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[OpNet] Good month, bad week.


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Pow Wow.. July. Great time. I think everyone had a good time. Met some new folks (to many for me to recall) And spent time with old friends.

Revenant and I spent a week within a half a mile of each other and nothing was vaporized.

Found out there are Nova out there who enjoy sex even more than I do. Cough Satyr Cough.

Gave Velvet some flying lessons.

Met a kid who wanted to be like me... Yeah I know..

Almost got shot but that is nothing new.

Got to play with Meghan.

Saw Juri... Oh Juri just agree to be with me and quit torturing us both.

Slattern.. Well Slattern is slattern love her as always.

Got Procyon a beer.

Lots more of course.. But to sum it up. Loads of fun.

I just wish this coming week was going to be as fun but I seriously doubt it.

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