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OOC: Starfinder Episode XP

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XP will be posted here for each Episode completed. What is posted here is what each character receives.

Other Bonus rewards will be sent via PM to those who get them.

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XP for episode 2 is 600 for each of you

Gorunta and Jordayn each receive 5 bonus XP

Cash -3900

loot -

Each character can grab a few sets of touristy specialty type clothing (t- shirts with slogans Bermuda shorts  flip flops or equivalent.)

As much candy and snack food and soft drink to fill the pantry for a month of poor nutrition

5 units of Bonding Epoxy

a staff of mystic healing

a phase shield

a disintegrator pistol, liquidateor (in the  armory book)

a pair of hoverskates (armory)

box of survival straws (10) (armory)

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I forgot to include the eybot in gth eloot but it did follow you back to your ship like a puppy so here it is if y'all want it


This metallic sphere is held aloft by four spindly, insect-like legs,

and sports a single eye of red glass.

Walking Eye CR 1

XP 400

N Tiny construct (technological)

Init +2; Senses darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision; Perception +10


EAC 11; KAC 12

Fort –1; Ref –1; Will +2

Defensive Abilities force field; Immunities construct immunities

Weaknesses vulnerable to critical hits, vulnerable to electricity


Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.

Ranged integrated laser +6 (1d6 F)


Str +0; Dex +2; Con —; Int +2; Wis +4; Cha +1

Skills Athletics +10, Stealth +10

Languages Common (can’t speak any language)

Other Abilities sure-footed, surveillance


Environment any

Organization solitary or security net (3–12)


Force Field (Ex) A field of shimmering energy surrounds a walking eye, equivalent to the purple force field armor upgrade. Damage dealt to the robot is applied to the force field first. The force field has 5 temporary Hit Points and fast healing 2.

Sure-Footed (Ex) A walking eye’s limbs were designed to keep it mobile in a variety of terrains. A walking eye’s movement is unhampered when in difficult terrain, though it still cannot run or charge in such terrain.

Surveillance (Ex) A walking eye can record whatever it can detect with its senses, recording up to 8 hours of images and sounds before filling its data banks. These recordings can be played back on command, the walking eye projecting a three-dimensional image of the data, including recorded audio. The recording can skip forward or back as desired by whoever commands the walking eye.

Walking eyes were built as mobile spies and scouts. They are programmed to observe as unobtrusively as possible, fleeing from danger and attacking only in self-defense.

The storage in a destroyed or helpless walking eye can be hacked to access or modify its surveillance data. The default walking eye contains a tier 1 computer with the wipe

countermeasure, but some owners purchase further upgrades. (Eyebot has a T2 computer) A freshly initialized walking eye from a trusted source usually costs 4,000 credits. However, due to potential

security issues and the difficulty in reinitializing the robot with a new owner, aftermarket models are generally worth less than their parts. Up to 400 credits worth of parts can

be extracted from a walking eye with 10 minutes and a DC 20 Engineering check.

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