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Ibizan Chronicles [Non-Canon/Alternate]


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'Last Ones Standing' is the first fiction in the non-canon, alternative universe 'Ibizan Chronicles', a group of stories dealing with the Aberrant War and the newly created nation of Ibiza.

Beyond the fact that Slider survived the attempt on her life and led the Aberrants with Andre Corbin and a few other tidbits in the story, I have not yet defined the setting. If you wish to add your own alternate stories, feel free, but please PM me first.

Feel free to give me constructive criticism. smile

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Cast of Characters:



Andre Corbin












These are how I view the characters in 'Ibizan Chronicles'. Feel free to use pictures of your own.

For the curious, Ana is Selma Hayek, Andre Corbin is Colin Farell, Argent is Reese Witherspoon, Atlas is Sean Patrick Thomas, Codex is Lisa Ryder, Guggie is Mirana Otto, Psyche is Shakira, Rumble is Brad Pitt and Slider is Famke Jansen.

I shall post the last two in the next post.

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Anything is fair game apart from the Gestalt characters and Count Orzaiz. Sorry, but I get to keep 'em.

This is meant to be a combination of fan-fic and freeform roleplay. I'm hoping to eventually branch it out into a game.

Please remember that this is non-canon and has absolutely nothing to do with our shared game-reality or canon. laugh

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For the curious, the Gestalt is comprised of two Q6+ psychic novas holding Psychic Link with unique extras - Multiple Minds (links to other minds equal to the dots in the power) and Quantum Synergy (allows novas in the link to share quantum points and provides a difficulty equal to the dots in the power against acquiring temporary Taint).

It doesn't channel it the way Exemplarism and Chrysalis do, but merely staves off the effects for a little while longer.

In this world, Andre Corbin possesses a custom power called Empathic Link with the Multiple Minds extra - it works exactly like Psychic Link, except that you can only channel emotions over it.

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You may use your characters and canon characters that haven't been bagged by myself or another person.

I'd like everyone to include 'Ibizan Chronicle' or a suitable shortening as they see fit, so we aren't writing AU/Non Canon or whatever.

Codex is writing about her past from the future of Ibiza.

People may define other nova nations and other parts of the world as they see fit, but I have some definite ideas about the Aberrant War not being a total lose-lose situation for both novas and baselines.

So that means I have bagged Ibiza. Others are welcome to join me there, so long as they offer ideas first. smile

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Map of Ibiza. Assume that since this is one of the few unTainted areas in the world, the entire island is a city, with each of the towns as a 'suburb'.

San Antonio - home to the Harvesters. These heavily changed novas (aberration is a dirty word in Ibiza) are not the fanatics that the Apothecary, Leviathan and the 'old-style' Harvesters were. Led by Christine 'Arachnia' Janssen, they live far away from everyone else, mostly by choice as even 'elevated' novas find them uncomfortable. Responsible for much of Ibiza's marine industries and several scientific discoveries. Prominent residents include James 'Geryon' Booth and Rick 'Copperbelly' Janssen.

Portinatx - nicknamed 'Yoopee City' for its high number of ex-Utopians, who face both overt and covert discrimination from many Ibizans. Main source of 'menial' nova labour. Prominent residents include Ricardo Montoya-Bernal, Andrew 'Skew' Parker and Griffin Armstrong.

Es Cana, Santa Eulalia - location of the two main baseline-centric enclaves. Some Pandaimonium and Casablancas members also live here, including Lorenzo 'Seraglio' Gianni. Home to Ibiza's entertainment and hospitality industries. Prominent residents include Juanita Diaz.

Cala Llonga - suburb reserved for baselines related to novas and nova families. Prominent residents include Bene 'Bounty' Manata and Reece 'Oracle' DeVries, son of the legendary Anna DeVries.

Ibiza Town - governmental and economic centre of Ibiza, main Casablancas enclave. Prominent residents include Count Raoul Orzaiz, Andy 'Ironskin' Vance, Jake 'Dragon' Corelli and Ichiko 'Geisha' Iko.

Playa d'en Bossa - residental surburb for visitors and would-be immigrants. Population changes daily.

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