroyed along with most of the world's Novas. Some suits survived to be handed down to the next generation of Novas, but it seemed as though Eufiber would remain a limited availability item.

Within the past 30 years a new source of Eufiber as been found. It appears that a Nova was able to modify the material into a viable organism which did not depend purely on Quantum energy for survival.

While still fairly rare, Eufiber can be found gowing throughout the world. It appears as a low moss-like plant and can be harvested to create durable fabric. Novas can harvest the Eufiber and attune it to their quantum signature allowing them to mentally manipulate the material (via the weave skill, or straight Wits).

There is no discernable difference between "old" and "new" eufiber.

Eufiber is resistant to cultivation and thus far the only difference that people have noticed is that eufiber growing in polluted areas tends to be vampiric more often than not.

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There are plenty of parts to get a vehicle running ... if you have fuel ... Electrics were at the time running off short range transmitters built curb side in the larger cities and so would need some serious retrofit just to get working and again there's the problem of what to do when the battery runs out. (hehe a setting where Quantum conversions is a highly useful power laugh )

As for aircraft helicopters and sea planes would be the best off needing either minimal landing space or natural runways. Again fuel it the main problem.

Gasoline is found from time to time in old tanks and a moderatly skilled chemist can get the garbage out of it for use. Thing is its easier to run a generator off the gas than bother with a car. It's valuable but not for vehicles.

As for horses and other livestock, keeping them fed and healthy can be very difficult in the Newborough region as there is less healthy pasture land, and fewer animals in general. Mostly people walk or use bicycles, while the roads and paths can be rough it's the most reliable and fastest way to get around that doesn't break the bank.

The language in the region is English though the Quebecouis speak French.

Keep in mind too I'm limiting the information I give you to what you would know of the region. If you guys want to find out if they still speak Spainish and make a killer frosty beverage in Mexico you'll have to travel there to find out laugh

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Newborough City Militia

All capable citizens/residents of Newborough over the age of 18 are required to spend a minimum of 1 week of service to the militia guarding the city Wall and providing emergency services as needed. While this theoretically would mean that all citizens are at least trained in basic emergency procedure there are numerous instances of “trades” whereby a citizen will trade their required time to another in exchange for goods or services. As a result there are a number of “full-timers” who work within the militia year-round. These men and women take in trade food, housing, or good from others and take higher ranking within the militia for their extra service.

The city Wall as it is still known is less of a wall and more of a series of emplacements and towers used to guard the cities perimeters. As the town grows it is constantly forced to push outward and as a result the inner city, that portion which was habited 20 years ago, is the only section of the city that is completely surrounded by wall. The city planners attempt to stagger the construction of new sections of the Wall whenever the city expands. In this way should the city ever get attacked the attacking force will be slowed as they are channeled the long way between the open streets.

Newborough has no dedicated emergency response force. Emergency response is dealt with by the militia and funneled by way of walkie-talkie and local phone to the nova and baseline citizen with the best ability and experience to deal with the emergency. Generally novas are able to take care of these needs in the fastest possible way and gladly do so. As such the calls for response are directed to the appropriate nova(s) and any baseline help that is required is alloted for at that time based on who is available.

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Located to the far north near the ruins of the Canadian city of Quebec is K-bec. A largely French speaking community they have a slightly antagonistic relationship with the "southerners" in Merrimack and Newborough. They do trade with L-A on a limited basis but remain far more isolated than the regions other cities.

I'll update this more as you find out more information but for now this is all your characters would know

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Located near the ruins of the Canadian City of Halifax is the town of Goodwood. Although the small community subsits on hunting, trapping, and collecting medicinal herbs for trade, they also have some amount of fishing and agriculture as well as direct trade with more fishing oriented villages located directly on the coast.

Goodwood does have one very unique facet, a local man there has the ability to create a Quantum Null Zone/Field. This phenomenon is roughly 15-20 feet in radius and completely disrupts quantum in the area, draining quantum reserves, negating mega attributes and nullifying any quatum effects. It does not seem to affect mutations and physical changes which were caused by quantum (which is why Gregory could still pull his chameleon trick).

The community is run (more like lead) by an elderly man of about 70-80 years named Bob and has recently established trade with Newborough via Adam's warping and Courier's flight service.

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