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[OpNet] 3-6-2016 - (PUB) - I dunno to laugh or cry or be scared...

Sakurako Hino

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I've just found out... I have internal airbags.

Don't laugh, it's true.

I was walking from my favorite Hod Dog eatery (which recently renovated from the money I have put into it), and was enjoying my day, when I saw a cat who was probably heading for the place to get it's daily scraps, step out on the crosswalk.

Now here is the typical set of events. Driver sees said cat, skids, barreling towards the poor thing as it stands there stunned at it's fate.....

Here is where things get weird. I gasp because, you know, I get all emotional around cats, and I fly out to scoop the cat. I manage to grab and cradle it, but she was a fiesty fella (found out she was a she later), Adn the I heard the car. I brace myself and the cat and fhwoomp... WHAM! I go flying.

Here's the fun part. When I land, I bounce... and bounce... and I think I rolled about 5 times. Aftetr the dizzyness stopped I noticed my body well... inflated.

I cocooned the cat with myself! The cat was still sorta dizzy but it was unhurt. So was I, except for my clothes were ripped from the sudden inflation.

I managed to get up, my limber joints doing most of the streneous effort, yep... I looked quite big excpt for the hands, feet. My hea was inflated too, around the top of the head and the sides.

I think seeing a new Nova in town all of a sudden become a walking airbag was quite a distraction for all. Since everyone on that busy pedestrian plaza where I stopped rolling saw my trick just to save a feline in distress. They didn't know what to say.

The driver stopped and checked if I was alright. Which I obviously was. Strangly enough I was more interested in the cat than myself at the moment.

I picked her up again, and found her owner. It was wearing some cute heart shaped tags. I was still puffed up when I dropped her off in her backyard, I could hear her young owner looking for her. I decided not to stick around.

I went back to WCK headquarters and did a scan of myself while inflated.

Here's how I did it...

I have a series of air bladders located throughout my body. Leading to a set of "air lines" that lead to a pair of valves under the tongue. I quickly figured that out and deflated again, and other times I figured out how to inflate and deflate. It was fun... and scary.

I mean... I can now have a shirt that says "may be used as a flotation device".

I'm just... shocked. This is a tangent of epic proportions.


I guess the only truely good news to report is that I've been invited to the St. Patrick's Day parade! Now if I'm to be a baloon or just riding along is the question...


The... parade invite is true... I was just joking about being a baloon in it.

But they better not ask me to be a baloon. I don't have clothes stretchy enough yet for it. Although the thought of filling with helium intrigues me. I wasn't near my maximum when I inflated into a Nova airbag.

although I don't want to experiment too much. If I don't know my max, I don't know my pop threshold either. >_<

That, and dorming while inflated or running out of juice... would be dangerous too...

Now I AM scared.

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Well, that is...it is...hmmmm....

You know, I don't have the slightest idea what to say, Endeavor. It is an unusual evolution to be certain, but from the sound of it you have already found it useful, so I suppose some degree of congratulations are in order.

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