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[OpNet] Crashed out of the gate?


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Today I saw a beautiful storm it spawned a even more beautiful tornado. I flew with the storm and enjoyed it's company. Yet I saw it turn toward a small city (I dont even know the name of it) and I decided after much thought to stop assured destruction of that city.

The storm felt betrayed like a family member had stopped it from doing what it was supposed to do. But now I am wracked with self doubt. Is that how a Marvel acts? The storm is part of who I am but do I get to try and tame something so wild? Does it go against my very nature to 'do the right thing'?

I don't know the people I saved this afternoon. It didn't matter. When it came down to it all I knew is they had families and were asking for a miracle and.. I gave them one.

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Wakinyan, it wasn't pointless. It wasn't against your path either. Teras is a uniquely individual way of existence: what is suitable for one Marvel is not for another. There are few hard and fast rules.

Let's break it down a little:

You stopped the storm, on the strength of your own conscience.

People know that it was you that stopped the storm.

You showed that you could save lives as well as destroy.

Sounds pretty Marvel-ish to me. wink Remember, the storm is part of you, but so are your wings. Do your wings decide where you will fly, or does Wakinyan? People's expectations of you, or lack of them, should have no bearing on your actions. By your will, the storm was stopped and the town was spared.

Well done.

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Brother, when I stop a disease from doing what it is supposed to do, I am stopping a life on it predestined track. I make a choice between its existance and the life of the organism it is attacking. I know and feel all the microbial life around me and I can't say thieir existance is any less meaningful to me than that of a sentiant's.

We all make choices every day. I believe that the storm you ended will be reincarnated in the skies again and again. The winds will blow and the rain will fall, and we will each keep trying to make the choices we hope will mean the most and make the world a bit better a place.

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