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Hello all,

By now hopefully you have read the Waki and Revenant's throw down.

As Rev and I bring the fight to the conclusion we will open it up for the Knights and perhaps Velvet.

The Knights will have likely detected the battle on their sensor net as well as the rapid weather change that shows a Weather manipulator is involved.

Everyone else. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far and will enjoy it's conclusion.

Comments, questions, suggestions? As always drop them here.

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It's great so far!

Nice job, both of you.

Considering that you guys mentioned in the OpNet In-character chat where it would be and when while Velvet was present, and since her meeting with Revenant went surprisingly well, I thought I'd have her put in an appearance of a sort.

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An interesting note about this, brought up in chat.....

Timeslip: Also, you only nuked just under a fifth of a mile (1000 feet, or so you said).

Revenant: 1000 radius... centered on Reven. So 1000 feet in either direction. 3,140,000 square feet totalt.

Timeslip: Ah. Then two-fifths of a mile.

Revenant: I didn't just help my case did I?

Timeslip: And is that a sphere, or only a "waffer"?

Timeslip: 'Cause if it's a sphere and you two are lying on the bottom of the crater, you are about to have another issue that packs a good deal more punch than the Knights. Maybe you've heard of it. It's call Lake Michigan.

Revenant: Complete sphere of black negative force that siphons the life from everything it touches and turns non-organics to ash.

Revenant: Great Lake... been boating on it.

Timeslip: Yup. And you're about to have several hectares of it come pounding in on you. Or did you really think that an impromptu earthen dam that tall right next to the lake would hold for any length of time?

Revenant: It wasn't a "nuclear" blast... I used the word "nuclear" because Nova's manipualte weak and strong nuclear forces...

Revenant: Oh, he wasn't thinking at all, he just wanted Wakinyan dead for saying he was going to harm Vivi.

Timeslip: You will, by the way, revitalize Gary, albeit inadvertently. The new harbor will be the envy of boating enthusiasts everywhere. They might even put a bouy in the middle to mark the spot of your graves.

Revenant: I had considered those things OOC... but IC he was in no condition to be thinking about area of effect.

Timeslip: I do so look forward to reading the segment where the lake comes crashing in.

Revenant: Hopefully Waki will get the hell off me and we can get out of there, since ass wipe had to make it monsoon... the last thing a hydrophobic Revenant needs is a lake to come crashing down on him...

Revenant: He's starting to lose it, as the crater is filling up with water... but Waki is being an ass.

Timeslip: The main fun will be the joy of funding the construction of a new railroad bridge to carry the shoreside Amtrack line over the new cut.

Revenant: Eh, they can have a nova terraformer fill it in...

Velvet: If the devil is in the details, he has fine company in Timeslip

Timeslip: Fill it in? What a waste; it's going to be a lovely, deep lake...

Timeslip: Eh, harbor (with the cut).

Timeslip: I suspect Gary will petition most vigorously to prevent filling it in.

Timeslip (to Velvet): Hehe

Revenant: Seeing as how our little battle prolly just drudged up soem tourisim for em... lol

Timeslip: You also did a very nice job of cleaning up a brownfield site. Just rather...suddenly.

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FYI, since Velvet's having to split her concentration between her link with Revenant and what she's doing outside her head (she doesn't have multi-tasking), I'm not including the typical "at will" buffer involved in telepathy. What she thinks is exactly what he or anyone else in her head will hear... Hence the **s around her thoughts in this one.

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All note.

The events of AADD take place the evening of March 27th 2016 around twighlight. This was established by Violet and Revenant's first meeting. (which took place on the 26th)

Not of huge importance but we are trying to work out some chronology.

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I'm trying not to get too confused, myself, since Violet and Revenant met on Saturday the 26th, the fight was on the 27th, and then she "interviews" Stormwarden on Tuesday the 29th. I hope I haven't gotten anything tangled up there, and if so, I apologize profusely. It's still hard for me to keep track of what's happened chronologically and what's happened in the fictions.

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Now that the immediate emergencies have been dealt with. Will SC be sending Sean and Cade to bring Waki in for detainment/arrest? If so we can work that into 'In from the cold'. This will be SandCaster's call so it waits on her word.

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